currently | november 2017


planning on completing a December Daily® album again this year. Although, it will be more a December stories album as I won't document a story a day but rather December stories throughout the month. It means I might have a story a day and I might only have a story every other day, or even more stories if the month is filled to the brim.

putting lists together. Christmas cookie baking list. Christmas movie watching list. Christmas music listening lists. Christmas gift giving lists. Christmas stories list. Christmas groceries list.

studying Seeking a Heart Like His, the life of David with my daughter, Ashley. Our second study together. So good.

hoping to fill my December with giving and being present and fun memories.

adventing... (Yeah, I know, probably not a word! But, I'm claiming it anyways!) with She Reads Truth's Joy to the World It is my hope that my mind and my heart will remain (or move into alignment with) true to the real reason for the Christmas season.

making Christmas ornaments this year for Jeff, the boys, and I to commemorate the year we fell hard for Pistol shooting.

considering my One Little Word for next year. Decided I would not participate in a class next year but I may document my One Little Word using a previous class' assignments. Not sure though because the years I don't sign up for a class are the years my one little word has more meaning for me.

watching the final season of Longmire, started the Good Witch, and re-watching Eureka, here and there.

looking forward to Jeff being home for good and not having to be out of town each week for work. Not sure what the next job will entail for him but I sure hope it is closer.

reading slowly right now but I still have hopes that I will reach my goal of reading 100 New Books in 2017.


Currently | October 2017


putting together three boxes supporting Operation Christmas Child. Our church is a drop-off collection site and just the size of the church means we can gather a lot of shoeboxes for children around the world. I read an article in my research for what to put into the boxes that said "only 1 in 200 boxes collected were for boys age 10-14." My heart melted. That statistic just went to 3 in 200 boxes for boys 10-14 because we packed full 3 shoeboxes with a soccer ball (plus air pump), tools (screwdriver set, hammer, pliers, wrench, tape measure, work gloves, carpenters pencil), hygiene items, and school supply items. I wish I could see those young men's faces when they open theirs from us.

taking on a homeschooled student and teaching her meteorology for the remainder of her senior year. Because it's a small class - her and me - I think we'll be able to get through most, if not all, of the curriculum without having to negotiate out any important parts. One of the ladies in my small group probed the question, "maybe you should offer your meteorology class to the homeschool community - for pay..." As a former homeschool mom and having been in the homeschool community I could see a different, unique science class like meteorology being - profitable. Definitely, an idea worth considering.

considering another round of Whole30. Or, at the very least, a Whole14. I need a jumpstart to eating whole as I have gotten off kilter and can't seem to find my way back without that accountability. I've also considered a food and fitness journal. I've recorded things like this in the past and it has held me accountable. Definitely worth - considering.

enjoying, immensely, my Bible study with Ashley. Five days a week we do our own thing working through the book of Esther. Then we FaceTime, usually on Saturdays, and then individually we watch the next weeks video lesson to prepare for the coming week's lesson. We spend a good hour on FaceTime reviewing the lesson and catching up on life, of course; enough time that I have a near-dead battery on my phone when we're done.

eating simple dinners this month. Meat + Vegetables. It is very whole30-ish and I find I am a happier person when I'm not spending so much time in the kitchen in this season of my life. I was sharing these thoughts with Jeff the other day. I've already solidified I'm a bad*ss cook and it is just time to scale back on our eating style. A grilled meat whether it is pork chops, pork steak, steak, chicken, or salmon plus a pile of vegetables or salad works for me, delightfully.

managing my to-do list weekly in a simple little journal by Becky Higgins. I was inspired by how she uses a simple notebook - this business woman of a multi-million dollar company - uses a simple notebook for her daily tasks. I thought I'd give it a try, but daily wasn't working for me. So, I decided to write out weekly tasks and just add the date if it is date-specific. I must say this is working for me. At the beginning of the week I begin filling up a page (I've only needed one page thus far, but would definitely turn the page if I needed a second page for my list of to-do's). I may still carry-over items to the following week, things like craft projects yet to finish, but I am busily lining through items regularly.

