traditional, digital, non-project life scrapbooking


Last night, with all my men gone on a Father-Son Freeze Out I scrapped. I made three traditional, digital, non-project life scrapbooking pages. It was fun! Of course, to suit my style I kept all three very simple, used pre-made templates (with quite a few modifications), and few embellishments. And all three are favorites!

This first one is of Ears - our kitten. She's an outdoor kitten because John is allergic to cats as well as several people from our small group. But, we love her all the same. And she is super adorable.

I love the black and white of this page about a recent date night, dinner and a movie. Jalapeno's was fantastic and the movie...well, let's just say it touched us to the core.

I really like this page because it tells a story that happened over several months, and the culmination of hard work, serving in the Journey at Savannah Christian Church. They completed their servant-hearted work by tearing down 'Bethlehem' this past Saturday, the 11th of January 2014, storing supplies, and fitting it for use next year.

I have three wise men who love the Lord and live to serve Him.

more dates.

First up is our first lunch date in September. We'll make this a much-needed habit to meet at least every other week for lunch one day a week before I head into work. Because 4 days of the week we see each other when I climb into bed sometime after midnight this face to face connection was and is needed. These date lunches are in addition to our regularly scheduled date nights. God is blessing us with the funds to do this and we give Him thanks.

This past week we headed to Tybee Island for a Friday evening date. We knew that the next day would be long and it was just really relaxing heading out to Tybee for AJ's Dockside Restaurant and a leisurely walk on the beach.

Food was great. Conversation fabulous. Walk on the beach glorious, and just being together the best.

I hope to compile an album-full of pages of our dates: where we ate, when we went, how we laughed, and what we did.


date night in August 2013. Our date nights always have something special about them even if it is only that we get to spend that quality time together. But, tonight we ate an amazing restaurant, the Boars Head Grill, on River Street and feasted on scrumptious southern fare: I had their mouth-watering shrimp and grits and Jeff had a low-country bouillabaisse; we had a window seating overlooking the Savannah River while it poured down rain for hours. We made it to the restaurant in a short reprieve but then Jeff got soaked getting the van and picking me up in front of the restaurant during the deluge of rain. The rain was actually a special part of the date. Crazy amount of water but then we drove to Lowes and ordered our wood flooring for our living room and bedroom.

date night #328 (or so). Since we've began these date nights, scheduled each month and placed on the menu, I'm not sure if we've had 328 dates but we've sure had alot of them and now we are adding occassional date lunches, sometime between Mon-Thu, maybe every other week. This date night we tried another new restaurant, Bella's Italian Cafe, on Habersham. It was a lovely little restaurant with really good food. We had no idea what to expect but Jeff enjoyed his Lasagna and I picked a yummy fare of Canaloni smothered in an alfredo-cheese sauce. We finished off the evening by picking our wood flooring up at Lowes.

Without a doubt date nights can be expensive, but sometimes its about the company we keep - each other and the sharing of our time and conversation that is what is important. We really need that connection. I think having these date nights these past couple years has kept our relationship accountable to each other. It's been really good.

hello story | math assignment

Our assignment in my Hello Story class with Big Picture classes and Ali Edwards was a math assignment, more particular, an addition and subtraction assignment. Adding and subtracting within our lives.

I captured one of my favorite photos of Jeff and I, and an addition problem to talke about what our date nights have ADDED to our lives.

Love the rustic feel of the page. Love its simplicity, Love the big photo, Love the story behind us. Gotta' be honest and say that the photo wasn't from one of our dates (although we have a bunch of those) but this is a more 'powerful' photo of us so I used it instead.

This has been an amazing class that week after week I've been able to accomplish the assignment. The exercises have been wonderful to think about and tackle.

date night | december 14 surprise

journaling: "amazing night! it was a scheduled date night but then wasn't anything typical about our date tonight. when i asked jeff what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go eat he let me know he's got a plan and that was all he would say about it. we headed downtown to broughton street and a restaurant we'd never enjoyed before to the kayak kafe - which was fantastic by the way with a unique southwest flair onthe dishes bursting with flavor layers. but the big surprise of the night was walking a couple blocks over to the lucas theatre and seeing 'it's a wonderful life' on the big screen. is was such a wonderful surprise, an amazing evening and such a joy to my heart."

let me tell you the kayak cafe food was amazing. i had the fish tacos. yep! fish tacos. i have wanted to try fish tacos for years and have never went somewhere where the fish tacos were - unique - until the kayak cafe. the tacos were scrumptious with crumbled tilapia, corn and bean salsa, avacodo, a spicy cilantro cole slaw with cilantro and lime sour cream and a side of greens with a fresh vinegariette. lovely flavors. especially when they brought habanero sauce to the counter and i added even another layer of flavor-spice.

i've been to the lucas theatre once - but don't remember when or what for. but it's a grand little theatre and i felt so special being one of the people in the crowd. and there was a crowd. it wasn't totally packed but alot of seats were filled. we were able to get seats pretty close to the screen and enjoyed it immensely. it was such a good surprise especially since i didn't think i'd get to see 'its a wonderful life' this year because we don't have it on dvd - and of course no cable. we probably could have bought it but the boys don't enjoy the movie; jeff said he was looking at the newspaper at lunch time that comes to his work and he saw the add for the movie and immediately knew what we were doing on date night - so thrilled it was showing on our scheduled date night too. then he set out to find a new restaurant near the theatre, within walking distance so we wouldn't have to find another parking space. speaking of parking space we found one in front of the restaurant!

