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Good Evening. I love this time of the month when I link up with Modern Mrs Darcy for her monthly Quick Lit round up. Besides what I am reading there are many, many other readers sharing their latest good reads. I have found there, and you will too, a veritable wealth of reading reviews which have led [me] to numerous hours of enjoyment. 

511pyvWg3YLInto Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. Reminiscent of Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage, this beautifully written, sensational piece of non-fiction narrates the harrowing, yet riveting tale, of the expeditionary climb to Mt. Everest in the mid-90's that turned into the deadliest season in the history of Mt. Everest. Enthralled from beginning to end, and left stupefied by the pure guts, over the top insanity, unwavering drive, swanky bravado yet ingenuity. I recently watched the movie, Everest based loosely on the book that, of course, did not do the book justice. There is just something about these books that are so exceptionally - inspiring. 63/100 books read.



51NzjhIhK0LThe Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. A fascinating and empowering look at habits, why they exist and the potential of habits, whether negative or positive. I couldn't stop talking about this book, story after story, and sharing with my husband. Very inspiring. 64/100 books read. 





51WDAYsMQ7LA Fall of Marigolds by Susan Meissner. A hint of Providence threaded throughout this exquisite and fascinating tale of love and loss - and loss and love, intricately weaved through three settings in time and centered around a brightly colored scarf of marigolds. I loved this book where the premise of the story begins as far back as 1911, weaves in September 11, 2001 beautifully, and the 10 year anniversary - she takes us through time. Such a wonderful story that brought the tears flowing. 65/100 books read. 





41Zmzl0dznLA Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by W. Phillip Keller. Having been a real life shepherd Keller has amazing insight into the character and traits of sheep and their insatiable need for a shepherd. With this knowledge and understanding Keller looks at Psalm 23, the Shepherd's Song and casts similarities between sheep and shepherd and Sheep, that's us, and our Shepherd, Christ Jesus. 66/100 books read.





519oCt+o7TLFalling Free by Shannan Martin. The author of the blog Shannan Martin Writes wrote this book that was supposed to be about how her and her husband followed God's call to something radically different for their life than what they'd always dreamed. I know I am supposed to like this book and I do believe that the Martin's were changed by the move they made to an inner city neighborhood and I applaud them for listening to the call of God but the writing left much to be desired. She tried to write cleverly but good writing was lost in blog-ease with lines like 'we were complete strangers without a single degree of Kevin Bacon between us...' What the heck does that mean? Plus, I just felt this book might be meant for those immature in their faith, or who sit in church oblivious to the needs around them and need a wake-up call or for those afraid of doing the hard things, or for those who have already read the story through her blog. 67/100 books read.


51N6fKTFY4LSecrets in Death by J.D. Robb. Always anticipated, the next in the long-running series by Nora Roberts' pseudonym, and always a welcomed easy-to-read in one sitting, I read this through our recent storm, Hurricane Irma, thankfully, not by candlelight. Robb stuck to the story rather than re-capping relations so if you've never read a book in the In Death series you might be confused, but I appreciated not having to read through the muck, so to speak, because I'm already well-versed in Dallas and Roarke history. I think we're nearing the end of this series as it didn't have it's usual umph. I wasn't so much disappointed as resigned to the realization that Robb may have rung this series out dry. This book was comfortable (which isn't so much bad as the characters were familiar and still loveable) rather than intriguing and exciting (nothing new in character development), and danged if I didn't figure out the killer. 68/100 books read.