52 scraplifts | 02

using photos elizabeth posted on facebook of their christmas i scraplifted a very old page from a very old magazine, memory makers magazine. i say very old because i probably only had a subscription to memory makers for one year and it was early in my scrapbooking days, say 2000 or so. this scraplift is by christine stoneman.

while i loved the two page spread when i got down with the pictures i realized i wouldn't have just enough so i scraplifted this into a one page with 5 photos.

i used an ali edwards template and modified it heavily, along with one of her twill tapes, merry and bright. i like how this scraplift turned out too. once again heavy on pictures, few embellishments: some ribbon, twill, and date tab; plus journaling. i did use an alpha i had in my stash rather than typography.

once started this page probably took about 1.5 hours total time mostly because of the alpha and deciding against a double page.

after only two scraplifts i'm finding i really want to continue this project.

52scraplifts | 01

as part of my one little word to simplify my life i'm purging. i'm organizing. i'm creating fun. being more present with my kids, etc. in my purging in order to organize i went through the scrapbooking magazines i still had from making memories, creating keepsakes, and scrapbook etc. - i only had about 12. i tore out pages when i found something i might want to scraplift copy and put them in my scraplift binder. then i went through my scraplift binder. i dwindled those pages down to probably no more 100 pages from probably 1000's.

i saw something unfolding in the process. my tastes have solidified when it comes to scrapbooking. clean lines. lots of pictures. white is not an issue. journaling. few embellishments - even none. using typography.

then this let me to think about my goals for 2013. if i was going to purge and organize i needed to make what i had left useful. so i decided to begin a 52 scraplifts project. this year - in 2013, i'm going to scraplift my little heart out. those remaining pages that kept that i might want to copy were going to get scraplifted.

so my goal is 52 scraplifts in 2013.

one page each week from my small pile of scrapbooking pages and ideas and scraplift.

today i bring my first of 52 scraplifts.

so i started from an old creating keepsakes magazine - scrapbook hall of fame volume 6 and a marie hazzard layout titled 'beach memories'. white space. clean lines. color blocking.

win win layout for me.

i pretty much mimicked the entire page. extended mine to a two-page spread to accomadate more (and larger photos). used typography and few embellishments. love how this turned out.

on the plus i was able to scrapbook another two-page spread for elizabeth's alaska album.