52 gratitudes | 38

Jeff works so hard and he does it without the praises of man (his boss) but instead he works as if working for the Lord. This call is not easy. He often feels the full weight of persecution from man (his boss) but each time he guards his heart and presses forward the good fight. And I'm thankful.

52 gratitudes | 36

We ate at Longhorns for lunch yesterday. While we waited for our food, which took quite sometime, we caught up on some home and heart maintenance and just talked. Definitely needed this time. Jeff had a burger that I expect was good as he devoured it. I had the Shaved Prime Rib sandwich, my go-to favorite - plus it heats well because I could only heat half. I also upped my friends to their new Garlic Parmesan Fries - worth it! We had just talked about how Mom had used her toaster oven to heat her fries and was delighted by the results so I went ahead and scooped up my extra fries for leftovers for dinner at work.

So thankful my family is adjusting to my working full time. Now, I just need to.