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Whole 30 | the beginning of the journey

I am unashamed to admit I need help. I love food. But, my body betrays me, almost daily, that food - or at the very least the food I eat - doesn't like me. I am at a weight I said, after having John and Jarrod 20 years ago, I would never get to again. Yet, here I am. It is a painful, heart-wrenching, gut-wrenching admission.

I like me. I buy new clothes and like buying new clothes. But, the mirror is evil-personified.

Then there is moving. Or, not being able to move. Sometimes, just walk let alone run. I set under-inspiring bucket list goals because I can't move or my size limits my choices.

I could say I'm not making changes, as of today, because I want to be beautiful in my husband's eyes. But that would be a lie. I am making changes because I want to be beautiful in my husband's eyes.

That is not the only reason.

That is not the most important reason.

Yesterday, I began Whole 30, a journey, I hope, to living free of pain. Of weight. Of an unhealthy relationship with food.

Maybe, I'll receive the added bonus of hearing my husband say, "You're beautiful!" But, for clarification, he already has my back and loves me deeply and generously.


So, why Whole 30?

For the next 30 days I am on a cleansing journey. Cleansing my body of the unhealthy that causes - well - inflammation. I have rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, bursitis, my back aches, my hips scream, my knees don't work, and I need relief. After reading the book, It Starts with Food, I felt this was the best avenue I could take especially after reading the author of the book's very own sister had RA and because she changed the way she ate all her RA symptoms disappeared.

Don't get me wrong. This isn't a whim or skim the top of the water decision. Instead, I'm jumping in with both feet. I read the book. I weighed the consequences. I joined a local Whole 30 Facebook group. I have researched and planned and plotted my course. I can't spout all the science behind it but it made sense as I was reading and researching. Change the way you eat. Remove those foods that have been proven to cause inflammation.

So, yesterday, July 10, 2017, I began Whole 30.

Let's Do This!


What does this involve?

I'm eliminating certain foods from my diet. Simply put, I am removing all sugar. The only, and I mean ONLY sugar allowed is in fruit. Period. Therefore, I am reading labels, especially packaged meat such as bacon because most bacon HAS sugar. Can you believe it!

I am removing all grains, which of course means breads, pasta, rice, etc...and a host of other things because it is comprised of some form of grain.

Then, there is dairy. Yep! Gone.

No BUTTER allowed! Thankfully, clarified butter is Whole 30 approved (insert smiley face and a happy dance).

No CHEESE allowed! I know, right? It is enough to say, 'Nope, can't do it. Not gonna' happen!'

But, there is good news.

Meat and seafood and vegetables (except corn) and fruit are allowed.


How am I going to do 30 days of this kind of eating? Simple.






And, at the end of each day I didn't cheat I am checking off the day as a success. I'm not seeing the 30 days I'm seeing today. Tomorrow I will only worry about tomorrow's success.

Well, there is the planning I've been doing. And the meal planning. And the whole food buying. And the practicing. And the food prepping. And talking it up with my husband and my family who are in my corner and want me to succeed. And the Facebook group cheering me on with 'You've got this!'

And so, day one - SUCCESS!