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stories 2017 | so fun


Taking a much-needed break from the mundane of back to school, being cooped up, struggling to stay focused in class, and just plain climbing the proverbial walls when they could be climbing trees, needing a bit of adventure and fun. Ashley and Brad moved everyone OUTSIDE to a neighborhood park. Samuel even got in a bit of tree perching. Ian moved outside of his comfort zone and Wyatt worked off some excess energy. 

I've read that kids need playtime more than homework. They need running and jumping and climbing more than iPads, computer games, and television - so much more. They need to go outside and play. I'm glad Ashley is doing this for the boys - and for herself. Yes, it's hot - still. But, it's so good for all of them. My prayer is that time outside will be a regular occurrence; that it will promote their imaginations and increase their attention spans and they'll just feel so much better.

52 Weeks of Giving | 35


Hope Academy put a call out on Facebook, a pressing need for English as a second language (ESL) learning books, Bibles, in fact. They posted a link on Smile Amazon, which is tremendously helpful for those of us seeking for ways to GIVE back even just a little what God has so graciously given.

A simple Yes, Lord and a few Bibles were ordered. And, just like that a non-English speaking refugee in my home city would not only be learning English but hearing the Word of God.

Saying yes, is unbelievably, profoundly, - amazing.

52 Weeks of Giving | 34


So, you know I've been coaching a GED student through Hope Academy. Recently, she contacted me to tell me, unfortunately, she had to put her studies on temporary hold. I decided I still wanted to serve at Hope Academy. One of my strengths is administrative and asked if they needed some help. They jumped at my offer. We set up a time and I gave them about 2.5 hours of service doing some tedious but valuable computer work. Best part: the conversation. Both, Brian and Heather were there and we chatted as we worked. They uplifted me as I blessed them. God is so good!

stories 2017 | king of the world


I was inspired by a one-photo page on the left with an up and down arrangement on the right. My arrangement on the right is totally different from the inspiration but I love the finished work.

But, then I also had a really great photo of Wyatt and some fantastic digital products by Ali Edwards to work with.  


I love, love, love this picture of Wyatt shouting King of the World. Perfection.



I'm not sure if this was after encouragement to get the kids outside or just so Ashley could play with her new iPhone 8 - lucky girl - but I'm thankful anyways and hopeful that this will be a regular activity for them.

stories 2017 | cheer


This page of Ella, at her first football game as a cheerleader. When Ella showed interest in cheerleading Elizabeth found a local, on-post organization to sign up Ella for cheerleading. She immediately began working on her splits and tumbling. She diligently learned the routines at practice so she would be ready for her first game. 

Elizabeth said she cheered exuberantly and had a great time! She looks like she is to me, too. Oh, this brings back memories!

Digital Scrapbooking: I went way outside my comfort zone and used a busy template and Ali Edwards Story kit products, CHEER. Fitting I say.

stories 2017 | poppers and playlist


After church yesterday I got busy on preparing our contributions for our first life (small) group gathering coming back together after an extended and lengthy break over summer. Earlier in the week I had visited the grocery and purchased all the ingredients for Roast Beef sliders with White Cheddar Horseradish cheese - divine! And, bacon, jalapeno's, and cream cheese for Jalapeno Poppers, a staple at each and every small group gathering when we bring food to share. It is pretty much a tradition, now.

I finished assembling the sliders, cheddar horseradish cheese, Boars Head shaved deli roast beef, French fried onions, horseradish sauce for an added punch spice, on whole wheat slider rolls with a Worcestershire sauce and butter combination drizzled on top.

With John at work, Jarrod was in charge of prepping the Jalapeno Poppers.

Instead of pinning on Pinterest I told Jarrod if he'd de-seed the jalapeno's I would add the cream cheese and wrap them in bacon. He jumped at the help!

But first, I set up a Playlist of praise and worship music we could jam with; some of our recent favorites, and some older favorites, too.

We chatted between songs, put together sliders, and sung our hearts out.

52 Gratitudes 2017 | 38


I shared this story earlier this week. We found gratefulness throughout the entire event of Hurricane Irma.

Hey, did you know that in 2015 I documented 52 weeks of what I was grateful for and why. You can find that entire year of gratitude here.

Nourishing a heart of gratitude changes you. Even just 30 Days of Thankfulness can do a number on your heart - contentment, and = joy! It is a wonderful exercise just to jot a few words of gratefulness down acknowledging the wondrous works of our Lord.

stories 2017 | don't blink


For one photo, one small story pages I am loving the 6 x 8 size. Design doesn't take much thought and when you scraplift a page shamelessly, like I did for this page, even less thought is needed.

Ian and Jeff sitting on the front porch having a conversation because Ian is like that with his. He wants to converse. Something comes to mind - I'm not even sure what they were discussing - and he wants to share. I love that our grandson's are comfortable with us. Well, Ian and Wyatt anyways. Noah warmed up to Jeff a bit and Samuel has warmed up to me quite a bit but not enough to let me hold him for any length of time.

Digitally, I used Ali Edwards' Story kit TIME.