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Saturday morning pancakes requested by Ashley and homemade by Grandpa. The deal: the kitchen would

close at 9 am so Ashley and her crew would get themselves out of bed as they are in the habit of sleeping in

just in time for lunch. The little guy, Samuel, wasn't feeling very well with an ear infection (although we didn't

know the specifics at the time) so he picked at his food. But, Ian and Wyatt appreciated the effort Grandpa

Jeff made. 


I had stopped by Cracker Barrel on my way home from work the day before for their maple syrup knowing Jeff

would be making pancakes and Cracker Barrel syrup is the only syrup I can eat that doesn't give me a foul

after taste.


Of course, Jeff made a double batch and of course there was a gallon- sized bag full of pancakes left that got

put away in the freezer for breakfasts for the rest of the week, more than likely.


Technically, the pancakes aren't a secret chef's recipe but Jeff beats the egg whites before folding them into

the pancake batter which makes the pancakes extra fluffy - and then there is the simple fact that her

(Ashley's) daddy makes the pancakes the best. And she wants her kids to experience their grandpa's special

pancakes and give them the same memories she enjoyed.