Whole 30 Recap
i love | september edition

stories 2017 | shoot and splash


A simple design, 12 x 12 digital scrapbooking page to add to our Stories 2017 album. I used a mix of One Little Bird Designs and Ali Edwards Design, both are favorite product designers and scrapbookers.

When I knew my grandkids would be moving closer I began researching things for the boys, Ian and Wyatt, to do when they come to visit. So, I perused Pinterest (for the best ideas). I searched under Camp Grandma's and found a slew of ideas. There was a Shoot & Splash Backyard Target Practice which I translated to our front porch.

John and Jarrod, though 20 years old, still have an arsenal of nerf guns in every size, shape, and power. The boys ran the show setting up flimsy cups of water for targets on the porch railings ledge. Everyone had as many turns as they wanted to take aim, hitting the cups of water and watching them splash as they flew over the porch ledge.

Then they would refill the cups of water using the water hose, set them up along the ledge and do it all over again. Not sure how long they spent outside in the hot summer sun having target practice but both Ian and Wyatt and well, John and Jarrod too, had a great time.