52 Weeks of Giving | 23


For this weeks giving I prepared dinner for The Sunshine Girls. This is a ministry through my church whereby a group of ladies visit the strip clubs downtown, interact with the girls dancing in the bars, befriend them, love on them, and share Jesus with them over time. The ministry has volunteers prepare dinner and dessert once a week for them. I made dinner this week of quiche and salad. I was so excited to do this and be apart of this ministry. Until my health improves I will only volunteer once a month with food but, I love cooking, I'm loving giving this year so it fulfills huge need.

52 Weeks of Giving | 20


I love love these posters. So much so I got a set of three, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, for our home. The Lord of the Rings has such a big place in our lives and hearts. In John and Jarrod's 11th grade year, I read aloud all three books in the trilogy for their British Literature class. It was a-mazing for all three of us!


52 Weeks of Giving | 13


This weeks giving I went grocery shopping again to give to The Lighthouse ministry, a food pantry our church runs and who feed thousands of people each month. Rather than just peanut butter and jelly, this week I picked up spaghetti and spaghetti sauce, too. I figured the more meals I can provide, the more mouths I can help feed, even if it is just one family, then that is one family not going hungry.

This project. It's changing my heart from the inside out.