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Project Life 2017 | Week 25



writing for my #100 days project. I am almost half way done. The words are not glamorous or inspiring; simply pieces of me. Obviously, I haven't accomplished 100days in 100 days but I'm plugging along and not giving up with the stories

watching Stargate SG-1 while Jeff is at a jobsite. We began The Glades while he was home some weekends past so I watch those with him. Flying through Stargate, watching favorites, mostly. The other day I was perusing Netflix and for some reason I tagged Friday Night Lights. Man, glad I did! Really good show. It covers tons of issues; almost to the third season. Waiting anxiously for Madam Secretary's next season and Blacklist.


listing chores that have to happen before my daughters and grandchildren come for a visit. Many will have to be accomplished by John - his room is the dreadfully disgusting disaster zone (how's that for an alliteration!). Seriously though, I realized these are mundane and seemingly random to some but they are personal offerings to my family - aka, a cleaner house. New pillows and a new quilt for John's bed, first for Ashley's family, and then for John. Washing every single piece of linen in the hall closet, drying, refolding, and re-organizing, neatly and then adding an air freshener to remove any lingering mustiness, organizing all our DVDs into cases and in alphabetical order, cleaning the bathroom...

navigating this new season of Jeff working out of town. Finding my groove slowly, but surely.

experimenting with Yoga. I knew I had to do something. I would most like to swim. But, on the spur of a moment I bought a very beginners yoga DVD and began with the 34-minute warm-up. Man, it kicked my butt. But, it was so good. And hard. Good. Hard.


reading (or read) Peace Like a River, The Hate U Give, The Nightingale, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, all totally different genre, but all really good.

considering, heavily, Whole30, but, actually, have set a start date of July 10. I've been reading It Starts With Food and the first chapter hit me like a ton of bricks. Plus, I joined a local Facebook Journey to Whole Living group with a bunch of people I know. At a minimum I will be changing things up drastically.

studying Romans with the She Reads Truth community. I love Paul, the author and a bond-servant of Christ, though some might think he preached opposite Jesus' preaching, but Romans IS the gospel and Christians can't have the Gospels without Romans.

giving is becoming my jam. God is showing up big time! He is opening my eyes to opportunities, galore. Every week as I give, something, He is already preparing next weeks opportunity. It is amazing! Here are a few of the opportunities: I am a GED coach, made food for family with newborn twins, socks for the homeless, care boxes for foster care kids, paid for someone's meal in a restaurant and drive thru, gift bag of feminine care for underprivileged teen girls, and seriously, so much more.


planning some cool things for the grandkids when they come for a visit. A walking scavenger hunt is at the top of my list. I did this for the boys one summer and they had a blast. I made a scavenger list. We took a walk. They hunted. I took pictures of their finds and I made a scrapbook page, of course. And, best of all, WE had a blast. Plus, some fun outdoor games and painting. And, some things for the girls, too.

jotting down my menut for the first week Ashley is here (which is tomorrow!!!). I'll tackle the next week when Elizabeth and Ashley are here.

adding some sweet - and practical décor - to our front porch. As Jeff says, "Happy wife, happy life!" Two umbrellas, an outdoor rug, and some throw pillows. I want to add a planter and large plant and maybe some candles for evening porch gatherings. Jeff and I have already enjoyed life under the umbrellas - even in the heat it was wonderful.