etsy window shopping...may edition

Gorgeous lightweight towel, yet super absorbent. Would love to try something like this. So rich and elegant.

I'm always...and I mean always a sucker for a soft leather messenger bag. I could own a hundred of them and not get tired of them.

These ceramic cellars are so darling. They would fit perfectly into my kitchen that will become full of colors.

An awesome WORDS photograph. And very true.

I'm so not into pink but when combined with bright, cheery purples and oranges it is gorgeous. And I have been so into bold hues lately I was immediately drawn to this scarf - and perfect for the summer season.


Geometric and bright colors make this necklace super desirable.

More color! It would be way cool and fun to wear several of these fun, playful penny necklaces.

To die for turquoise. Love the color tremendously. It's my most favorite. And ceramic - you just can't beat the yumminess of the creamy smooth-fired bowls.

I have the insance desire to purge most of my coffee mugs, start over and collect mugs that I absolutely love in all sorts of patterns - like these colored ceramic heart coffee mugs.

Oh my! I would love this. Love notes. Cards. Typed words on this adorable, vintage robins egg blue old fashioned typepwriter.

I'm not sure why they call these nursing necklaces but, all I know is that I love the crocheted-wrapped beads. And the colors make me swoon.

This ombre turquoise/mint tribal necklace is amazing.

Joy is Contagious. And this print is beautiful.

How pretty are these pastel coffee mugs and saucers.

As always I have so much fun window shopping Etsy. It's an amazingly sweet place to visit.

etsy window shopping...april


I will be making this print myself. I love the color. And the words speak volumes.


Blue Topaz has always drawn me in. I loved it when I was very young and nothing has changed.

This cuff bracelet is so unusual and amazing photography.

So much fun and springy and energy coming from these bright coiled rope bowls
Daintly, gorgeous, classy scarf

I want these gorgeous earrings just for my dates to the water.

The muted tones of mustard drew me to this crocheted bead necklace. So sweet. And I'm a sucker for crochet these days.

It was a quick window-shopping trip down etsy row but enjoyed every minute of it.

etsy window shopping...march edition

About once a month I go window shopping. I find those things on Etsy that I fall for right away. Would I love all these wonderfully fantastic items? Absolutely! If someone were to decide to treat me to surprise gifts just because, or for Mother's Day, or I'm thinking about my wife day, just visit my etsy window shopping posts and you will have any number of gifts to gift me.

He is Risen Indeed!

Vintage Love. These old-fashioned travel bags are super chic. I'd love to travel with these bags.

Ready for the beach. Even just to watch the sunrise or sunset I'd need a bag along.

Wow! Simply goreous! What I could do with these?

I would love to put one of my altocumulus pictures with blue blue sky on this photograph umbrella. How fun that would be carrying in the rain?

I'm still in love with fingerless gloves. And these are a bit eccentric and sweet.

I choose love.

Ruby red bracelet. Yummy!


Maybe with a brown turtleneck. And a crocheted vest. So sweet.

Still wanting to stock my mug cabinet with special finds.

You're so fine you blow my mind. Take me back to the 70's bag.

My window shopping is done. Phew! I'm beat. I walked and walked. I mean clicked and clicked. And had so much fun.

etsy window shopping | february edition

this food photography calendar is super sweet, yet classic.

love this sugary set of painted jars for a pretty pink valentines flowers display

you know, hoosier man has a piece of wood out back that i could use to make something like this for our bedroom...and i've got just the wall. or just visit heather's shop and pick this heart graffiti wood display myself. yum!

cutsy valentines decorations in turquoise - but i'm think necklace...

i still want, want, want fingerless gloves. and these are awesome

and who wouldn't love these crocheted heart potholders

i fell hard for this scarf. absolutely gorgeous!!!!

even if that wood heart graffiti doesn't make it into our bedroom, this is! and i'm gonna make it myself. gonna' have to do gray with red and white but love the chocolate brown.

such wonderful finds on etsy.

i love finding things that i can make myself.

but, i'd love any of these for, say, a valentine's gift.

etsy window shopping | welcome 2013

these snowflake earrings are charming and playful.

i swoon over these journals. i want them all.

i'm a sucker for things like these pasta bowls. we eat plenty of pasta that they would be used often.

messenger bags make my heart flutter and this one has my heart working overtime.

how darling can you get? these vintage posters would fit any decor. especially the simple.

amazingly unique necklace. so awesome. lovely colour.

bakers twine. can i have every color please.

etsy window shopping still is one of my favorite, simple past times.

etsy window shopping l excursion 4

for my next travel excursion somewhere out of the country where i'll need a passport i want to take along this awesome tangerine with elephants passport book.

i could wear this colorful, handcrafted, bohemian-inspired cuff bracelet with just about anything.

i'm considering replacing all of my blankets in my living with fresh, new ones and this beautiful and luxurious hand-knitted lap blanket would be a fabulous first edition.

