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I have been scrapbooking for almost 15 years and have documented close to 20 years of memories and stories of our lives. My scrapbooking has evolved, in some ways, dramatically over the years. Once I scrapbooked traditionally. Hands to paper and adhesive, photos printed and adhered to photo mats, embellishments covering the pages with depth and taking up space. I've scrapped one photo per page and easier, used clean lines and simple design.

And I've found my style over the years and I've moved from traditional scrapbooking to digital scrapbooking. And the whole time I've documented our lives. This past year I went far beyond what I'd ever imagine doing: documenting our lives every week of the year. And I'm continuing the practice this year in 2014.

I'm so thankful for this opportunity, for the focus and motivation to record memories. I scrapbook mostly for me, but I'd like to think my family appreciates it too.

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Probably one of my most favorite projects of 2013 that I'm carrying into 2014. It is such a wonderful exercise to find a photo, pick a story, and just be grateful to God. It really keeps me FOCUSED on gratitude.

We all met with the operator of Hoofs 4 Healing, a non-profit Equestrian service for the handicap and wounded warrior community, to discuss John and Jarrod's impending Eagle Scout projects and solidify a couple of things. It was a really productive, fruitful meeting, but opened up a list of more questions, and to-dos also.


52 gratitudes.

After a month long break from my 52 Gratitudes project because - well - I was giving 30 Days of Thankfulness to God - so - technically I'm still giving thanks and gratitude and I haven't really fallen behind. But, I am behind and I'm gonna do some catchin' up. It isn't so much that I've ran out of things to be grateful for but I don't have photos to go with everything I'm thankful for. This means I'm gonna' have to be creative. And I'm not very creative like that...just kiddin'.

Anyways, here is the beginning of my catch up...



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I'm already anticipating, ramping up my gratefulness in the month of November as I join Cathy Zielske and her 30 Days of Thankful - just as I did last year. I'm considering incorporating the 30 Days of Thankful album into my 52 gratitudes or complete a seperate album altogether. It's a dilemma. I really love the 4 x 6 format that I've been using for my 52 gratitudes, but last year's 6 x 6 album is darling too. It just makes you want to go ?????