52 Scraplifts | 12

I was visiting Katie, the Scrapbook Lady's blog the other day because I hadn't been in a while and she had a couple summertime digital scrapbooking pages posted with a set of templates that she sells. One of the pages called Beach Adventure stood out for me because I knew I could throw it together pretty quick and capture a story from the 4th of July that I wanted told.

Katies' page

This is Katie's awesome page. Simple scrapbook page. Clean and Simple. A title embellishment, large journal spot, and a photo! Awesome.

While I have a ton of templates I don't really want to purchase 1-photo templates so I decided to try and create my own page without one. Her color choices are awesome and I love her title embellishment. Unfortunately I didn't have something like that so I created one for myself:

Beach Adventure



 Pretty simple. I do like Katie's flag arrow she used but in the limited amount of time I had to create the title embellishment and the page I wasn't able to figure out how to do that - I'm still learning much in PSE. So here is the finished page with my created title embellishment, scraplifted from Katie:


hello story | timelines 2 | scraplift 11

I'm absolutely loving Big Picture Classes' and Ali Edwards' Hello Story class. The gallery and inspirational boards are - well - inspiring! This is a total scraplift of one of my classmates of Hello Story - Laurie S. She did a book club timeline and I knew as soon as I saw it that I could incorporate some of our homeschool favorite read-a-louds into a timeline page.

We enjoy reading our books aloud (I read; John and Jarrod sit on the edge of their seat, listening intently to every word). I just really wanted to document some of our most recent favorites. Obviously, this is all digital. I saved a mini-jpeg of each book we've read and matted it, gave it a shadow and gave it a star-rating. We have read so many other books, I think it would be fun to create a super long timeline of everything we've read.

Grandoise ideas.

But, I totally love this timeline page. Ali Edwards is a genius.

52 scraplifts | 10

when i complete my 52 scraplift challenge i will have 52 more scrapbook pages in my albums.

when i complete my 52 scraplift challenge i will like to believe that i have learned something more about graphic design.

when i complete my 52 scraplift challenge i will have 52 more memories recorded.

here is number 10 of my 52 scraplift challenge.

i have a manilla folder full of pages i'd like to scraplift for some reason or another. my note on the right hand side of this page says, 'love this - clean lines, lots of pics!' of course, it didn't hurt that christine stoneman of ontario, canada also scrapbooked her winter weekend.

i do like the clean lines and lots of pictures, but i also liked the title that goes across the page and i loved that very small, squiggley checked blue and white pattern paper. just being honest here.

what i did?

i mimicked the photos across the bottom of the page and the larger photo i made a 4x6 so i could fit slightly larger photos next to it. i kept the title across the page, copied the locations of pattern paper and cardstock as well as the journaling.

i very much like my title and the clean lines with a small use of patterned paper. i would call this scraplift a success.

original page is from a memory makers magazine circa january 2006.

52 scraplifts | 09

all the doodling and such on this page isn't my style. if i tried it it would just look dumb. but i liked the basic layout of the page and figured i could get a bunch of photos on the two-page layout and still keep a pretty clean and simple page and it still look good. i had just gotten some more photos off of facebook from elizabeth so i used those for this two-page spread. this will go in her alaska book that is coming along nicely (well, at least on the computer - although i have some already printed)

this scraplift came from a memory makers magazine, scrapbook idea gallery 6 - wow! i'm pretty sure that was an old magazine. it was created by marla kress. thanks marla for the scraplift idea!

i flopped the pages and mimicked the title pretty much keeping a large photo with smaller ones of ella throughout the second page. love this page alot! one of my favorite 'creative' parts is the sewing over the title - i love that added touch.

isn't my grand daughter a cutie! miss this family so much.


52 scraplifts | 08

so much for one page a week of scraplifts. i've been cranking out way more than one a week...and i'm lovin' it!

this scraplift the creating keepsakes february 2005 magazine. they did not give the author of the page credit so i'm unable to do that.

i loved the block of photos and the title especially using two different types of fonts. the white space at the bottom was clean and simple.

before christmas i had cleaned up the guest room from it's piles of junk lying everywhere and made it homey again to welcome mom over christmas. after she left and i put the room to right again i took pictures for this page and to document the lovely room we've made and the people can enjoy when they come and visit.

i kept the margins fairly even and duplicated the title and the journaling spot. i love how it turned out. i have a few more touches i want to include in this room and will probably do another page documenting as i go. we have a headboard to make and curtains to put up with some additional 'beachy' touches too.