downtown was decorated with lights galore and it was just a super evening. i love surprises

date night l dinner & a movie

another date night. another awesome dinner at a restaurant we've never eaten at and a really good movie  - skyfall. in our endeavor to find restaurants we've never eaten at we visited the mellow mushroom, a longtime favorite of savannians, except we just have never gone. we enjoyed a great pizza and root beer before heading to see Skyfall - 007

date night l six pence pub

date night over a week ago. we decided it was time after 20 years in savannah to find some new restaurants we've never been to. the first one we picked was downtown at the six pence pub. we hit a winner! the food was real good. we split an appetizer of the infamous bangers and mash and then each had the special for the night which turned out to be prime rib - oh, yeah baby. it was good. we strolled downtown after dinner and would have walked farther and seen more but my legs and hips were screamin' at me. We decided to head back into town to Barnes and Noble. A new J.D. Robb book was on the shelves, Jeff picked up the novel based on the Seal's mission capturing Bin Laden, and i got Brene Brown's new 'self-help', Daring Greatly. Lovely evening.

road to alaska l plus one more

my oldest daughter is in the air force. can you say PROUD. that would be me. she has been serving a little over a year and just in the last couple months finally has arrived at her first permanent duty station - elmendorf afb, alaska (or anchorage for those civilians). she has been in basic training in texas and technical school in texas and another technical school in arizona. when she got her assignment to alaska they (my daughter and her husband, matt) decided to drive. long way. days and days of driving. through state after state and province after province.

i have been making scrapbook pages of the pictures she posts to facebook. thankfully she has been so much better about this since they've been in texas (and now alaska).

she began posting photos on the road to alaska when they began their journey. catchy title. i'm using it for each of the pages i've created for her scrapbook album.

i have a couple pages done. with many more to follow.

road to alaska: texas

journaling is incomplete on all of the pages. before i have them printed i'll get journaling from elizabeth and what she wants to say. hope she likes the pages. she took some great pictures.

road to alaska: new mexico

road to alaska: colorado

there are other pictures from colorado, such as the zoo that i've already scrapped.

two things: 1) each page has one embellishment; north to alaska, this way, and 2) all the titles use the same two fonts.

obviously not the road to alaska. a page i did of our date night dinner theatre welcome to mitford.


date night l welcome to mitford

our church was putting on a dinner theatre this past weekend, 3 nights showing, called 'welcome to mitford'. we decided early on to go to it and were originally going to take the boys but decided to turn it into a date night. then it got turned into a small group/date night gathering.

the dinner theatre was held at the Link of Savannah Christian Church. The Link is the student ministries building. The stage (above and below) was specifically designed. The back drop here was the part of the entire play. A few 'scenes' would come out of craftily erected doors hidden in the backdrop then they would be retrieved and go to another scene. it was laid back and fun.

Welcome to Mitford is a drama, comedy written by Robert Inman adapted from the Mitford novels written by Jan Karon and centered around Father Tim Cavanaugh a much-loved rector of the community chapel of Mitford along with the quirky character parishoners that Father Tim comes into contact with every day. Father Tim is in every scene and carries the brunt of the play but the additional characters were amazingly fun and indepth.

our small group had to split up between several tables so i only got pictures of our table. amy and jerilyn. we adore amy.

two of my favorite people: ron and jerilyn (they're married). i love talking with jerilyn and ron is a hoot. he's argumentive in a challenging, no nonsense sort of way. they just plain love the Lord.

Cindy (on the left) is Ron's sister and also is apart of our small group. i think the other lady is Linda but i'd just met her.

amy got a picture of us too. 

the Manna ministry put on a great spread for dinner. after all it was a dinner theatre. a very lovely evening. 


date night l tybee island, may 2012

jeff got off work early the friday before memorial day, already planning on having a date, we dressed in comfortable clothes and headed out to tybee island. i really expected us to go ahead and go on in to a.j.'s dockside restaurant for dinner but jeff had other plans. we pulled in to a place off the beatin' track for a dolphin tour. having lived in savannah for many years i've never been on a dolphin tour. i was so excited over the surprise as much as the tour itself. we hit perfect timing on the 5pm tour with just minutes to wait and then enjoyed an hour on the coastal waters hunting down dolphins. we saw many standing up in the front of the boat. i have to admit that if we'd down this sometime before the beginning of the year i'd have been worn out from standing for an hour up on the ledge of a tour boat while holding on to a rail but I wasn't - and enjoyed every minute.

after our excursion with the dolphins and plans for some jet skiing this summer, just jeff and i, we headed on into A.J.'s and spent a leisurely hour waiting on a table, enjoying the breeze, the sun, drinks, and watching the variety of people - and their interesting wears. shrimp and grits were on the appetizer menu which we shared - but next time i will get two for a dinner with a salad. jeff had a very large bowl of gumbo which he enjoyed immensely and we watched the sunset from the dock, and our table.

after dinner we headed out to the beach, parked the van for free because it was after 8pm and enjoyed a hand-holding walk along the shore. the waves were crashing against the shore in advance of tropical storm beryl that was over the ocean to our southeast, and the spray was salty, and warm.

and then we drove home feeling wonderful from an amazing evening.