Today I(we):

1. Killed the virus that wanted to kill my computer. Everything seems to be ok now. I've decided to slow way down on downloading digital supplies - getting way to many viruses.

2. Hoosier Man and Georgia Boys are out mowing the neighborhood.

3. Spray tanned my body - I now have a headache; so, probably not going to do that again.

4. Packing for my trip to the Bahamas!!!!

5. I have to work this afternoon and evening.

6. I worked up the boy's school assignments this morning and briefed the boys on them as well as Hoosier Man who is going to have to do the grading this week. The boys will do Math, Science, Vocabulary, History, Grammar, and Creative Writing this week.

7. I'll pay bills today.

8. I'll walk two miles (while at work) because I can walk 8 - 1/4 mile jaunts while I'm taking an observation.

9. Although not today (but last night) we've registered the boys for their co-op classes. I was told my co-leader is ready to get started on preparing for our class. So looking forward to working with her. I've known her several years from church and excited to get to know her better. The boys will be taking Human Anatomy and Physiology; Spanish I; Instutue of Excellence in Writing; and PE. And I'll be teaching Atmospheric Science with a Meteorology Lab

10. I'll be working up a meal plan for my three boys so they don't starve while I'm gone. And also a grocery list Hoosier Man will need to get.

11. My red chair is on its way and will be delivered on Monday. Hoosier Man is getting it for me for Mother's Day.

12. It's a beautiful day!!!


FOR TODAY... September 16, at 7:23 a.m.


outside my window... blue skies

i am thankful for... my GI Bill to pay for my Master’s program

i am wearing... P.J.s

noticing that... Cleaning ones scraproom really does spur creativity

i am reading... the Bible

on my mind... being sick, bible study, having lunch with Hoosier Man and wondering where we are going to eat 

pondering these words... the attributes, the character, the names of my God

around the house... my scrap room is my focus this week; I have a clean bedroom which I did on Monday

from the kitchen... closed

one of my favorite thing... my King and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ

i'm creating...  I found so many things that I want to turn into creations while cleaning my scrap room

 a few plans for the rest of the week... Bible study, swimming, work this weekend

feeling: sick (because I have a cold); and excited for the day



1. Begin my day in bible study. Check.

2. School work. Check.

3. A digital delight (see above). Check. 

4. Drive to Brunswick for a doctor's appointment.

5. Visit with Elizabeth and Ella.

6. Decide on the 4 paintings Elizabeth will paint for me.

7. Have Taco's and Jalepeno Poppers for dinner with Elizabeth, Matt and Ella.

Looks like a good day.


It is 3:30 in the afternoon. I have made a couple more digital pages. I have been working on one disk today trying finish memorializing the stories that go with the pictures. I have also wash my bed linens and remade my bed with the yummy smelling freshness. I have done a bit of organizing in my scraproom which is still a mess by the way. I also purged a few items - ready to give to Amy.


It is 1034 am and I have already done the following things:

1. Had my quiet time, bible reading, and prayer

2. Organized bill receipts of the last 7 months and packed them away. Relief.

3. Washed, dried, and folded two loads of clothes.

4. Dyed my hair auburn.

5. Worked on school. As of week 3 I have a 97.35% (week 4 is completed but not graded; and I'm beginning week 5).

6. Made the above three digital pages.

I wonder what the rest of the morning and afternoon has in store for me.