52 scraplifts | 07

rhonda stark from the creating keepsakes, june 2005 magazine created this digital page and i loved the clean-ness and the words + photos and a the words telling about any given weekday of their lives.

i've documented pieces of our day, i've done week in the life but i thought this would be a good thing to have an account of any given weekday.

i pretty much scraplifted the entire page from the title, to the uniform photo blocks, to the large journaling spot. the only embellishments i added were on the photos themselves.

i realized once i put the two pages together that the title is wanky (which i'll fix before i print - i just haven't fixed it yet...)

you can read my journal by clicking on the photo (which will open the image up into a larger image and be easier to read)

i realize how much i am scrapbooking with this self-imposed challenge of  52 scraplifts.

i'm lovin' this project.

52 scraplifts | 05

using a page by kathryn thompson from creating keepsakes magazine, top ten 2006. i used the same basic layout for my next scraplift. some photos and a story to tell, with few embellishments and another page is complete.

i cannot say enough how fun this is!!!


our new year was spent quietly, just us, enjoying good food and good television.

52 scraplifts | 04

you can see my style. clean lines, simple, photos + words, few embellishments. this time i scraplifted an old creating keepsakes magazine hall of fame honorable mention by andie smith. loved the combination of same size squares across an entire two page for photos + a nice size 'square' for journaling.

i caught the georgia boys out back one chilly afternoon in the middle of a dueling battle with makeshift weapons. i get such a kick out of their games. i gave my page a border around the photos but pretty much scraplifted the page to a tee.

as you can see they really get into the 'battle' as if for real.

i am having a blast with this scraplifting and get pages cranked out at the same time. but, yes project life will still continue. i just don't want to give up regular scrapbooking.

52 scraplifts | 06 | 15 journal prompts

this is really scraplift #6 but i'm kinda out of order with posting my scraplifts.

i was perusing katie's blog the other day and saw this post on 15 fast, easy journal prompts. then i was sifting through my small stack (after i purged) of scrapbooking page ideas and i came across another cathy zielske design page on symmetry. again the clean and simple jumped out at me. the journal prompts gave me the idea to do a modified approach to cathy's page (hers was one person, 4 journal notes with a word prompt)

i asked the georgia boys, hoosier man and myself the fifteen easy, fast journal prompts and jotted down their(my) answers. interesting results for such simple prompts.

the fifteen questions i asked:

Favorite Color

Favorite Movie/TV Character

Favorite Candy

Favorite Drink

Favorite Flower

Favorite Collection

Favorite Food

Favorite Animal

Favorite Movie

Favorite Television Show

Favorite Season


If you could go anywhere in the world

Favorite thing to wear

How do you relax

then i put it all together with a photo for each and our responses to the journal prompt. as i said it was interesting - and enlightening. one of the responses gave me an idea for a future project. that is pretty cool.

i'm off on my margins i noticed but if you want to read our responses just click on the response image and it will become a larger image.

i thought it was interesting how the boys were very literal when it came to favorite thing to wear and there were a few surprises from them too. i really got a kick out of hoosier man's favorite thing to wear: his tuxedo - yum! i like him wearing that too. but then i like him in overalls too. also, we pretty much all like NCIS in one way or another - pretty funny!

52 scraplifts | 03

from the jan/feb 2004 simple scrapbooks magazine i'm scraplifting the always amazing cathy zielske and a symmetry exercise. after taking big pictures classes boot camp i got an additional taste of cathy's expertise (as if i didn't have enough from her two books sitting on one of my scrapbook shelves) and knew i'd be scraplifting something of hers real soon.

another page of very clean lines, symmetry, photos + journaling, and typography. A new favorite page. i wasn't going to go black and white with the photos but i am so glad i did! everything just pops out.

gotta say i'm having a blast with this scraplifting. i can already see myself hitting way more than 52scraplifts.

cathy typically goes 8.5x11 but i usually go 12x12 so i really wanted the challenge of changing the page to the large format. i think it worked out splendidly. i also love the muted tones of the cardstock.


some unwritten rules i'm following with scraplifting:

1. lots of photos (or the opportunity to include lots of photos)

2. it's got to be about the photos + the story

3. few embellishments: because it has become my style that less is more

4. 1 or 2 page spreads are far game

5. it will more than likely be a traditional page turned digital (just because i'm working digital right now.

what's happening with this 52 scraplifts challenge: I'M SCRAPPING!