vintage tangerine side table; yumm! i'm always on the look out for things to go in my backyard, or on our deck - oh - wait we don't have a deck; i can dream can't i. plus it would be awesome next to a couple adirondaks which are next to a large firepit for grillin' and roastin' marshmellows. i've got it all figured out.


j & s; this cutie would go awesome in our master bedroom. i might even considering making it myself.

aren't these precious earrings just gorgeous. love love the colors.

window shopping is so much fun. hoosier man shouldn't have any trouble for my birthday. for christmas. for a surprise here or there. and handmade things are best!

etsy window shopping

i enjoy visiting etsy and all the stores available. when i window shop etsy it really is to look for things that i would want; so really all my window shopping are things i would love and could be ideas for my punks to give as gifts.

to me.


au contraire.

wise. really. lists mean i will absolutely love what i get. because i wouldn't put anything on my list i don't really want.

here is my latest window shopping excursion. so, so fun!


these are wonderful! my idea is to purge my drinking cabinet (mugs, glasses, etc.) and just keep those mugs i absolutely love and replace with those i absolutely love. i love hand-made pottery! the colors are fantastic.


i love aquas, teals, turquoises, sky blues and this messenger bag is so pretty. i love messenger bags; ever since my college days (and yes, i was in my '40s then) i carried a stone-washed black messenger book bag and loved it. love the purse idea too.

to-die-for; and the colors: swoooon!

i love journals; especially leather bound, handmade ones with a leather tie wrap.

such an awesome necklace; would go with anything. and alot in my closet



i'm a sucker for satchels too. i love the aged- weathered look too.

oh my! this store has fantastic colors of purses. so clever the crocheted and leather look! absolutely yummy!

it's the pottery. it's the colors. it's the eclectic - and i love it.

AMAZING!!!!! i love, love, love these. i want, want, want this necklace. the ombre orange/tangerine is so wonderful. i've been visiting orange/tangerine lately and love it. so fresh, and summery yet i still can think of fall too.

it was a lovely shopping excursion!

etsy window shopping

i know. again. oh, yes! i had a blast the first time and i had just as much, if not more, fun this time.

truly, madly, deeply, since 1994. i want this pillow for our bedroom. i love the rugged texture of burlap of course but i love the old-fashioned typewriter type on the burlap. and the words. so cool.

hello. and i love you. ok. it's orange. i love orange. i've been perusing orange lately. and neutrals. and turquoise, still. and orange. but i liked this because it looked like something i could try. and i love the words. it's like 'i'm just saying...'

rust tones shawl oh my. how wonderfully decadent is this. could you image being wrapped up on a chilly evening in this crafted, crocheted, blanket of soft, full of fall colors. love it.

still looking for bedroom touches and textures. this deep gray crocheted afghan would be awesome laying on the end of my bed when i need just a bit of coverlet. oh so pretty. and the deep grey is yummy.

bohemian is a great look. it is one i am drawn too. this linen crocheted necklace reminds me of that boho style. the simpliest of design and wonderful.

i adore these sweet coasters. they make me think of my daughter ash, who collects teacups and pots. but i love the ombre colors of turquoise too.

what a fun etsy window shopping spree. it was a whirlwind trip!

etsy window shopping

cocoBeans has lovely crocheted dishcloths in many colors. love these things. would love them in many, many colors. all my window shopping recently at etsy was spurred on by the few finds from elsie larsen's window shopping for her new house. we don't have quite the same tastes but i love window shopping etsy looking for the unusual - and the wonderful. and to dream about the lovely finds and where they would go in my home.

wind and willow makes so so wonderful wooden bowl sets. i love this salad bowl set. especially since we eat alot of salad. how fun it would be to serve them in this set. i love the 'neon-ish' pink base. it's not overwhelming. they make lovely little bowls that would make beautiful planters too.

hello bedroom!!!! this would go in our master bedroom. perfect colors. this is on my list to possibly make someday but i'd need hoosier man to cut strips of wood in a bunch of various sizes. but pretty cool. this modern-wall art is by art glamour sligo. awesome pieces in their shop.

this is actually a coaster made by miniart. i love the typewriter type and the off-centered nature of the type. i actually see this as inspirational for a piece of wall art. nice reminder to see myself as Christ sees me rather than how i (or others) see me.

joy mirror by hearty designs. i thought at first it would be awesome for christmas decoration and it would but i love the reminder year round too. and the colors work for any room - even our bedroom (but i think i'm acquiring plenty other pieces for our bedroom - don't want to over crown.)

could you imagine all these pieces worn on the wrist together. i could!!! oh, it would be awesome. and they look so easy to make. i want them all and more. these button bracelets are made by bucket full of trinkets. and such a cute shop name.

i would love any and all of these finds. but isn't it fun to just window shop.