December Daily 2015 | 4


This story is not finished. 

I so want to dig into our photo files and pull out the earliest photos we have, that very first time we visited Brewers Tree Farm, when John and Jarrod were so little, wearing Jeff's work gloves that were too big, and Elizabeth and Ashley were still at home, in high school...and John and Jarrod had to drag the tree (with a bit of help from Jeff)...oh yes! A then and now story has got to be told!!!!


It was interesting finding a tree this year. Jeff had spoke to Mr. Brewers this morning and heard of the disappointment at the slim pickings of Virginia pines this year. But, we headed out anyway and resolved to find a tree, no matter the size, because we just didn't want to have to buy one in town - just not the same.


John was tip toeing through the Cyprus trees with a meager little Virginia Pine tree like the Grinch was stealing Christmas. Jeff caught me laughing while we were driving home - couldn't pass up an unsolicited photo of me.

Exclusively digital using Sahlin Studios, Ali Edwards, and Paislee Press.

december daily 2105 | day 3


I saved our gift receipt and took a picture of the Gospel for Asia Christmas catalog that we excitedly perused before deciding on our Jesus gift this Christmas season.


The 4 x 6 journal card has the journaling for this day: As we approach the Christmas season we get so excited, giddy even, to browse through the Gospel for Asia Christmas catalog, then praying over our Jesus gift from the 'gifts from the stable' section. This year we gave a coop full of chickens, a yard of goats, and a pen of pigs. We love how these gifts keep on giving throughout the year for families to enjoy as well as provides income for needy families in Asia.


I 'stamped' the really big title on the GFA catalog. I've got a mix of product from Sahlin Studios, Ali Edwards, One Little Bird, and Paislee Press templates (modified).


For this side I used our online gift receipt. I love that 100% of our giving goes to the field. And that's our Jesus gift!

December Daily 2015 | Day 2


So, our date night came around and when I texted where were we going to dinner, Jeff quickly texted back, Vinnie's (as in Vinnie Go Gos - the pizza place in City Market, downtown Savannah). Yeeesss! Always up for some really good pizza. The pizza was fantastic, as always!

But, unbeknownst to me, Jeff had ulterior motives for heading downtown for our date. The city was putting on their annual Christmas River of Lights Parade (on the Savannah River) and River Street - with Fireworks to follow! So wonderful! We had leftover pizza and Jeff spotted a homeless lady in the crowd of people asking for money for food. He asked her if she wanted a couple slices of pizza - she jumped at them and blessed Jeff. He's got such a heart!


An Ali Edwards overlay, a Paislee Press template (modified), and a One Little Bird paper. Super simple!


I guess I need to mention that while this may say day 2 and each story may have a day attached to them, more than likely it didn't happen on the day in December. This is more 25 stories rather than days. I'm really ok with this!

december daily | cover & day 1


This month (for me) is all about bringing the joy, absent for so long, back into my life. What better time to do that then the Christmas season - it's a season of Joy! This has been a decision I have had to move on. Through much study of the Word and talking, okay, candid, rapid-dialogue with some shouting, one sided of course, prayers with God I knew it was a choice I had to make but only with the strength that comes from the Lord.

With this little project I hope to document all the joys of this December. December Daily is the creative genius of Ali Edwards. I have, in the past, had successes - and failures with this project, but I'm tackling it this year with a different outlook. It's not about putting together an album and calling it a December Daily album. It is about documenting the joy's of the season. I am so looking forward to SEEING the joy I (we) made, added, created, in and to our lives.

Creatively for this project I'm using a mix of digital products. yep! It's all digital! I have One Little Bird, Ali Edwards, Paislee Press, Sahlin Studio, Little Lamm & Co, and maybe some Cathy Zeilske. The joy album is a 6 x 8 and honestly, at this point in time I don't know what album I'll be using. I do have a 6 x 8 album in my stash so I'll probably just go with that - and no fuss! 

So, for my cover (seen above) I kept it really simple. December Joy!!!!! Oh. I also have no color themed planned but I'm just going with the flow of the photos or stories.

Here is day 1.


I scraplifted Ali Edwards page from her 2011 December Daily. Seriously, it is so inspiring I've kept the idea ever since and finally, as it's so fitting for this Christmas season, I scraplifted it:)