etsy window shopping | march edition


It has been quite some time since I visited Etsy and did a bit of window shopping. As I am near-finished decorating our master bedroom I thought it would be a wonderful time exploring the delightful wares the Etsy sellers are offering and sharing what I found.

Heavily considering this vertical hearts watercolor in Indigo blue for our master bedroom. Our bookshelves are now up (Jeff and Jarrod worked on those a couple weekends ago; if you could see my face every time I walk by those shelves up and filled with books - well - it would make you smile, too) and the walls are ready to be finished with decorative art. I have a couple small spaces still needing art and one large space. I'm searching high and low, but, I totally have to love it.


My new shelves could us a little dressing up. Although the books themselves do an awesome job of highlighting a beautiful set of lovingly-handmade shelves, I'd still like to showcase some thoughtful, meaningful touches. I love this Good Morning, Gorgeous sign. It's my husbands morning text or phone call to me and seriously makes me smile.


While this set of I Love You prints is displayed in a nursery these would make a simple set for over our bed. I have been leaning towards a print or painting of clouds but I think the bedroom might need a little rustic simplicity thrown in the mix. I would prefer something like this but it is no longer available. Maybe I could create my own and have it printed Engineer Print - and framed.



We have two bedside tables, bare of linens, these indigo napkins would fit squarely on the rectangular side tables.


Both Jeff and I love Tigers. I have my eye on this print - definitely in a black frame. And, after visiting the CattyShack in Jacksonville that love was definitely renewed and would be a sharp reminder of a most enjoyable excursion.

And then there is pillows...


These chevron blue and white pillows - gorgeous pattern.


I like the white background of this indigo and white global pattern.


Who doesn't love shibori?


And this painting...gorgeous!


I think that's a good start.

I mean - finish. Yes, finish. For Sure.




etsy (and more) window shopping for book lovers.


As part of my 2016 Reading Challenge, on my list is read a banned book. This 'banned book tote' is fantastic to hold a selection of banned reading I might check out from the library. In my research for banned books I was surprised over and over at books that have been banned either in the US or abroad.


What book lover should have? A mug that affirms books over movies anytime. Is there any book in which the movie is better?


As one who recently read The Little Prince I was able to appreciate a scarf designed after a book.


I love these place holders for the selection of books I'm usually in the middle of reading at any given time.



Had to grin at this Lit Happens t-shirt. Because I'm trying to bring more Lit into my life. You know. Instead of sh*t. Lit happens. Funny!


I love these simple, because simple is good, black and white, So Many Books, So Little Time book ends - probably could get hubby to make them. But, why? I do have so many books on my shelves waiting to be read.


I think these classic literature front cover posters are my favorite find. I'd love a set for over my book shelves (in my bedroom). Definitely The Great Gatsby. I read this one aloud to the boys in their 10th grade year. There is a Pride and Prejudice, too.


and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.


Awesome time window shopping. It was totally fun.

etsy window shopping | june edition




Laundry Room Door.


Bedroom wall above our bed.


our bathroom.


Living room...or my bedroom...or both.




Bedroom...over my red chair.


kitchen, pantry, garage.

I haven't went Etsy window shopping in quite some time. It is a favorite past time. I've even purchased a few items and not just window shopped. I especially want a large indigo painting to hang over our bed between the bedposts...with some indigo throws, and a pendant lampshade over my read chair.

etsy window shopping | the kitchen edition


Oh my! This would make an awesome gift to my girls. Maybe our Tacos recipe. Gonna' have to think about this one.

I want to either make or buy some Peach Jalapeno Jam and serve it to small group for an appetizer - and then I'll eat all the leftovers because Jalapeno Jam with cream cheese and crackers is amazing!

I just broke one of my most favorite mugs and this one looks like the perfect replacement.

Aah! Yeah - of course it is. Bacon. Make my mouth water. I also like the one that says everything is better with Butter.

Colorful dish towels. Lovely. I just want my kitchen to be one of lots of color.

Lovely fruit dish for the counter.

do mercy...walk humbly

ok, it's not for the kitchen but I'd wear it in the kitchen too. And it's what I want for my birthday. In November.


etsy window shopping | july edition


Gorgeous laptop case. Enough said.

I am really lovin' all the gold foil that is the rage and trend of late. If I can be reminded of God's Amazing Grace too all the more to love.

I have loved dandelions for many years with memories galore. Love this print alot.

Can I please have one of each color? I would love to prep a meal with these darling prep bowls.

...and last but really first.

do justly. love mercy. walk humbly. in rose gold



etsy window shopping | my head in the clouds.


Super cute cloud necklace in sterling silver

What a great idea! Use cloud photos for note cards. I have a ton of cloud photos and they would make awesome 'just a note', 'a note of thanks', 'you brighten my day'

I can always use more good-sized pot holders. Such cute cloud pot holders in thundering black.

I love this set of one-scene cloud photos framed. And another great idea to DIY.

