Today, I began reading Mama's Bank Account to the boys. We have already shared laughter.

Today, I ate a Greek Salad with Chicken for lunch.

Today, I drank a sweet rasberry tea, yummy.

Today, I woke up to coffee brewed.

Today, I got stranded in a parking lot.

Today, God was good and Jeff was just down the street and not somewhere far away.

Today, the van leaked radiator fluid for the third time in two weeks.

Today, we discussed buying a vehicle. Today, like any other day I don't like car payments but maybe it is time.

Today, I ate leftover homemade tacos for dinner.

Today, I read, again, the book Promises in Death by J.D. Robb. It is so good.

Today, I graded my homeschool co-op Meteorology class' last LAB test of the school year.

Today, I read the Bible. I was in the book of Psalms. I needed the balm offered.

Today, I walked 2 miles.

Today, Jeff got up a little before midnight to come pick me up from work, interrupting his much-needed sleep.

Today, I would still call it ridiculously amazing.


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"Like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be recovered, so we must die. But God does not take away life; instead, he devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged from him." 2 Samuel 14:14


I spent time in the word of God in the book of Samuel and Psalm 3. I was heart-moved by ..."instead, God devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged from." (2 Samuel 14: 14b) And he found the ultimate way - through His Son Jesus and His death on the Cross. Praise God!


I walked 2 1/2 miles.


I drank lots of water.


I visited the Fresh Market and picked up the spices (in bulk) I would need to make Homemade Taco/Mexican Seasoning.


I finished reading allowed to John and Jarrod, Blood on the River, Jamestown, 1607. This is one of our readers that I've added to their American History curriculum. While it is intended for elementary age, Blood on the River is accurate historically fiction of the Jamestown settlement. We loved this book!


I reviewed John and Jarrod's current merit badge assignments; identified the weak areas and assigned their week's merit badge work. Between them they are in Traffic Safety, Crime Prevention, and Personal Management. Personal Management is a much-needed merit badge as it is required for Eagle Scout.


I finalized their weekly school schedule. Printed their Biology On-Your-Own questions, their Biology Study Guide, created the next three weeks schedule for Spanish III, and decided on the next reader which I'll need to check out at the library.


I prepared hard boiled eggs, chopped up red onions, roasted some chicken breasts, fried up bacon, made the honey mustard salad dressing for Monday's dinner (for all of us).


I ate an Asiago Cheese Bagel with Chive and Onion Cream Cheese for breakfast. I ate a big chicken salad for lunch and homemade Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup for dinner. Yum!


I drank late afternoon coffee with Pumpkin Spice Creamer.


I reluctantly picked up prescriptions to deal with my long-standing acne and facial dandruff issues. We'll see if it works or only causes irritation and more problems.


I enjoyed the fall-like temperatures.


I read quite abit in one of my J.D. Robb's books, Purity in Death. They never get old. I can reread the series again and again. I'm not sure why.


Jeff let me know that he had to work a job site the rest of the week so our lunch date on Thursday would have to be cancelled. I am bummed. But, thankful that we have a date night on Friday.


I decided I would 'be brave', live in joy and strength and move out of this poor-pitiful-me-attitude, and rejoice in where I am at right now and the blessings that abound.


today I hunted down all my 4th of July pages from past years and realized I didn't have as many completed as I thought - some missing years for sure.

today I made a 2013 first page of our 4th of July.

today I said goodbye to my men as they headed to Boy Scout camp for a week.

today I was bored.

today, because I woke up with my men to see them off to camp very early this morning - I am already tired and it's only late afternoon.

today I searched my photo archives for photos of my sons making their various ranks - unfortunately I only found a couple; I have no idea where the rest are and I'm frustrated.

today I shopped for a meager amount of groceries for my week and then prepared (chopped) ingredients for salads for the week to take to work.

today because I am tired I can hardly keep my eyes opened.

today I realized it's going to be a long week without my family.


today we slept in until 8 am. I was amazing sleeping weather.

today there is a cool breeze blowing through the house. So, we threw open all the windows and while we have clear skies and the temperature is creeping up nicely, there's a cool breeze to off set the heat.

today we went to Red Wing and bought Hoosier Man a pair of much-needed work boots. In the past years we've bought Birkenstocks boots but the specific boot we've gotten him they no longer carry - or make for that matter so last year he had to settle for a pair from Bass Pro and was never really happen with them and they never really held up well either. So this year we decided on Red Wing because we've always had longevity with their products - just very well-made, high quality footwear. Score! Hoosier Man is really happy with his steel-toed, water resistant, water proof, super comfortable, and nice-looking work boot.

today we went to the commissary for this weeks groceries and was able to stock up on somethings we often use that were on super-sale, and/or coupons. We did good!

today we made two - count 'em - two dutch oven's full of sausage, vegetable, noodle soup. One to eat for dinner tonight and one to take to a friend who is laid up with back pains and husband is deployed and has three kids.

today we made two loves of homemade bread. One to eat for dinner and one to share.

today the boys and Jeff are outside putting up the tent and laying out the tarps from our recent campout and getting them all cleaned up for our next campout.

today I will lead a bible study at church for ladies. And, Jeff will serve in the children's ministry (K-5) as a sheriff. And, John and Jarrod will walk the churches lake perimeter and enjoy each other.