ordering a boatload of scrapbook pages and album pages from Persnickety Prints with their huge Columbus weekend sale event. Over the past month I've been uploading pages regularly, about once a week, getting ready to hit order prints. Because we have slower than Christmas internet I can only upload photos during non-peak usage times which means I have to upload in shifts. Because I planned ahead I was ready for the sale and saved a ton of money (more than half price)! I ordered pages for our Stories 2017 album, 52 Gratitudes 2017, 52 Weeks of Giving, and the up-to-date pages of my #100 Days project, all of which have their individual albums. I also ordered a couple prints for framing.

reading Tier One Wild by Dalton Fury, a new-to-me Delta Force and counter-terrorism novel and series - a fast-paced enjoyable read. Brave the Wilderness by Brene Brown is up next, plus, C.S. Lewis' Reflecting on the Psalms is on my nightstand. If I get to bed early enough I'll read a chapter before lights out and only during the week while Jeff is working out of town. Reading always puts me to sleep fast.

binge-watching Stargate Atlantis. I know, right? Again? Yes, again! It's an old favorite. I recently finished the Blacklist seasons available on Netflix and I started catching up on Hawaii Five-O but realized why I gave up on the show. It's cheezy. The main character, McGarrett, is solid cuteness, but his abilities to 'read' a crime scene seems faked, thus, cheezy.

loving my bedroom. It is definitely my happy place in the house, right now. I sit on the ottoman to put my new boots on and glance around the room at all the pretty, happy things. Art work covering one wall. Our gorgeous-still four poster bed. Rows of books on shelves loving built by Jeff. Quilts. Quilts. And, more quilts all blues and white. Pretty matching bedside table lamps. Scripture verses 'written' on our walls. I love just walking through the bedroom and immediately getting a smile on my face.


currently | September


recovering from Hurricane Irma. We live with marshland in our backyard that is off the Forrest River and as the waters rose from the storm surge from the Hurricane the tides, then, brought in the surging waters and, then, hiding the marsh grass that normally blankets the area just beyond our tree line. The water rose into our yard, into the barn built by Jeff and the boys, covered the legs of the picnic table raised on slab pavers. Jeff walked into the waters with hip waders until he could walk no more without the water getting into the waders. This was our backyard after the brunt of the storm was well to our west, although we were still gusting, winds into the 40's.

repopulating our home back to status quo after the storm. We hadn't decided not to evacuate yet so we packed up everything we were planning on taking with us, which included safes, important papers, and our scrapbook albums, into bins. We transported things we didn't want to get wet that might be irreplaceable or simply painful, difficult, or expensive to replace and moved them to our second floor room away from potential flood waters rising. These included quilts and books. Once we decided to ride out the storm (mostly because I had to work during the storm), we left things - just in case - but now we are repopulating book shelves with books and quilt racks with my beloved blue and white quilts. Getting rugs put back down and finding some semblance of order again.

reading, slowly, The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis. Slowly because it is C.S. Lewis and I have never known anyone who could read anything by C.S. Lewis anything but slowly. Except maybe, and I stress maybe, The Chronicles of Narnia. Even then one reads The Chronicles of Narnia slowly in order to savor every word. But, I am reading The Four Loves. Therefore, slowly is imperative to glean any understanding of his lofty yet wealthy insight.

drinking water. Occasionally, coffee. No sugar. Plus, creamer. No sugar is a grand endeavor and I have succeeded since July 10, 2017. I am consuming water insatiably, unreservedly. And, I love it. Just water. Plain, water. Of course, the drawbacks for someone my age drinking pretty much non-stop throughout the day, especially when I wake up and before bed, is that I drag myself out of bed in a deep stupor multiple times a night to use the bathroom. On the plus side I stay hydrated and can quickly tell when I am de-hydrated.

studying the book of Esther with Ashley. When Ashley was last here she asked if we could do a Bible study together. In particular, a Beth Moore study. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to do a Beth Moore study and a study with Ashley. We'll individually watch the videos and individually complete the weeks homework then we'll face time our discussion of the lessons. I'm totally siked! I'm going to try and continue my study of Genesis on my own as I'm not ready to abandon it.

