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December Daily | 25


And that's a wrap! December Daily is completed. 25 December stories are in the book. I love my simple and clean album. My entire December Daily 2017 album can be found here.

I am super excited I finished this album. I finished my 30 Days of Thankful album. I finished my 52 Weeks of Giving album and I finished my 52 Gratitudes 2017 album. I read 100 of 100 books in 2017 and even though I didn't complete Project Life this year I've made a ton of pages, told a lot of Stories 2017

I kept the last two-page spread easy and clean. I used the overlay by Ali Edwards as well as an older template which I modified, of course.

Simple, sweet, tells the story of our day.

December Daily | 24


Definitely, a couple of my most favorite pages in my December Daily 2017 album. I used Sahlin Studio's papers which I have used here and there throughout the album for some cohesiveness; although, not all pages have these papers - nor color scheme, but, I love them none the less.

After a year of nourishing a heart of giving I knew I wanted to end the year strong, especially since the Christmas season should be about giving back, giving to others, serving, and being kind. Because isn't Jesus, and being a light to the world, the reason for the season, anyways.

I originally planned on a 'planner' sort of journal for each day of giving but I found this 12-square, 6 x 8 template and thought, 'Wow! That would be perfect for 24 days of giving leading up to Christmas.

I inserted the papers into the squares, added numbers to each square changing the opacity so words of giving could show through; added a few embellishment brushes or chipboard here and there and then mimicked the page for the second page.


Only 4 of the 24 days we didn't give purposefully, intentionally, joyfully, either because we weren't able, or we weren't in a position to give something. It struck me that we could make this a tradition and have December 1-24 be days of giving each year leading up to Christmas Day.

I'm very pleased with these pages, the 'new' tradition, the idea of giving and finishing my year of giving strong and the joy I've found in giving to others. I'll never forget where God has moved me this year.

December Daily | 22


A fun couple of pages! I scraplifted an Ali Edwards page from her product play class - full of stars. Of course, this is digital. I 'stitched' the squares and rectangles for stars and journaling the days events. 

It was our turn to see Star Wars, the Last Jedi and we loved it! Jeff came home (for good) early enough that we were able to see a matinee showing of Star Wars and a dinner at Ha Hot, a favorite Mongolian BBQ restaurant in town. Love these December stories I've told this year.

I'm so excited I'm going to have an album full of stories. This is the first year I have gotten this far. I am planning on finishing out the year even for 31 December stories!

December Daily | 18


"O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree how sorry are your branches..." so begins the song. I know. Those aren't the words of the song but work with me here. Because, look. Until last year, when we decided it was time to go fake, we would go to Brewers Tree Farm in Midway and cut down a beautiful, lovely smelling Christmas tree and I loved every tree we brought home. 

Last year this tree seemed fuller and more 'real' looking and this year, this synthetic tree with lights that won't turn on, so we had to string lights anyways - well, I guess when we turn the lights brings a smile and maybe it's not so bad after all.