today we will all attend church service together at Savannah Christian Church

today my knee is throbbing.

today we are washing clothes and putting them away.

today we spent $120+ on filling our van with gas. Yikes!

today God provided the funds for the gas, the boots, and the groceries.

today John and Jarrod walked their fastest time so far and set the standard for a new and improved - moving more regimen - they just don't know it yet (hee hee)

today in my Bible study lesson I was reminded that God is incomparable. He is the Great I AM. He is unchangeable. He is my Strength and Sustainer.

today i...

today i...

envisioned a beautiful sunrise

worked an 8-hour shift at the airport weather office

rejoiced in the beautiful weather

walked 3 miles

handmade a wooden necklace

purchased groceries at the commissary

unloaded and put away groceries

worshipped my Lord at church

fellowshipped with Amy

wrote in my 10,000 reasons journal

blogged this post

prepped desert for small group tomorrow

missed my hubby and sons

snacked on popcorn

watched star trek - again.

going to bed early.

today i...

went grocery shopping for the week. yikes. crazy prices. although pumpkin spice creamer was only .73 cents so i stocked because i'm sure it's going off the shelves until next fall. some how low fat sour cream was only .79 cents - way good price there too. but, then i had to buy hamburger and shuddered. then cringed at chuck roast prices to.

was going to have guests for taco tuesday, and jalapeno poppers too.

am now sick with body aches and i'm exhausted. hoosier man gave me the flu. he had it last week bad.

had a couple posts planned for today that just isn't happening.

read the beginning chapters of the outsiders, our new literature assignment.

reading a j.d. robb, survivor in death - one of my favorites.

had major computer issues - which is another reason no post but this one.

need to walk but i am not making it out of this house

just want to curl up and sleep.

i...inspired and revisited


i was…a hard core traditional scrapper with a room and all the supplies to prove it…now I am pretty much all digital

i am…seeing progress but sure wish it would come faster

i think…progress will continue to be slow if i don’t move my behind more

i wonder... if i should purge all those traditional scrapping supplies or just start using them again

i wish... it was fall already; this heat is killing me

i save ... scrapbooking ideas, movie tickets, recipes, and homeschool ideas

i always... prefer simple, organized, purged as oppose to cluttered, hoarding, or saving (except see above)

i can't... seem to get motivated on one thing I need to get motivated on

i believe ... my boys (and me) are going to get a lot of learning in this year

i promise ... my kids are going to love their recipe books

i love ... to do lists

i scrap ... because I see the faces of my kids when they peruse our memories…and they remember too


today i had on my to-do list:


bible study

craft #1 - starburst canvas print

craft #2 - i love us framed art


work on lab book for meteorology class

clean bathroom

this is my to-do list as of 7:43pm

walk 2 miles

bible study


craft #1 - starburst canvas print

craft #2 - i love us framed art

work on lab book for meteorology class

clean bathroom


the night is still young...


i made a page of ian's head start graduation

i finally filed 2012 2011 receipts

i directed the boys in organization skills as they refolded and neatly put the kitchen towels and cloths in two wire baskets in the laundry room

i graded an algebra 1 test

i planned the boys' spanish lessons for this week

i made my bed - i know, shocker!

i found the camera i thought i'd lost; actually i called hoosier man if he knew where the camera was and he told me where i could find it

i've had a slow, boring day

i will make corn on the cob and grilled pork steaks for dinner

i will walk this evening in the muggy, scorching heat when i will sweat and be all yucky and hate every minute because i will sweat and be all yucky in the muggy, scorching heat


1. i shopped for ashley's birthday gift and mailed it off. i cannot tell a lie (the three things i got Ashley for her birthday...i got for me too!)

2. the boys had Sea Kayaking training - they're pooped. it was in preparation for their Sea Kayaking trip next weekend.

3. made this digital scrapbook layout:

i like making pages well after-the-fact because it invokes such great memories.

4. i washed, dried, and folded 4 loads of clothes (and still have sheets to do)

5. i am going to church. we are in a great family sermon series.

6. bought a new outfit (a skirt no less); the walking i've done the last couple of months took just enough off my hips that i was pleased (ok) with how the whole outfit came together. it's spring/summery, and has lots of turquoise. my signature color (what movie is that line from?)

7. i signed up for ali edwards', 31 Things class at big picture scrapbooking. very excited about the class. while i was shopping for the album i'll need for the class i came across the PERFECT album's for the kid's recipe album. it is a 12x12 album in pretty much whatever color they want (saw a red one that ash will probably want and a yummy wine color for elizabeth). the document protectors are 12x12 but divided into 6 - 4x6 slots - perfect for 6 recipes in front and 6 in back. This album will hold a bunch of recipes. oh - i just can't wait.

8. wrote the 2nd half of the study guide for Chapter 15 (our last chapter) for my Atmospheric Science class. can't wait for the end of co-op (just the break); i'll be writing the LAB manual over the summer, finishing up all the study guides, tests, and review (games).

9. i am hoping to finish up tonight, when we get home from church and dinner, my move more eat well april class assignment, albeit late. my plan is to go ahead and weigh and tape on may 1 to get back on track with the program.

10. bible study.