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When I scrapbook sometimes I envision a page, inspired by a magazine layout, an advertisement, or even just the digital product. I envisioned something quite different from the end result of this 12 x 12 digital, monochromatic page of Ian and - right now.

Sometimes, that's the way things go.

I'm not sure I've ever went the monochromatic design route but I kind of like the effect from changing the photo to black and white to the whites to grays to black tones. I like the repetition with the arrows and, especially, I like that the arrows direct your eye to the photo of Ian.

The page is about Ian - right now. Some of his likes, his habits, and his dislikes. It is important to me to tell these little stories about my grandchildren. I have the worst memory so scrapbook pages are my memories when I look back on them.