here my sons listen attentively as I read their literature books.

here I salute my sons as each day I head for work they salute me.

here I worry that my sons have taken on more than they can handle with their Eagle projects but so proud of them for doing the hard thing.

here my husband cleans out my creamer bottle and refills it.

here is a new fan in our bedroom that moves air like a tornado.

here is two arms filled with gnat bites and I'm scratching up a storm.

here is one excited lady who in another week is getting her lunch dates back with her husband.

here is me struggling with moving more.

here is a stack of homeschool curriculum to review, plan, organize, visualize, and devour.

here is a partial dirty bathroom that desperatly needs cleaning

here is a guest room with a project still scattered about the room that needs finalized.

here is a new set of cards I've put together ready to sell for John and Jarrod's Eagle project.

here is a face healing and clearing up thanks to a new regimen of product: dermitologica.

here is glass after glass of water with a glassful of ice.

here is a week of blog posts never posted.

here is my first weeks of the year behind with Project Life.

here is the last week of homeschool co-op.

here our small group gets better and better. Being together. serving together. Growing in the Lord together. Breaking bread together. Serving each other. We are an Acts 2 church more and more.

here we head south to St. Augustine tomorrow. For our 20th Anniversary. Alone. And together.