#100days | 21/100
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More grandchildren photos, again of Ella and Noah, from Elizabeth who takes wonderful photos. I can see Noah clinging to his big sister as they check out the ducks coming on shore along the walking trail at the park. Beautiful Maryland weather this time of year, perfect for an outdoor adventure, even if it is just playing in the park and visiting the ducks. Seems they, those ducks, have acclimated themselves to people as they have no qualms about coming close and being fed.

Gorgeous ducks, beautiful weather and day, too-cute grandson, growing up into a beautiful girl Ella, and great pictures - perfect for recording the adventure.

Digitally, I used a Yin Designs template, my go-to templates for multiple photo spreads. I opted on a one page because, actually, I just wasn't in the mood for a two-page, although this many photos could have very easily spread across two pages. The digital kit is One Little Bird Designs, Trailblazer. Thought I needed to dig into my digital stash and use something other than Ali Edwards for a change up.