hanging the last three pieces of artwork I have recently acquired onto the walls of our bedroom. I am almost done decorating our room, yet, they say a well-decorated room is never truly finished. This wood sign is one of the pieces. I also picked up two pieces from Hobby Lobby, both made of wood, too.

planning a bit of craftiness this weekend. I haven't crafted in quite awhile but since I'm visiting Jeff this weekend - so, while he is at work I will play. I have two projects planned, one pretty simple and quick, and the other might take a couple hours - of fun.

binge-watching The Blacklist. I haven't seen Season 4 and it has been so long since I've seen Season 3 I decided to start at the beginning. I was watching Grey's Anatomy and got through half of season 2 and decided it was bad for my mental and emotional health. Years and years ago I purged books from my shelves for the same reason - they were bad for my mental and emotional health. It is just the way it has to be.





currents | august 2017


reminiscing of a weekend trip and stay with Jeff in Augusta

enjoyed scoping out restaurants for our dinners.

reading Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction by Eugene Peterson, The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis, and the Power of Habit.

searching for a crafty type project to make; maybe, cards; maybe, not; but, something to get my creative juices flowing - and for a sense of accomplishment.

finishing up decorating our master bedroom. Final touches and calling it good. It has been a long time coming. The joy has been in the details - the personal.

binge-watching Agents of Shield, Season 2. So far, so good. I did pick up Season 4 of the Blacklist but I'll probably need to re-watch before I begin the newest season on DVD. I succumbed to pressure from my sub-conscious and bought the complete set of Flashpoint - an oldie but goodie!

loving the visits from Ashley and Brad and the kids, regularly, every couple of weeks (instead of once or twice a year) now that they live within hours from home.

frustrating that people have to rob other people. Someone broke into our vehicles. Some items were stolen from Jeff's work truck. Why do people take what is not theirs? Police called. Fingerprints taken. Lessons learned.

rejoicing with Ashley and Brad that they found a school for Ian, in a classroom built just for him.

celebrating John's accomplishment! He fixed my toilet all by himself.

drinking coffee, with no sugar, out of a new mug I picked up at Home Goods in Augusta while I was visiting Jeff and he was at work.

catching up with digital scrapbooking projects: 52 Gratitudes in 2017 and 52 Weeks of Giving. Plus, working on some digital scrapbooking pages, too.

eyeballing (and saving for) this leather sofa for our living room in Burnished Saddle leather.



Currently | July


reading slowed way down while family was in the house but I've picked books back up, mostly at work during free time, and I'll be adding new titles read to my goal 100 New Books in 2017.

binge-watching Madam Secretary Season 3 and Blue Bloods Season 7 as they have recently been added to Netflix. While Ash (and my mom) was here we did a bit of Downton Abbey binging, too. I read aloud a favorite post of The Lazy Genius Collective's to my mom because she has a really awesome sense of humor and we all had a good chuckle oohing over the best boyfriends of Downton Abbey. We agreed on the winner.

eating Whole 30 compliant food ONLY - since July 10th. The key is prep work and buy whole. Basically, Whole30 compliant means no sugar, I mean NO sugar. In anything. No grains, which, of course, means pasta, bread, rice, etc... No dairy. Which means no butter and no cheese. Did I mention no sugar? And, no cheese! I have been successfully, dutifully, uncomprisingly eating this way for 10 days. I wasn't supposed to but I did cheat and weighed myself after 5 days because I. Just. Had. To. Know...5 pounds lost.

needing to catch up on scrapbooking projects like Project Life, Stories 2017, 52 Gratitudes in 2017, and 52 Weeks of Giving. I'm behind. I haven't scrapbooked in weeks. I'm talking weeks, people. It's crazy and I miss it.

celebrating an early birthday for the guys (20 years old - crazy!) this coming weekend. Ash and crew will be back in town for the weekend. Some bowling, laser tag, dining out - and presents! Should be a fun time!

