30 Days of Thankful | 15


After a very difficult summer, now with Mom having moved in with us, she has been able to take regular walks, sometimes 2-3 times a day. If she was still in Indiana she'd have been closed up in her house with little chance of walking even across the street without battling the sub-freezing temperatures on a regular basis. While we have had some cold days here in Savannah, Mom continues to thrive because of her walks, getting stronger all the time. Her shorter term goal is to make it to the city bus stop and be able to take the bus - somewhere, anywhere. It is something I am thankful for.

30 Days of Thankful | 12


At the beginning of the school year we began Daniel (a Beth Moore study) and the boys did amazing going through the Bible study. We began James and decided we'd complete all 5 levels of her study to include memorizing the book of James over the next five months. We'll be finished with James, Mercy Triumphs in another couple of weeks and we'll move right into the book of Esther (the boys decided on doing this study instead of Jesus, the One and Only next). Now, Mom has joined us in our studies too.

30 Days of Thankful | 6


We have needed a bunch of little things taken care of around the house and Jeff has been able to take some time on weekends to make them happen: put up a new cabinet in the boys' bathroom, door knobs, change light bulbs, towel racks and new shelves in Mom's room, put up a new television, hang a quilt holder in Mom's room, other little stuff here and there. It's been wonderful to get those things done.