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what I learned this spring

Today I am joining [and linking up] with Emily P. Freeman (I love how she uses the P in her name) sharing what I have learned this spring.


Homemade Gyros with homemade Tzatziki sauce is easier to make than I imagined and taste just as amazing as restaurants. And, the Tzatziki sauce tastes even better the next day after it has had time to marinate. Two reasons I shied away from making Gyros. Lamb and Tzatziki sauce. Then, I had this idea to make a greek-style meatloaf using lamb and ground chuck sliced thin for the Gyros. Brilliant. Using a hot house or English cucumber, or removing the seeds from a cucumber before grating is necessary for the right texture, consistency, and taste for the Tzatziki sauce. A paper towel works just fine for wringing out the excess water from the cucumber.


Having studied the book of James many times over the years, while studying it again recently, I realized there is always... always... something else God wants me to learn. I almost came to the study of the book of James with the She Reads Truth community, grudgingly, because somewhere in my disheveled, dimwitted, ignorant thoughts were, "I have already done this before." Boy, was I wrong!


A new front porch beneath a flourishing oak tree built loving by my husbands hands means so much more to me than having a porch built professionally. Not that I'd know what it feels like to have a porch built professionally because it was my husbands hands with the help of our sons that built our front porch. And, it is beautiful. And, inviting. And, well-built. So well built in fact, when we recently had tornadic storm activity in the area, I called Jeff and [jokingly, of course] told him a tornado went through. The house is gone but the porch is still there.


Although my sons are beyond the homeschooling age, I still have the opportunity to make an educational impact in my grandchildren's lives by reading aloud to them. When John and Jarrod were homeschooled I read aloud all of their required reading from 7th-12th grade. I regularly commiserate with myself the loss I experienced when I no longer homeschooled, or more importantly had the opportunity to read aloud. But, this summer all my grandchildren will be here for a visit and then three of my grandchildren will only be a couple hours away. I decided reading aloud was going to be our regular ventures when they come for visits. Jeff put up three book ledges at the entrance to the hallway, specifically for children's books.


I really can memorize scripture. If someone told me that at my age I would be memorizing scripture I would have laughed out loud. I have a terrible memory for all things, especially words. But, this spring I memorized Chapter 1 in the book of James. I kept the 'how' of memorizing scripture simple. I wrote out the chapter on index cards and attached them to a ring for easy of flipping the cards. Then, I began to read and recite, read and recite, read and recite...


 Salads in a Jar truly do last a week. I finally got my act together and tried Salads in a Jar. I would prepare the salads on Sunday evening for the entire week. The last salad of the week was almost as fresh as the first jar. I did learn that preparing simpler salads would keep me on track easier than the more elaborate.