rejoicing in the news my job is secure for another year. I would prefer to do this for many more years but, I'm certain God's got this! One more year is a total blessing.

letting our small group know we won't be hosting for quite some time. With Jeff working out of town it is just not feasible in this season. We'll (or at least I will if Jeff isn't available) still attend small group we just won't be hosting. This is a big change for us as we have hosted a small group for SO many years. But, I think it will be a joyful rest. Without hosting maybe I'll enjoy making desserts to share again rather than feeling as it is a chore.

readying to begin and dig deep. I am going to dig in deep to the Word and begin at the beginning. In Genesis. One of the best ways I have found to dig deep is through a Precepts study. I've emailed a lady from church who intimated I could check out the DVDs that go with the actual study. The study is on it's way. I will be divin' in - to Genesis.

pre-planning our much anticipated trip to Niagara Falls - in November. Yep, pre - planning.

loving that Ash and crew will be able to 'come into town', regularly, now that they are only a couple hours away. Or, we can go there. 




writing for my #100 days project. I am almost half way done. The words are not glamorous or inspiring; simply pieces of me. Obviously, I haven't accomplished 100days in 100 days but I'm plugging along and not giving up with the stories

watching Stargate SG-1 while Jeff is at a jobsite. We began The Glades while he was home some weekends past so I watch those with him. Flying through Stargate, watching favorites, mostly. The other day I was perusing Netflix and for some reason I tagged Friday Night Lights. Man, glad I did! Really good show. It covers tons of issues; almost to the third season. Waiting anxiously for Madam Secretary's next season and Blacklist.


listing chores that have to happen before my daughters and grandchildren come for a visit. Many will have to be accomplished by John - his room is the dreadfully disgusting disaster zone (how's that for an alliteration!). Seriously though, I realized these are mundane and seemingly random to some but they are personal offerings to my family - aka, a cleaner house. New pillows and a new quilt for John's bed, first for Ashley's family, and then for John. Washing every single piece of linen in the hall closet, drying, refolding, and re-organizing, neatly and then adding an air freshener to remove any lingering mustiness, organizing all our DVDs into cases and in alphabetical order, cleaning the bathroom...

navigating this new season of Jeff working out of town. Finding my groove slowly, but surely.

experimenting with Yoga. I knew I had to do something. I would most like to swim. But, on the spur of a moment I bought a very beginners yoga DVD and began with the 34-minute warm-up. Man, it kicked my butt. But, it was so good. And hard. Good. Hard.


reading (or read) Peace Like a River, The Hate U Give, The Nightingale, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, all totally different genre, but all really good.

considering, heavily, Whole30, but, actually, have set a start date of July 10. I've been reading It Starts With Food and the first chapter hit me like a ton of bricks. Plus, I joined a local Facebook Journey to Whole Living group with a bunch of people I know. At a minimum I will be changing things up drastically.

studying Romans with the She Reads Truth community. I love Paul, the author and a bond-servant of Christ, though some might think he preached opposite Jesus' preaching, but Romans IS the gospel and Christians can't have the Gospels without Romans.

giving is becoming my jam. God is showing up big time! He is opening my eyes to opportunities, galore. Every week as I give, something, He is already preparing next weeks opportunity. It is amazing! Here are a few of the opportunities: I am a GED coach, made food for family with newborn twins, socks for the homeless, care boxes for foster care kids, paid for someone's meal in a restaurant and drive thru, gift bag of feminine care for underprivileged teen girls, and seriously, so much more.


planning some cool things for the grandkids when they come for a visit. A walking scavenger hunt is at the top of my list. I did this for the boys one summer and they had a blast. I made a scavenger list. We took a walk. They hunted. I took pictures of their finds and I made a scrapbook page, of course. And, best of all, WE had a blast. Plus, some fun outdoor games and painting. And, some things for the girls, too.

jotting down my menut for the first week Ashley is here (which is tomorrow!!!). I'll tackle the next week when Elizabeth and Ashley are here.

