thirty new books in 2015.


Over the next couple of weeks I'll be documenting my plans for this year, 2015. I've set some goals for the year, very similar to my 50 in my 50th year project, but not quite. This year it is a much smaller list of pointed projects that more than likely will encompass an entire year.

One of these year-long projects is a redo of my 30 New Books in - 2015. I chose to continue with 30 New Books, one, because increasing the number would have probably been a failure. 30 new books was a challenge this past year and I have no doubt will continue to be a challenge this coming year, and two, because the challenge of reading 30 new books was fruitful, inspiring, fulfilling, - wonderful. I loved that I didn't just re-read my J.D. Robb books but read new books from the shelves of the library, and old books that I'd never read before, and books apart of our American History, and classics, why-did-I-wait-so-long fabulous.

As you can see above I used the same 12 x 12 template that I created last year, for this year, but changed up the accent papers that will become hidden as I add the cover of each book. My plan is to complete a book report along with each book here on the blog, although, I am not a prolific writer of book reports - I'll try.

So, what am I reading right now? Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austin.