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This Parents of teens need to read this. (And, I adore the swimming analogies:)

Justice Warrior. Oh, Lord, let me be one called justice warrior.

Responding to the War Against Black Bodies. A powerful, spiritually-minded essay surrounding the controversial black lives matter movement.

Aside from the emotionally charged, seemingly rude, way she approached the post, this is some great advice.

Memorial Day was this past Monday. But, this peace [piece] is no less important for today. 

This spoke to me today in that aching place that needs a reminder that even in the interruptions or "in the midst of all the anxiety flooding my system, I often fail to make sense of the world and the only assurance I have are the words I’ve written on my heart. The reminders of God’s goodness, the chapter and verse of His word, the stories of His faithfulness".

I've never been to New York City but it's on my pseudo-bucket list. Pseudo because I don't really have a bucket list but I do, in fact, hope to visit NYC some day. Always on the look out for those what to do/ what not to do/ how to pack/ travel helps and this is a good one.

Gratitude. It does a mind good.

As a meteorologist this is phenomenal!

Yes, this!