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I have only had Salmon a few times in my entire life but every time I have had eaten it, it has been fantastic! It is surprising I have not prepared more salmon recipes, except for the two boys who for some reason, even though they love to go fishing, do not like to eat fish unless it is battered and fried.

This flavorful recipe, I think, would change their minds!

If - if they would but only give it a chance.


I made one piece of Salmon and eye-balled the ingredient amounts but this recipe should be pretty close for four pieces of salmon. Because I have my eye on doing Whole30 I would need to use clarified butter and remove the brown sugar. I think, without the brown sugar it might have a subtle difference in flavor but would be fine without.

This was delicious! So much so, I have my eye on some blackened and Cajun flavors, too.