adding some sweet - and practical décor - to our front porch. As Jeff says, "Happy wife, happy life!" Two umbrellas, an outdoor rug, and some throw pillows. I want to add a planter and large plant and maybe some candles for evening porch gatherings. Jeff and I have already enjoyed life under the umbrellas - even in the heat it was wonderful.






currently | april 2017


reading All The Light We Cannot See - it's beautiful; Timothy Keller's Generous Justice, Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner and 40 Days of Decrease by Alicia Britt Chloe; but, I'm sure by the time I hit publish on this post I will have picked up another book to add to what I'm already reading. It's all in how my mood is playing out.

eating Salad's in a Jar. I built three salads in a quart-sized mason jar and packed them in the refrigerator for a grab-and-go lunch. If that third jar lasts I'll attempt four jars next week; plus, I need to prep more ingredients: hard-boiled eggs, bacon bits, hot house cucumbers, sliced Farmer's market radishes, crumbled Bleu cheese or Feta - yum!

studying the book of John, verse by verse. I've printed out each chapter, made wide the margins, triple-spaced the text leaving tons of room for note-taking. Along with the book 40 Days of Decrease it is my Lenten study.

looking for a summer-weight quilt for our bed. In blue and white, of course. I have my eye on this one. With our hurricane fan on continuously now, the sheet and very lightweight blanket sometimes just isn't enough in the early morning hours before I wake, and our current quilt (spread) and all of our quilts are heavier.

filling my Amazon cart with the latest book finds: The Life You've Always Wanted by John Ortberg, Love, Loss, & What We Ate, a Memoir by Padma Laksmi and Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man by Fannie Flagg, just to name a few.

hoping to finish decorating our bedroom by the end of April or middle of May. I know. Get it done already!

loving all the grandchildren photos lately. Thank you, especially, Elizabeth for posting yours - sending kisses.

waiting anxiously for Ashley, Brad, and the boys moving closer to within a three hours drive....and our regular time together, and grandmotherly joys, and reading aloud again, and kid snuggles, and laughter out loud till my stomach hurts, and family games, and clothes shopping excursions, and, and...

watching Limitless, a pretty cool show. And then I find out it was cancelled after one season. Nuts! Still plowing through Blue Bloods and we've jumped into CSI: NY. Then, my daughter Ashley suggested Last Man Standing. Pause for effect: rolling on the floor laughing. Even Jeff, was laughing out loud. He usually only smirks:)

feeling discouraged because it hurts to walk and I need to walk. Like I'm lifting cement blocks with each step kind of hurting. I know it is muscle atrophy and the only way to combat it is too walk.

satisfiying my soul right now is my study of the book of John, reading, scrapbooking, my giving project, and acts of service. Without these I would be crying in sadness. Those things are breathing life into me. Our pastor last Sunday asked us ten yes or no questions about having community and connection and were they in our lives. Sadly, and it just made me cry, I answered no to each one. Yes, I need to do something about it, but in truth, I don't know where to start.

planning a couple projects: I started the #100days project (I'll be sharing more later), making homemade vanilla, framing and hanging some photos, purging some clothes, organizing bathroom cabinets/closet

coveting this, these, and this.

needing physical body pain relief, emotional pain relief, and spiritual renewal. 


currently | february 2017


crawling this month. With Jeff off his feet from surgery on his toe, and my pain levels high; cold to hot, hot to cold rheumatoid arthritis plaguing my body running rampant. Like on Saturday when we were out shopping and there I am bee-boppin' into the store and wham! Just like that! My hips exploded in pain and swelling and I could barely walk; literally, had to shuffle to even move. And then the cold/flu, too - kicking my butt - since I think it may have turned to bronchitis.

considering going back to school for a master's in meteorology. discussed it with Jeff. He's okay with it if I save for the classes. It's just that I caught the bug for teaching when I taught meteorology to high school students. I wouldn't mind teaching college-age meteorology, physical science, environmental science, oceanography, etc. Can't do that with a masters in business administration. I need to define, or refine, my goal, before I commit to a year and a half of college. Going to have to stick this one at the top of the prayer list for careful consideration. There is such uncertainty with my present job situation and teaching college is something I'm positive I would enjoy.

