52 gratitudes | 37


Yes, I am grateful (and sometimes I want to spell that 'greatful' and shout it to the world) for clouds, and oh yes, rainbows. They are a visual reminder of God's promises. In this season of my life one of His big promises this rainbow reminded me of is that He will never leave me or forsake me. Done and done. I can count on it.

I am thankful for our small group. God so fashioned our group, over time, with His expert hands that only He could do. Who knew, but God, that we would be walking into a season of life with a parent living with us.

And a small group in which the majority of the group has either been through the same thing, something very similiar, or is going through it now also. If that isn't the providence of my God I really don't know what is. Last Sunday evening we skipped our lessons and shared within the group. We all had alot to say. I love how the group has come together to support, well - the group. It is an amazing testiment of doing life together.

52 gratitudes | 36


I'm way more than half way home on my 52 gratitudes project. I had no idea how important this project would become. This season of life has been hard and it's only going to get harder, but each week I am reminded of God's goodness as I seek to give Him gratitude. While I write but one gratitude each week for my album project my mind - and heart floods with gratefulness.

Amidst some very difficult times He just keeps on blessing. I hope I am faithfully seeing each and every one, although I know I'm probably missing so many. I don't miss the simpliest of blessings, like, yesterday when I had a day of beautiful weather at work just because the day before was a shift of some scary weather, full of continuous lightning directly overhead. Of course, there is the added blessing that I didn't get struck by lightning each and every time I had to go up to the sixth floor of the tower, walk out on the open-aired platform, with metal grated flooring, to take a weather observation.

So many blessings. So much gratitude.

52 gratitudes | 35


Jeff has been working long hours, yes, but more than that, he has been thrust head first into a new position without a line. Thankfully, the project manager on the job he is working on as Superintendent (even though he just moved into an assistant superintendent position without experience) is personable, supports Jeff in his new position, and is encouraging. Still, learning a new job, on-the-job, without a 'trainer' can be exhausting, and is exhausting.

My hours at work haven't changed but my responsibilities at home have increased plus I've been visiting a physical therapist for persistant headaches and neck and shoulder issues so I'm exhausted and struggling with life.

Time together is scarce.

But, we make the most of it when we get those few hours on a Friday evening, sharing a meal and tons of conversation.

And I'm thankful.