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putting together three boxes supporting Operation Christmas Child. Our church is a drop-off collection site and just the size of the church means we can gather a lot of shoeboxes for children around the world. I read an article in my research for what to put into the boxes that said "only 1 in 200 boxes collected were for boys age 10-14." My heart melted. That statistic just went to 3 in 200 boxes for boys 10-14 because we packed full 3 shoeboxes with a soccer ball (plus air pump), tools (screwdriver set, hammer, pliers, wrench, tape measure, work gloves, carpenters pencil), hygiene items, and school supply items. I wish I could see those young men's faces when they open theirs from us.

taking on a homeschooled student and teaching her meteorology for the remainder of her senior year. Because it's a small class - her and me - I think we'll be able to get through most, if not all, of the curriculum without having to negotiate out any important parts. One of the ladies in my small group probed the question, "maybe you should offer your meteorology class to the homeschool community - for pay..." As a former homeschool mom and having been in the homeschool community I could see a different, unique science class like meteorology being - profitable. Definitely, an idea worth considering.

considering another round of Whole30. Or, at the very least, a Whole14. I need a jumpstart to eating whole as I have gotten off kilter and can't seem to find my way back without that accountability. I've also considered a food and fitness journal. I've recorded things like this in the past and it has held me accountable. Definitely worth - considering.

enjoying, immensely, my Bible study with Ashley. Five days a week we do our own thing working through the book of Esther. Then we FaceTime, usually on Saturdays, and then individually we watch the next weeks video lesson to prepare for the coming week's lesson. We spend a good hour on FaceTime reviewing the lesson and catching up on life, of course; enough time that I have a near-dead battery on my phone when we're done.

eating simple dinners this month. Meat + Vegetables. It is very whole30-ish and I find I am a happier person when I'm not spending so much time in the kitchen in this season of my life. I was sharing these thoughts with Jeff the other day. I've already solidified I'm a bad*ss cook and it is just time to scale back on our eating style. A grilled meat whether it is pork chops, pork steak, steak, chicken, or salmon plus a pile of vegetables or salad works for me, delightfully.

managing my to-do list weekly in a simple little journal by Becky Higgins. I was inspired by how she uses a simple notebook - this business woman of a multi-million dollar company - uses a simple notebook for her daily tasks. I thought I'd give it a try, but daily wasn't working for me. So, I decided to write out weekly tasks and just add the date if it is date-specific. I must say this is working for me. At the beginning of the week I begin filling up a page (I've only needed one page thus far, but would definitely turn the page if I needed a second page for my list of to-do's). I may still carry-over items to the following week, things like craft projects yet to finish, but I am busily lining through items regularly.

ordering a boatload of scrapbook pages and album pages from Persnickety Prints with their huge Columbus weekend sale event. Over the past month I've been uploading pages regularly, about once a week, getting ready to hit order prints. Because we have slower than Christmas internet I can only upload photos during non-peak usage times which means I have to upload in shifts. Because I planned ahead I was ready for the sale and saved a ton of money (more than half price)! I ordered pages for our Stories 2017 album, 52 Gratitudes 2017, 52 Weeks of Giving, and the up-to-date pages of my #100 Days project, all of which have their individual albums. I also ordered a couple prints for framing.

reading Tier One Wild by Dalton Fury, a new-to-me Delta Force and counter-terrorism novel and series - a fast-paced enjoyable read. Brave the Wilderness by Brene Brown is up next, plus, C.S. Lewis' Reflecting on the Psalms is on my nightstand. If I get to bed early enough I'll read a chapter before lights out and only during the week while Jeff is working out of town. Reading always puts me to sleep fast.

binge-watching Stargate Atlantis. I know, right? Again? Yes, again! It's an old favorite. I recently finished the Blacklist seasons available on Netflix and I started catching up on Hawaii Five-O but realized why I gave up on the show. It's cheezy. The main character, McGarrett, is solid cuteness, but his abilities to 'read' a crime scene seems faked, thus, cheezy.

loving my bedroom. It is definitely my happy place in the house, right now. I sit on the ottoman to put my new boots on and glance around the room at all the pretty, happy things. Art work covering one wall. Our gorgeous-still four poster bed. Rows of books on shelves loving built by Jeff. Quilts. Quilts. And, more quilts all blues and white. Pretty matching bedside table lamps. Scripture verses 'written' on our walls. I love just walking through the bedroom and immediately getting a smile on my face.