52 Gratitudes 2017 | 14


While the truck is not fixed yet, it can be fixed. The truck is still driveable. No one was hurt long term or hospitalized. Thankful for a small deductible. It wasn't my fault (I was driving). We had such an outpouring of love and support. People came out of the woods in droves who saw everything asking if we needed witnesses because they saw the whole thing. A bad experienced lessened greatly because God was in the middle.

52 Gratitudes 2017 | 11


Still giddy with excitement and so thankful that Melanie, Sidnie, Blake, and Selah drove over from Charleston (where they were spending spring break) for a couple hours and stayed the night. We stayed up way too late, almost until midnight, for a school night - I mean work night. We talked and laughed and caught up in one night as if the years - and I'm talking way to many years - apart never were. God is good - all the time!

I believe if my One Little Word had not been Nourish and one of my intentions for this year is to Nourish relationships (which meant I had to Nourish communication, first); and because it was I contacted Melanie via text...and stayed in contact...and at just the right time I ministered to her need during a sad time...and then contacted her again, and...

God made it happen. They visited! I'm on cloud nine having been able to see, hug, hold, and talk to them.

52 Gratitudes 2017 | 10


An 8-foot and two 6-foot shelves. Filled, not quite to the ends but almost. Gorgeous! So thankful Jeff made the time for me!!! He and Jarrod worked together to put up the shelves and I set out filling them up. What teamwork! I'm so grateful to have the shelves, as the stacks of books, though beautiful in their own right, was stressing me out.

This marks decision point for final decorative art and touches to our master bedroom. My goal, my plan is to call it...gorgeous...I'm mean done - complete - by the end of April. I've got my eye on some art work and finishing touches. It is a pleasure to walk in my room. I'm smiling from ear to ear: beautiful grey walls Jeff painted a few years ago, my red chair and ottoman (which I might return to the living room and replace with light blue - haven't decided), my shelves filled, beautiful indigo blue lamp, hunky photo of hubby, piles of blue and white quilts - dreamy, giddy, feeling loved and content. As my top love language is acts of service it's no wonder I'm feeling content - and grateful.

52 Gratitudes 2017 | 9


Amidst much to be grateful for there is this.

Jeff has progressed brilliantly. The healing of his foot after surgery has been long but successful as he moves out of the walking boot into his steel-toed work boots, and they fit - and seem to be keeping the swelling minimal throughout the day at work - as he heads back out into the field to job sites. And out of the office. But, that office work - we were giving thanks for it all on its own. While Jeff had enough leave and sick days to cover most of his time off, the office work and about a week of compensation days we weren't expecting to be gifted was amazing!

We fill truly blessed by the job Jeff currently has, the boss Jeff has, and the company he works. Thank you Lord for these your blessings.

52 Gratitudes 2017 | 8


I am grateful for the words spoken through books, such as Sacred Marriage, which I've been slowly reading, carefully reading, savoring...that slap me in the face and tell me in no uncertain terms to offer an olive branch, to say I'm sorry please forgive me, even when I don't want to be humble but to humble myself anyways, to explain my wrong doing, and I am grateful for the forgiveness extended for the forgiveness received even when I don't deserve it.

We blow it way to many times. One would think that with time, harsh words, discontentment, unnecessary heartache would become few and far between - with time. But, we love so good that we sometimes fight so bad. And with time, thankfully, asking for forgiveness comes quicker. 

52 Gratitudes 2017 | 7


I am grateful for John's servant heart. He leads worship for Kindergarten through 5th grade at Compassion Christian Church each Sunday morning at the 11 o'clock service. According to the Children's Pastor he does an awesome job of engaging the kids and he thinks John is having a positive impact on the elementary-aged boys who are seeing this 'big' boy getting up on stage and unashamedly worshiping and praising God with his whole heart.

As a mum, I loved receiving that affirmation about one of my kids. I am so grateful.

52 Gratitudes 2017 | 6


For the past three out of four years (2013) (2014) (2015) and now in (2017) I have been, and I am, documenting each week something I am grateful to God for, something I am thankful for. It's not difficult because it is usually an extensive list to choose from. Sometimes, what is difficult is capturing it on film. 

Originally, I would have just been thankful that Jarrod was off work so he was able to drive Jeff to Ft Stewart for his follow up appointment after his surgery. It meant I didn't have to take a day off, using vacation pay, to do this. Sure, I would have, but I'm thankful I didn't have to take that day.

But then, after the appointment they drove my way and picked up Zaxby's for lunch for themselves and brought me a salad, too. It wasn't planned, nor expected. But, I'm seriously thankful for the lunch. I think the salad was all the more delicious because of the gift from my guys.