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I saw a magazine page on Pinterest somebody had pinned, I assume, for the design. It was thin rows of photos at varying heights plus a paragraph of words at varying heights also beneath each photo. That ad became my inspiration for this page.

I am a big-time scrap lifter of others' pages, without shame; I do, however, try and make them my own. I love how this page turned out and the individual stories I was able to tell because of the skinny columns.

The journaling is sort of a what's happening around here, things making me happy, what I'm into, where I'm finding my smile. Pretty simple things, really. Like, books and bookshelves arranged by color. Or, Saturday morning breakfast out with the fam. Bible study with Ashley. Or, playing dress up with new clothes and jewelry - and shoes (and I am not a shoe person at all; yet, it's been fun).