52 Gratitudes 2015 | Finishing out the year.




Finishing out the year strong with my 52 Gratitudes project. It is a wonderful lesson to wrap up in. Amidst a trying year giving thanks, being grateful has been one of the positives I've held onto in order to sustain. It has now been 3 years I've done this project and while it may seem like it is time to move on to another project, I decided I need to amp up this project, instead. 

In honor of my One Little Word for 2016 - GIVE, my 52 Gratitudes will be called GIVE thanks. I purchased these (below) from Val Marie Paper and rather than photograph and journal digitally as I have been doing for years, I will be hand writing my gratitudes, my thankfulness, over the course of the year. Daily, weekly, at a minimum.


Each gratitude journal has 1000 lines and I bought two - just in case! I will have plenty of room to GIVE thanks to God over the course of the year. Will I blog this project? Yes, I think so. In some way - I'm just not sure how yet. But, I am very excited to take pen to paper and hand-write my thanks, my gratitudes, my gratefulness to God. He deserves it!

52 Gratitudes 2015 | 41-49











Got behind posting my 52 Gratitudes for 2015. Thought I'd do a big catch up in one go. I just recently made a large Persnickety Prints purchase of 'photos' for several album projects such as our Date Night album, an album for Maggie, Noah's 1st Year album, December Daily, this 52 Gratitudes project, and the 30 Days of Thankful - but I'm behind on a couple of those projects, although not by much thankfully, and plan on another big catch up after the first of the year, when I'll be planning my 2016 projects.

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This past Sunday night in our small group one of the questions from our lesson asked, "what was your favorite memory of this past year?"

I can't help it! Mine were centered around these two punks (it truly is a term of endearment) who earned their Eagle rank. They began scouting as Tiger Cubs and finally made it to the rank of Eagle after a long hard road. Their Eagle board - success; and then, their Eagle Court of Honor. Just wonderful memories. Some, so hard, yet the final outcome...glorious!