30 Days of Thankful | 17


So I thought I was helping Jeff out by going and picking up the smokers for this weekends Boston butt smoke out with the Boy Scouts. The smoker didn't get hooked up correctly and when I hit a train track the smoker came off my hitch and by the time I was able to pull over and get stopped the smoker had dragged along the pavement then sneaked under my bumper and tore it up. Thankfully it was chained and didn't swing out and hit a car or cause an accident. Very emotional situation.

30 Days of Thankful | 16


My favorite color. It seriously makes me happy. I can be grouchy and solemn and when I consider the turquoise in my home I find comfort and joy and emotional stability. It may sound mystical or strange but I adore turquoise. I love pure turquoise stones all rustic and native and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean ocean, purses, and decor. Thank you Lord for Your creative nature and offering turquoise for me to enjoy.


30 Days of Thankful | 15


Our church, Compassion Christian Church, had their annual Faith Promise weekend this past week where we pledged an offering above our tithes to support missions, locally and globally. Since the inception of our church in 1964 they have been mission-minded and we send teams on short term trips throughout the year. But, we've also sent out numerous families, couples, and individuals who have gone into full time mission work and are serving worldwide. Besides our mission-focus I appreciate that our church preaches the Word of God, without reservations and without apology.