a day in the life.


For my first, a day in the life, I did horribly. I didn't journal like I wanted to and I certainly didn't get everyday photos like I wanted to. I was inspired by Lee to complete a monthly a day in the life this year which, for me, will be added into my Project Life 2014 album, and I will not be deterred by my poor showing this first month. I will prevail. I will overcome. I will journal. I will take pictures. (Imagine me pumping my arm in the air with each alliteration).

My intention was not to journal routine but our day for that day but, that is where my journaling failed. I'll do much better next month. I used, for this month, two different Cathy Zielske 6 x 12 templates. I'll use 6 x 12 templates and insert the left side in front and the right side in back. I'll add it to my Project Life album in the middle of that week that holds our day. I'm pretty pleased with how the pages turned out, but still might do some tweaking for next month - along with journaling and more, many more, photos.

During the week, not matter what day in the life I do, my day begins and ends with work.

a day in the life...30 april

I love the simple, but vintage, retro feel of this page. And really love the colors too. I mimicked another month (February's) Day in the Life using the 24-photo template on the right side and Ali Edwards' Week in a Life template on the left side.

I love this picture of the boys walking because it represents not only a part of A Day in the LIfe but it is a typical morning for the boys to begin their day with a walk/run. But, I also love it because when I went to grab the picture Jarrod was silly and made me laugh.

Lots of pictures of the day. I used colored and black and white to change it up. I really like the patterned papers and all the embellishments.

It was a pretty good day.

a day in the life...march

I kept this 'a day in the life' super simple and super neutral. The only photos I actually liked were of Jeff and the rest were so-so, so, it was necessary to convert them to black and white which ended up unifying the day's photos. I was going to finish the pages strictly black and white but decided to add just a pop of pale orange color: some washi tape, a label, a button and time headers and called it good.

I decided on keeping with the last day of the month as my 'a day in the life' even though it was Easter Sunday. We really don't do anything special on Easter because we attend church on Saturday evenings so I figured we'd just have a pretty normal day (Sunday).

I also decided to stick with Ali Edwards templates to keep it simple. I'm really all about simple scrapbooking these days. I wanted to get these pages done because if I wait too long I forget the day and then it is harder to document. I'll be working on my Week 13 (or is it Week 14) Project Life next and should have that done for Wednesday morning - hopefully.

a day in the life...february

The last day of each month is a day in the life. I document our entire day through words and photos. This two-page 12x12 documentation will go in our Project Life album right along with our weekly Project Life pages. Some days, like 2-28-13, will be a very typical, ordinary, routine day for us.

I did pretty darn good about taking pictures of the day. But, once again my documentation, writing our day down, was mediocre at best. By the time I was ready to put together the pages I had to use the photos to jar my memory of the day. Hopefully, next month I can do better! Otherwise, this is an amazing project to add to our project life and will offer additional logged memories into our life.

I used an Ali Edwards template from her Week in the Life collection for the left side of the page. A big photo of my very photogenic husband eating a yummy dinner. It is the only photo I took of him for the entire day so I thought it best to highlight it.

For the right side I knew I had a good many photos, but didn't quite have enough to fill 36 boxes so I used the photos I had and interspersed them with pattern paper and embellishments. I absolutely love how this turned out. I divided the photos up, for the most part, by time of day, morning, afternoon, and evening.

Because I didn't have any room on either page, and wanted to use all my photos I'm adding a 6x12 journal page. I'm using white cardstock and an Ali Edwards' Long Journaler with embellishment. Again, I broke out the journaling to MORNING, AFTERNOON, and EVENING. I imagine this will be how I continue my journaling until I hit a month where I journal intensively and extensively.

I'm very pleased with this month's a day in the life. I know this will serve to keep me motivated to continue this project throughout the year.

a day in the life...january

I know, January - right?


I just put together the pages for my 'a day in the life...January' for my Project Life album. Ali Edwards is challenging anyone who wants to join in to 'a day in the life' the last day of each month in 2013. The 'day in the life' is a more indepth look at life in the Bowers household. To get down to the niddy-griddy. I'm still not very good at documenting this - or at least I document but sometimes I don't put it all in there. I'm gonna' try really hard to get better at this and start recording those intimate bits of life that make us - us.

The last day of the month of February is this week so I figured I'd better put together my January 'a day in the life'. I did a very simple two-page spread using multiple templates with just words + phots and Ali's 'a day in the life' brush as a bolder title.

As I said, this will go in our Project Life album along with our weekly pages, and my 52 Lists.

I think I'll use similiar pages for each month of our 'day in the life' so they stand out as such in the album.

I like the idea of just breaking the day up into morning, afternoon, and evening. It makes documenting easier and more me-friendly.

a day in the life...

ali put out the challenge to document a day in the life, a shorter version of a week in the life that i did back in march of 2011. it was a haphazard day of documenting that i just ended up journaling the day, rather an hour by hour recap. i might try this again in march. ali has planned a week in the life in april which i should be able to participate in.

anyways i used ali's template for combining the photos of the day and her long journalers to document the day in the life. i'll print everything out here at home and insert it into an album just as another page.

here is our day, last wednesday the 8th of february 2012