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Not quite done. But, very close. A picture to hang here. Another to hang there. One for Jeff's bedside table. A few touches for the bookshelves. Then, I'll be done.

No - really.

That wall. The #3 above. I love it. Yet, I could add just a couple more if I wanted to. I have a picture ready to hang on the right side where the #3 is, actually. 

A couple paintings Elizabeth has done for us. Tigers. We both love them. They are our favorite. Indigo blue abstracts. 

And, there are those three Lord of the Rings trilogy posters I ordered from Etsy and had them framed. We hung them with the bookshelves. Fitting - as they are books we've read. In fact, I read the trilogy out loud to John and Jarrod so they have a very special place in my heart.

Beautiful lamps. Lovely blue and white quilts fill the ladder quilt rack and atop the cedar chest. My quilted lap blanket my mom made out of Dad's shirts after he passed away. It's my go to snuggle blanket when I need comforted. It remains draped over the back of the red leather accent chair (with ottoman) I always sit in when I need some peace, and quiet, and comfort.

Loving this room more everyday. When it's all clean. When the clothes are put away. When it is freshly dusted and vacuumed. When everything is in it's place. I love this room. It makes me smile just to enter in.