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reading slowed way down while family was in the house but I've picked books back up, mostly at work during free time, and I'll be adding new titles read to my goal 100 New Books in 2017.

binge-watching Madam Secretary Season 3 and Blue Bloods Season 7 as they have recently been added to Netflix. While Ash (and my mom) was here we did a bit of Downton Abbey binging, too. I read aloud a favorite post of The Lazy Genius Collective's to my mom because she has a really awesome sense of humor and we all had a good chuckle oohing over the best boyfriends of Downton Abbey. We agreed on the winner.

eating Whole 30 compliant food ONLY - since July 10th. The key is prep work and buy whole. Basically, Whole30 compliant means no sugar, I mean NO sugar. In anything. No grains, which, of course, means pasta, bread, rice, etc... No dairy. Which means no butter and no cheese. Did I mention no sugar? And, no cheese! I have been successfully, dutifully, uncomprisingly eating this way for 10 days. I wasn't supposed to but I did cheat and weighed myself after 5 days because I. Just. Had. To. Know...5 pounds lost.

needing to catch up on scrapbooking projects like Project Life, Stories 2017, 52 Gratitudes in 2017, and 52 Weeks of Giving. I'm behind. I haven't scrapbooked in weeks. I'm talking weeks, people. It's crazy and I miss it.

celebrating an early birthday for the guys (20 years old - crazy!) this coming weekend. Ash and crew will be back in town for the weekend. Some bowling, laser tag, dining out - and presents! Should be a fun time!

rejoicing in the news my job is secure for another year. I would prefer to do this for many more years but, I'm certain God's got this! One more year is a total blessing.

letting our small group know we won't be hosting for quite some time. With Jeff working out of town it is just not feasible in this season. We'll (or at least I will if Jeff isn't available) still attend small group we just won't be hosting. This is a big change for us as we have hosted a small group for SO many years. But, I think it will be a joyful rest. Without hosting maybe I'll enjoy making desserts to share again rather than feeling as it is a chore.

readying to begin and dig deep. I am going to dig in deep to the Word and begin at the beginning. In Genesis. One of the best ways I have found to dig deep is through a Precepts study. I've emailed a lady from church who intimated I could check out the DVDs that go with the actual study. The study is on it's way. I will be divin' in - to Genesis.

pre-planning our much anticipated trip to Niagara Falls - in November. Yep, pre - planning.

loving that Ash and crew will be able to 'come into town', regularly, now that they are only a couple hours away. Or, we can go there.