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I saw a page like this on Pinterest and I couldn't get it out of my mind. It was so inspiring. It is clean and simple and on any given day I'm all for that. 

For this page I used an Ali Edwards Design stamp 'I Love' and a messy rectangle brush. I even modified one of her templates for the clean design.

I turned all the photos to black and white for cohesion and used bright colors for backgrounds. I could see color photos with white backgrounds and black words looking really good too. But - I love how these pages turned out.

Just some things I love or I'm loving right now. 


Swimming, always and forever. Family game night, the best (although we haven't had this in quite some time). Snowmen, with Christmas around the corner they're on my mind. Blue and White Quilts, ALL my quilts. Reading - YEP! Bible study, and so much fun with Ashley.


Teaching Meteorology; I'm doing this again and I already love it! Collecting mugs; well, mugs and coffee should be more like it! Saturday morning breakfast out; while we don't make it every Saturday when we do I love it. Whether it's Metro Diner, The Breakfast Club, or even Waffle House. Pistol Shooting - on target! Tigers - since high school. The Front Porch - that is our front porch.