reading plenty. Averaging two books a week and at that rate I'll read over 100 books in 2017. I've figured out what happens. I'll read a fiction novel and then I'll read a couple non-fiction books. I think it is because I prefer non-fiction over fiction. Unless, of course, J.D. Robb has a new book out. Then it doesn't matter what I've read last. I picked up her latest, Echoes in Death, and toot-sweet, finished that baby pretty-darned quick. I'm currently reading The Rembrandt Affair by Daniel Silva, Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin (in preparation for Lent), and In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume (this one is on my nightstand so I'm only getting snippets of it some nights before my eyes close), Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner, Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas and The Innocent by David Baldacci.

struggling to find my scrapbooking process, flow, groove - of picture taking and journal keeping. I know if I'm going to continue Project Life, even though I'm okay with the now of Project Life, but if I'm going to continue it throughout the rest of the year I'm going to have to take more pictures, document more stories during the week. Otherwise, it will be same 'ole, same 'ole. That is okay for awhile, but not forever. I've read from other pseudo-empty nesters who have experienced similar scrapbooking woes. I say pseudo because the boys still live with us but because they work their lives have pretty much become their own. The four of us are rarely, these days, together.

missing - the four of us. Being together, doing stuff, having fun.

studying Believing God by Beth Moore. It's good. So good! But, I'm planning on participating in an online Lenten study where I'll be studying the book of John so I'm doing a bit of preparation.

getting the all clear from the doctor after getting his stitches removed to wear his walking boot, Jeff is heading back to work this week, part time; he's also putting together a plan for a side job for a friend. It'll keep him busy for several weeks and beyond.

listening to Lauren Daigle's Come Alive (Dry Bones), Zack Williams Chain Breaker (after singing it in church), Hillary Scott's Thy Will, and Ryan Stevenson's In the Eye of the Storm. Loving still, when they come on the radio: Danny Gokey's There's Hope in Front of Me, Tell Your Heart to Beat Again, and More Than You Think I Am and Gordon Feliz', The River.

looking for some art work for our bedroom. Once the bookshelves are up on the walls, art will be the last piece of the decorating puzzle I think. Other than cleaning...and keeping it clean.

watching Season 13 of NCIS. It's been a couple years since we've watched this show on prime time television. Life happens. So, I thought we'd catch up. Of course, Season 14 isn't on Netflix, yet.

giving, as part of my 52 Weeks of Giving project, is on my mind all the time. I'm always on the look out for another way to give. I recently made a set of birth statistics for a friend and framed them; I'm helping another friend put together Mother's Day gift baskets for the refugee women in our city. This project, nourishing [my One Little Word] nourishing a heart of giving, is changing me from the inside - out.

Currently | January


needing more book shelves for my home. I have acquired so many books and still more are on my wish list in Amazon that I, I have run out of room on our bookshelves. Considering some wall shelving above our dresser in our bedroom.

eyeballing some art work to add to our bedroom and get me closer to a design finish. This one definitely has my eye. But, still contemplating others from my Pinterest Bedroom board. Can you guess what color our bedroom is?

participating in Ali Edwards' One Little Word class and loving it. Rather than stressing over the class I'm truly taking it in, taking my time, and internalizing my word, Nourish, for 2017. Attempting to make my word alive and active in my life.

nourishing a heart of gratitude and giving, sometimes daily, oftentimes daily, but at least weekly. I've prepared meals, gifted homemade cinnamon rolls, a special gift to my husband, handmade a blanket, put together a couple bags of food for those in need (and the month isn't over yet)...and the's keeping me grounded in contentment and joy.

swimming. Yep, I made it to the pool last week and I'm heading to the pool on Friday. Beyond excited to be back in the pool.

reading The Martian by Andy Weir

anticipating J.D. Robb's latest In Death novel coming out in February.

writing a new blog series titled ON SAVANNAH. Each short (some, very short) essay will be on Savannah; what to see, what to do, where to eat, what to visit, and why, etc...It is my perspective, what I have enjoyed about Savannah. The first post should be up sometime this month.

