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There are few things in my cooking and arsenal that I have not ventured to try. Making my own pie crust. Nope, have nev - er. Homemade bread that hasn't come from the frozen aisle at the grocery. Prime Rib! A brisket. And, Gyros made with lamb and homemade Tzatziki sauce.

Oh boy! This was delicious.

I combined some ground lamb with ground chuck to make a - get this - a meatloaf! I know. Sounds crazy. But sliced thin it mimics the shaved lamb you might get from a restaurant Gyro.

While the thinly, sliced lamb chuck meatloaf worked well for the meat of the Gyro it truly was the homemade Tzatziki sauce that stole the Gyro's show. As it should be, I say!


The key step in making the Tzatziki sauce is using a seedless cucumber, grating the cucumber, and most definitely, squeezing all of the water out of the cucumber after grating. I don't have cheese-cloth, the preferred method, so I used a thick paper towel. I pooled all the grated cucumber into a paper towel and over the sink squeezed out all the juices.

In a bowl I combined all of the Tzatziki sauce ingredients (see above), including the olive oil. It smelled delicious but the flavors had not done the melding business yet. Cover and store in the refrigerator for at least two hours. At least. You got that part, right? Because, I would even suggest make the morning of for some serious melding of the flavors.

These Gyros packed a powerful, flavorful punch. I didn't even have to ask the hubby if he liked them. He offered his opinions with rave reviews.