Project Life 2017 | Week 23


This was a tough week emotionally and just physically, too. Body is betraying me. So is my heart at times. I still documented our week, though. I completed another one-page spread and I am pleased as punch with the results. Jeff takes pictures occasionally, through the week and I try and grab a couple.

He came home around dinner on Saturday so we were able to make a dinner date night out at Crystal Beer Parlor, a favorite eatery downtown.

Digitally, I used mostly One Little Bird Designs, again. Because, I am trying to use the digital products I've acquired.

stories 2017 | this is magic


Today I am sharing another 2-page 6 x 8 sized spread of Ian and his rendition of the front (and the back) of Mount Rushmore. Clever boy! I got such a kick out of seeing these photos (posted by Brad) and the cute little story he wrote. Love, love!


Keeping it simple with a Paislee Press digital template with the FAVE background. Ian gets center stage.



And, so do his drawings.

stories 2017 | this grateful moment


I about died when I saw Ian in his hospital garb all prepped for his oral surgery. Tending to something at the computer he looked like he was a doctor sharing x-rays or something to a patient. Struck with the funnies.

This is a simple 1-page layout, just 6 x 8 sized, enlarged photo as the background paper plus journal plus a couple embellishments placed intentionally in a visual triangle for design cohesion. Elements are Sahlin Designs.

recipes | Garlic Lemon Sheet Pan Salmon


I have only had Salmon a few times in my entire life but every time I have had eaten it, it has been fantastic! It is surprising I have not prepared more salmon recipes, except for the two boys who for some reason, even though they love to go fishing, do not like to eat fish unless it is battered and fried.

This flavorful recipe, I think, would change their minds!

If - if they would but only give it a chance.


I made one piece of Salmon and eye-balled the ingredient amounts but this recipe should be pretty close for four pieces of salmon. Because I have my eye on doing Whole30 I would need to use clarified butter and remove the brown sugar. I think, without the brown sugar it might have a subtle difference in flavor but would be fine without.

This was delicious! So much so, I have my eye on some blackened and Cajun flavors, too.

recipes | Gyros with Tzatziki sauce



There are few things in my cooking and arsenal that I have not ventured to try. Making my own pie crust. Nope, have nev - er. Homemade bread that hasn't come from the frozen aisle at the grocery. Prime Rib! A brisket. And, Gyros made with lamb and homemade Tzatziki sauce.

Oh boy! This was delicious.

I combined some ground lamb with ground chuck to make a - get this - a meatloaf! I know. Sounds crazy. But sliced thin it mimics the shaved lamb you might get from a restaurant Gyro.

While the thinly, sliced lamb chuck meatloaf worked well for the meat of the Gyro it truly was the homemade Tzatziki sauce that stole the Gyro's show. As it should be, I say!


The key step in making the Tzatziki sauce is using a seedless cucumber, grating the cucumber, and most definitely, squeezing all of the water out of the cucumber after grating. I don't have cheese-cloth, the preferred method, so I used a thick paper towel. I pooled all the grated cucumber into a paper towel and over the sink squeezed out all the juices.

In a bowl I combined all of the Tzatziki sauce ingredients (see above), including the olive oil. It smelled delicious but the flavors had not done the melding business yet. Cover and store in the refrigerator for at least two hours. At least. You got that part, right? Because, I would even suggest make the morning of for some serious melding of the flavors.

These Gyros packed a powerful, flavorful punch. I didn't even have to ask the hubby if he liked them. He offered his opinions with rave reviews.

stories 2017 | spring


For just a couple weeks this spring these bushes with gorgeous white flowers were in bloom and the Magnolia trees began budding and opening. I am forever observing the outside when I go outside to take my weather observations. More than simply observing the cloud formations and reporting the weather, my heart and eyes are being filled with visual and nasal delights - the blooms on the planted flower bushes or from the fragrant, gigantic magnolia petals, a scent that lingers with me and beckons me outside again and again. Amidst the hardened tarmac, the towering building where I work and the sprawling brick and mortar airport, these simple pleasures are what I seek in this spring season. - May 2017