finishing up the last week of my current Bible study by Beth Moore, Entrusted. While I have enjoyed the study and have applied several actions to my life it hasn't been as good as some of her other studies. There are a couple of her studies I've missed taking as I consider what's next. Such as Believing God - or maybe this time around I'll try someone else altogether. Dallas Williard writes in The Spirit of the Disciplines that  Bible study (and other disciplines) have little effect for soul transformation without it being accompanied by lengthy solitude, silence, and rest [for listening for God to speak, for reflection, for application], we must choose this discipline in the first place for there to be any chance at having God's attention (all paraphrased and my understanding).

starting a 2017 Our Life album. I thought I would be able to combine 2016 and 2017 together as I had significantly changed how I was documenting our lives in 2016. But as I was putting the last pages in our album from my recent Persnickety Prints order, I found I would not have room for 2017 pages. I already have an album(s) on hand, another teal/turquoise We R Memories 12 x 12 album, but I have very few page protectors, so I will need to stock up.

watching the last seasons of The West Wing (loving it so) and re-watching Stargate: Atlantis. Castle, the last season, is in there too - but we rarely have time to watch it (as Jeff and I are watching this together). Not sure what I'm going to watch next. I tried the first Episode of Mad Men and - blah - even though it had rave reviews. I've never watched Friends, or The Sopranos but not sure they're worth my time. I'm waiting on the next seasons of The Blacklist, Madam Secretary, Blue Bloods, and Longmire to come to Netflix or DVD.

loving my new do.

hoping to formulate a formal list of what I'm hoping to read this year. I have so many books on my bookshelves and desire so many more as I regularly add books to my beautiful - evil - Amazon cart. 


currently & December Daily | Day 8


woefully battling various painful aches: toothaches, thankfully not continuous, but life-debilitating and needing a couple teeth extracted - yuk; back pain that translates to hip and leg and makes walking difficult.

reading The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp - oh my! I am also reading Voskamp's The Greatest Gift for my Advent devotional - beautiful. I'm also reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingslover and - yeah - The Christmas Carol.

watching Blue Bloods Season 6 with Jeff; and new-to-me, The West Wing - both very good. The Blacklist Season 3 and Castle Season 7

scrapping my December Daily album. It is all digital and while I'm not staying on track and keeping up I'm not far behind either.

served in The Journey - our church's amazing interactive, outdoor, Christmas production. A production that requires over 1000 volunteers on any given night. For two- 5 day stretches we tell the Christmas story to Bethlehem. I worked at the Special Needs table checking in those who need to ride in golf carts who can not make the 1-1/2 hour journey to Bethlehem on foot. It has been a pleasure. Jeff was Roman cavalry, dressed in Roman centurion garb and riding a very big horse. John and Jarrod were Roman centurion's scattered throughout Bethlehem.

anticipating our small groups Christmas party and White Elephant exchange. My gift will definitely NOT be the white elephant. I am hand-making a tie-blanket with fabric Jeff and I picked up from Joann's fabric store.

needing to finish Christmas decorating and planning my cookie making schedule. Speaking of cookies...

longing for Cherry Walnut Bars, Pecan Tassie's, Butterscotch Brownies, and Brownies in a Jiffy - for just a few.

wearing soft, warm, fuzzy socks at home pretty much everyday.

listening to my grandson Ian talk to me on FaceTime. I love talking to this boy. Ashley calls or texts just so I know Ian is thinking about me.

loving our fake tree. With our life changing, not good, not bad, just different Jeff and I thought, rather than get a real tree and have to take care of a live tree throughout the season we'd start a new thing and order a fake tree - for simplicity, for ease. I love it!

eating M&M peanuts and other yummy candy since I put out my three-tiered-size snowmen and polar bear Christmas bowls.

For Day 8 of my December Daily album I included a taste of my Currents for December. Because I document present participles each month of the year, what is currently happening in our/my life, it was only fitting to include it in my DD album. I kept it very simple using all Paislee Press products to tell the story.