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I want to remember my mom is the best. She is fun-loving, easy-going, and quick-witted. While we don't see each other often I can always count on one thing when she visits: I will enjoy her company. Mom visited for 10 days the beginning of July, probably the longest she's ever visited at one time. But, it was a momentous occasion as I was going to have all my kids and all my grandkids under one roof for an entire week. This meant my Mom's grandkids and great grandkids would be under one roof, too. Not her entire crew of grand's or great's but a good portion, nonetheless.

I want to remember even in her mid-70's Mom is still game for just about anything (within reason, certainly). Although we didn't schedule any sky diving or zip-lining into our week we did enjoy an early morning at the beach. I love that Mom just wants to be with us. We set up a canvas open tent, not just for mom, but everyone who wanted or needed to stay out of the sun. She plowed through the sand like a real trouper. It was enough to watch her grand's and great's playing in the ocean and chatting with whomever stayed behind.

I want to remember playing Apples to Apples with Mom, Ash, Brooklyn, and the rest of the gang and laughing until your stomach hurts at Mom (and Ashley's) quick-wit and adult silliness. It is a scream playing this game. Actually, I love playing scrabble with Mom, too, but we didn't get to do that She's a smart lady about a lot of things so it makes conversation wealthy and intelligent - amidst the laughter and fun.

I want to remember binge-watching Downton Abbey. Ashley and I love the show and so does Mom. We were kindred spirits, chatting and talking about the period, the show, the clothes, the palace - the times. When I shared a blog post (one of my favorites) about the 'boyfriends of Downton Abbey' by The Lazy Genius Collective, Mom laughed along with my reading. She 'gets' what's funny. It's her quick-wit and humor.


I want to remember how Samuel, my youngest grandson and her youngest great grandson, went to her, let her hold him without pitching a fit, before me and we joked about it. And we laughed. She devoured her great grandson. It was a sight to behold.

I want to remember the rather long day when we willingly chose to go to the Tangier Outlet mall. We browsed, we tried on clothes, we shopped, we ate at Johnny Rockets, we battled the extreme heat, we bought pralines by the pounds, and we came home exhausted with quite less money in our pockets.

I want to remember how she loves being with her grandkids and great grandkids. She doesn't get tired of them. Sure, she gets tired, but not of them. She savors every. single. minute. with them. I asked Mom what was on her bucket list next because over the last few years she's been a traveling queen. But, besides another visit to Ireland (her second visit), she said visiting her grandkids and great grandkids are at the top of her traveling plans.