30 Days of Thankful 2015 | 9 & 10


I am still putting together my 30 Days of Thankful album with all of my thankful thoughts and things. Less time on the computer in November meant I had to scrape together time to actually put the pages together but, hopefully, now that I have my laptop back I can catch up.

While most of my thankfulness has corresponding photos to go with the journaling some do not. I am very ok with this and I think it'll will look great in the album with those pages scattered throughout. Because, it is about the words anyways.


Thankful 9 peeked into my heart as I've been serving in this ministry for more than a year and I've received sweet words here and there from those folks I'm serving with and just feeling the love and appreciation. And, the best part is we are serving together as a family. 


This blessing has been huge for us, for John and Jarrod, but for us as a family. The boys are getting their first taste of college while still in high school. The double blessing is that these classes are free!

30 Days of Thankful | 5


Oh, the pool.

Oh, swimming.

I love swimming.

Swimming holds a piece of my heart.


For 1 hour all the bad pain goes away.

For 1 hour as I swim lap after lap only good pain remains.

For 1 hour the trials and challenges are, at the very least, sitting on the edge of the pool hoping I'll pick them up again.

For 1 hour I have no fears, no sorrows, no sadness, no frustrations.

Just the water and me.


I'm so grateful to God for any time I get to swim.

30 Days of Thankful | 3


Continuing with my 30 Days of Thankful.

30 Days of Thankful  |  3



Books are at the tops of my list of favorite past times. While not a super-serious reader, over the years I've struggled to read new books. Just pick various books off the bookstore shelves or library shelves and read to my hearts content. I'll get through one or two from a stack then lose interest and the rest of the books will be returned to the library or the purchased books will go on my burgeoning shelf of still unread new books. 

But, last year I made a plan to read 30 new books and when I accomplished that I figured this year I could do it too. I modified my plan half way through to 60 new books this year. Regular reading, visiting the library, and bookstores, and scouring blogs for 'good read' recommendations and I'm certain I'll meet my goal.

So thankful for this luxury, because I don't take it for granted one bit, of reading.

30 Days of Thankful | 1


For the past 3 years (2012, 2013, and 2014) now I have, in addition to my 52 Gratitudes project (2013, 2014, 2015) I have been noting thirty straight days of thankfulness in November.

It's a good time to do it.

The year is almost over. One of my favorite seasons is just around the corner. Alot has happened to just be thankful for.

Each year I change up the digital format and this year's album will be no different, no different as in I'm changing things up.

This little guy, I do mean album, is an 8 x 8 album...here's the thing, though. I need to find a turquoise/teal 8 x 8 album...two-page spread, one side is the photo and the other side is the journaling. This year I won't limit myself to just a few words but may even tell a full-on thankful story.

I really like this format and I'm super excited about this years album.