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Things are almost back to normal, for us, after the storm, Hurricane Irma, past through to our west. We had time to prepare.

Thankfully, Jeff's company gave him the time he needed to tend to our home. We boarded up the house. Jeff and the boys hung the thick boards carefully, preparing the house, in case we have to do this again (and looking at long range forecast models we just might have to). The boys helped me inside too. We moved things we didn't want to get flooded to the second floor. We packed important papers, and scrapbooks, of course, in tubs ready for transport should we need to evacuate.

The plan was to evacuate. The storm was headed for us.

Then, the storm wasn't heading our way anymore.

We finally decided not to evacuate for two reasons: 1) we agreed the eyewall of the storm would be far enough west and it would be tropical storm strength as well, and 2) I was going to have to work (Monday) even as the storm was passing southwest through west at its strongest impact over us and evacuating would mean driving two and a half hours through tropical storm weather.

A cold front had recently passed through and we had such beautiful weather affording us the opportunity to get things done. Then, we road out the storm.