Amazing does not describe this ethereal abstract wall art of 4" blocks of cloud scenes. Gorgeous! So cool.

Always on the lookout for displays of clouds. A bowl of cereal would taste sweet in these bowls.

Cloud pillows would go great in the master bedroom.

This vintage cloud print is interesting. It also makes me see how I might be able to incorporate some of my own cloud photography into our decor. I just need to not be afraid.

It was another lovely shopping experience. Clouds can rock the sky.







etsy window shopping | my mother's day edition


Mother's Day is next month. I thought I'd make this month's Etsy Window Shopping excursion a display of items I would love for Mother's Day. (Hint. Hint.) Should my daughters, my sons, or my husband see this month's shopping excursion they will have a nice variety of items to choose from that I absolutely want. And - would love as a Mother's Day gift.

I am not ashamed of this. This giving of ideas. I am not ashamed to say that I'd love all of the things on this shopping excursion.

So, here goes.

Up first is this lamp shade. My plan is to go blue and white in our master bedroom with just a hint of red. The blues have a large spectrum, including indigo blue, and I love this shade.

I love this necklace. Especially the rose gold/copperish finish and long. I would want mine to say mercy...walk humbly (my favorite Bible verse).


I am in love with this painting and would like it in the 24 x 36 size. I have the perfect spot for it. Over our bed, between the posts of the bed. The blues and indigos are yummy! Perfect colors for our master bedroom.

There is a story of my heart behind these words. I would love this simply for the reminder of the story each time I would look at it.

I cannot go an Etsy window shopping spree without drulling over handmade crocheted dishcloths. These would be lovely in my kitchen. 3 would be lovely. 6 would be delightful. 9 would be awesome!

I love this print. Definitely in gold. The true.

In keeping with the blue and white theme for our bedroom, I love this pillow. I found many other pillows to love but this one would be nice addition to our room - for a start.

Lastly, I found this mason jar chandelier that I would love to hang over our dining room table. Ingenious.

Another lovely Etsy window shopping experience. Enjoy!






etsy window shopping | march edition


On the lookout for a really cool picnic basket because I have in mind a picnic on the beach with Jeff on one of our date nights. How fun would that be to gather some of our favorite foods and munchies, or new, fresh delicacies from some gourmet restaurant or store in a delightful picnic basket, carry along a beach blanket, and a camera of course, a couple of books to read while reclining and relaxing... 

Oh my goodness! I am in love with this amazing industrial, creative headboard. Truly awesome! And those colors!!!!

My family knows. I love bowls. I have a couple sets (one brown pyrex set from my mom and a newer set of primary colored bowls) I saw these vintage pink pyrex bowls and fell hard. I keep saying I don't like pink but somehow I find 'pink' things I love. And these bowls are adorable.

I love this digital template! The triangles are 'in' and all the rage in scrapbooking right now and I honestly think one of my favorite crafters began the trend with her Project Life title page.

Aren't these thank you's darling? I'm making 'em soon.

I think I hunt down dish cloths every type I window shop at etsy. Can I have all of these colors? I keep adding them to my birthday list, my Mother's day list, my Christmas list, all to no avail. I guess I'm just gonna' have to get them myself. Or, now that I have a loom, dare I say, make them myself!

Such a wonderful shopping excursion!




etsy window shopping.


I am rarely without socks even in the summer time, and only at bedtime do I take my socks off. These woolen socks would be amazing on my cold feet.

Choose Joy. Enough said.

Just so I can type little notes on this vintage typewriter. Love notes. Happy notes. Dream notes.

I was drawn immediately to this subtle-colored abstract set and wondering where I could put them.

So pretty.

Cognac is my go-to color bag when I've been looking at bags of late and this one is just rustic enough, and boho enough to draw my attention.

Really love the simple geometric shape of triangles. And of course turquoise.

And it was another fun window shopping experience. I always enjoy visiting Etsy.




etsy window shopping | september edition


I'm on the look out for throw blankets and throw pillows for the living room. I saw this one and it reminded me of the very eclectic mix of colors Jeff's grandfather used for some of his afghans. I'm gonna' pull those out and use them in the living room. They'll bring alot of vintage color to the room.



I have wanted these washcloths, dishcloths forever. I love them and I wanted dozens of them in every color, especially these (and if you look at my other window shopping you'll see all the other colors I'd love too!)


Geometric shapes, arrows - love them in jewelry. This is an awesome piece.



Oh yes, vintage mixing bowls like mom's. These are gorgeous and colorful. Just where life is taking me. More color. But, I want more. And I want more.


It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...well, not really. But I saw these wood veneer ornaments and fell for them. I love their rustic, natural feel. If I wasn't looking for more color I'd turn my home into whites and neutrals. Kind of opposites I know.


More color in these sweet prep bowls. I'm a sucker for prep bowls too.

I love window shopping at Etsy. The yummy stores always give me pause for inspiration and, oh yes, wanting. It's fun to dream.