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DIY Yahtzee


If you're familiar with Pinterest then you know it is the place on the internet where you go to find really cool ideas for everything from what to wear to room décor and design to recipes to do it yourself ideas and crafts, plus an unending wealth of more. More.

It is also the place where you can pin and pin and you never go back and do anything with those pins. You don't make any of those recipes. You don't use the ideas to re-decorate a room. Nor do you make any of the DIY's.

Well, this is one of those DIY's that I probably pinned over a year ago, or more likely two years and never did anything with; although it was high on my list as 'the very next DIY I would make that'.

It was a simple DIY so I'm not sure why it took me so long.

Because Yahtzee is probably one of my top 5 favorite table top slash board games this was fun. Normally, when we play a game, several games, of Yahtzee we don't use the cylinder container to shake the dice; we simply use our hands. The boys always like to perform when they roll the dice. But, I couldn't pass up the idea of a leather wrapped cylinder in a deep teal. Paired with three shades of complimenting blues and purples for the dice, this game of Yahtzee has quite the flair.

Supplies Needed (I found everything at Hobby Lobby):

a small bentwood Cylinder box 

a piece of leather larger enough to encompass the Cylinder box

3/4" square wood blocks

five shades of paint (Ombre was my first thought before I went with two shades of color) plus white (or black depending on your shades)

Spray adhesive (I used E6000 but Modge Podge or other brush on adhesive would work, too)


a printable Yahtzee score sheet (I googled Yahtzee score sheets and found a freebie)

Colored pencils or Photoshop software

Scissors or krafting knife


Step One: Cut the piece of leather to wrap tightly around cylinder and to perfect size; spray adhesive on cylinder; wrap leather around cylinder and allow to dry

Step Two: Paint two-coats of paint on each block. Allow to dry after each coat.

Step Three: Here is where I went wrong and likely will repaint the blocks and repaint the dots because I should have...using the wrong end of a small paintbrush, the wood end will give perfect dots (while a fine tip brush still will give varying sized dots), paint the dots on each end of the block, 1 dot, 2 dots, 3 dots, etc...and allow to dry.

Step Four: Using colored pencils or Photoshop software 'color' desired shapes and shades with a blocking pattern on the Yahtzee score sheet.

Except for needing to re-paint the dice and re-dot I'm very pleased with how my Yahtzee game turned out. So much, in fact, that once I complete my retouches I might have to make another because...

This would make a nice handmade gift for kids - or adults and who doesn't like the game, Yahtzee.