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Whole 30 Recap

7 things I learned in August


Pistol shooting is the bomb! I made the opportunity to go pistol shooting with Jeff, John, and Jarrod (it was John and Jarrod's birthday present) and after 3 hours of safety training a target shooting I learned I love this sport. My body held up well over the course of shooting, although I did get a bit dehydrated and my hips were screaming at the end of the night but, man, I did good!

So good, in fact, we've already scheduled our next shoot, the second week in September. I'm thinking this might be, at the very least, a once a month excursion.

I learned I need a small pistol because, 1) my hands are weak and holding a larger caliber weapon causes cramping and pain in my hands and wrists, and 2) I can get both hands around a smaller weapon and thus, more accuracy.


Eating whole makes the pounds fall off. I completed Whole30, mid August, and after 30 days of whole eating 23 pounds fell off. Glorious, I tell ya! I also learned I can complete a Whole30 without cheating. But, I also learned, it is tough.

The best part is I felt so much better. After a couple weeks of non-whole eating my bodies aches and pains have crept back in and its time to get back on track to, at a minimum, 80/20 whole eating. I'm talking, picking up sugar free bacon, eating lettuce wraps and salad bowls, having a protein for dinner with a big side of vegetables, beginning my day with water - and breakfast. I learned breakfast is the best thing I can do for my body.

While I was on Whole30 I didn't notice the subtle changes my body was experiencing but off Whole30 those changes are screaming at me in a piercing, blaring, thundering voice. EAT WHOLE. It does my body good.


I miss Jeff - and I can do this! For several months Jeff has been working out of town and was just coming home on weekends. Now, he only gets to come home every other weekend. It is excruciatingly hard. It's not like we haven't done hard before; deployments, temporary duties, you name it we've done it. Granted, being two and a half hours apart isn't grand and I miss Jeff terribly but I can do this!

I've stayed busy. I've binge watched shows: Agents of Shield and Flash Point come to mind. I've cooked less dinners. I've binge watched shows. I've decorated our bedroom. I've binge watched shows. I've cleaned and organized the pantry. I've binge watched shows. Oops. I said that already.


Giving is becoming apart of who I am. I had hoped. When I began this journey, this nourish a heart of giving, 52 Weeks of Giving, I'd hoped giving would become a part of who I am. Over the course of these 8 months I learned, like other journey's we walk, if you do something long enough it becomes a habit. One of those seriously rockin' habits you don't want to break.

I learned I cannot out give God. But, there is always a need. He has, over and over again, placed on my heart a way to meet a need, a place to give, a meal to share, a care bag to make, a ministry to bolster. Amazing God!


I can never have enough mugs. Okay. Maybe, there will come a time when enough is enough. But, that time is not now. My collection of mugs is still growing after finding two indigo blue (they're different) mugs at Home Goods in Augusta while I was visiting Jeff, and an Ali Edwards' I Am a Storyteller mug when she came out with her home collection. The two mug trees sitting on our kitchen counter are almost, but not quite, full.

It has been a long time since I collected anything. I didn't set out to collect mugs but as I picked up a practical mug here and a commemorative mug there I realized mugs are practical. The mugs get used every. single. day. They aren't mugs to sit on a shelf and gather dust. They are to be used and enjoyed.


A finished, decorated, clean, organized bedroom makes my heart sing. It has been forever in a disheveled, just about stage of completion but recently Jeff hung the last two prints, one very large one for over our bed and between the maple pencil posts, and another to balance the arrangement on the wall on the other side. Then, I read a room should never be in a design stage of finished.

What did that say?

Upon reading further the article was inferring that changing up bedding, adding a photograph here, replacing a lamp shade with new, throwing a quilt over the bed all can be applied to a room, in my case, a bedroom, to keep it fresh, in a design-flux, yet, - finished. It is the best of both realms.


The new Beauty and the Beast movie is wonderful. When Ashley, Brad, and crew were visiting they brought their DVD copy of the Beauty and the Beast and surprisingly -  I loved it. It is a great story of redemption and acceptance. Even when my kids were - kids, and they watched Disney or Pixar movies it was rare I sat through an entire movie (unlike many other moms who adore their kids and would watch the movies with them and know all the songs and all the lines) and I didn't know the words to the songs or movie lines, either. Except Mulan. For some reason I loved Mulan. A woman hero in a man's world, I guess. Not surprising I adored the movie Wonder Woman.

Back to Beauty - it was good.