i love | september edition


I haven't done a collage of things I love in a couple of years so I thought it would be fun. When I say love I mean like with pleasure. Pleasing to my eyes. Things I own that make me smile or things I would like to have because they are pleasing to my eyes.

1) Ali Edwards' new December Daily journals. I have one of these clever tools for documenting your December stories on pre-order. Every year for the past couple of years I have documented our Decembers - partly. I'm hoping this journal will spark. Inspire. Encourage me to document December completely.

2) Rise and Shine Sweetly Stated mug by Anthropologie. I'm hoping this will be my next mug acquisition to add to my collection.

3) Large Initial Gold Necklace. These oversized tilting letter necklaces make me smile. I'd love an S.

4) Cross boots by Born. I'm on the lookout for a pair of flat ankle boots for fall (and winter). I really like the tied fringe look of these.

5) Vintage Leather Messenger/Laptop Bag. I have been carry this gorgeous leather messenger bag around for a couple weeks. Leather. Deep, burnished caramel. Love the smell and the feel of leather. I am enjoying carrying this beautiful bag to work and I have received some serious compliments.

6) Noonday Collection Anchor Earrings. Recently, I went to a Fair Trade Noonday Collection party at the home of a Noonday Ambassador's home. I happened to be chosen as the host which meant I received numerous deals in free product and huge discounts. These anchor earrings were the first item on my list of hopefuls and one I received for free.

7) Turner Roll Arm Leather Sofa in Burnished Saddle by Pottery Barn. It's gorgeous. Isn't it? I have a line item in our savings budget for this beautiful leather sofa. Jeff and I agreed completely on the burnished saddle. I can't wait until I have enough saved to place the order.

8) I have had my eye on this 16 x 20 letter board called The Writer by Letterfolk because I like the idea of little messages and words of encouragement or Bible verses up for display. 

I love | Mother's Day gift ideas to me!


8-inch Cast Iron Skillet | Deep Cleaning Service | Blue Lamp for Bedroom | Turquoise Tote Bag (natural lettering) | Low Cambria Utensil Crock (Turquoise) | Clear Mixing Bowls | Shea Butter Shower Cream | Jon Courson's Application Commentaries | Retro Glider Sofa for Front Porch | Retro Glider Singles Chair for Front Porch

Each year close to Mother's Day I like to start a list of things I'd like to receive from my family for Mother's Day. I think one of my love languages is receiving gifts. Not sure that is truly a love language but I love receiving gifts, especially if they are from lists I've made of things I want. Oh, sure, the surprise or two, out of the blue are so very lovely, too!

It is no secret I love Pinterest and have tons of Pinterest boards and one of them is a WANT board where I keep a fairly up-to-date running list of pins of things I just plain want. Things I am pining away for, longing for, hoping for, desiring. I can't say needing because I don't need any of them. I just want them.

Mother's Day, my birthday, and Christmas are my three favorite times of the year for posting the same sort of WANT list, in the hopes, my sweet family will gift me with one or two or three of these things.

This Mother's Day, it is very obvious that turquoise is a common theme, but my front porch (which isn't built yet but will be started when two Eagle projects are completed), and my kitchen are common theme's as well. Oh, and I'd really love a maid to come in and deep clean my house - seriously!!!!! Spic and span clean.

i love...may edition.


Indigo and turquoise and words. Kitchen and bedroom and health. I'm dreaming of making our bedroom more, with indigo and with words - and that Choose Love diy.

And I want to add tons of color + stainless steal into my kitchen to brighten it and make it more fun and eclectic. No theme - just color.

Gotta' say I really want the Fit Bit. I have really been trying to walk more and I'd love to be able to 'see' results.

These are some of things I am lovin' in May:   |   2   |   3   |   4   |   5   |     |   7

Just might have to get one of my 'I LOVE' in May to finish off the month nicely.


i love | february edition


i love   |   february 2014 edition

It's interesting what draws the eye. What makes one think. I have two sets of beautiful pepper mills that were both made by my maternal grandfather so long ago. I got two sets by accident (my grandfather had forgotten he'd already made a set...and there was no way I was going to turn another set down - because they are amazing pieces.)


The pepper mills have a very small tub-like whole in the center of the mill for the peppercorns. If we eat rosemary bread served with pepper infused olive oil, the corns are gone in one meal.


I've been on the lookout for a larger pepper mill. I would preferrably like a pepper mill that is about a foot tall with a large area for peppercorns - but this 1 is great too.

And I'm in love with bowls of all different sizes. I have an old set of corning ware bowls in the brown/tan colors and my mom got me a colorful, 4-bowl lightweight, ceramic set of bowls that I use ALL the time, but I'm always on the look out for interesting sets of bowls. Like 2.

Love bracelets. 3 is so pretty and delicate. Just gorgeous.

I want to learn how to can foods. 4 has some great reviews, and the book is geared to the beginner. Aah - that's me!

Crocheting or looming is on my 50 in my 50th year list. I found 5 on Etsy. How sweet is this loom.

6 is the first of many ideas for the boys' bathroom. It's high on my decorate list after a front porch of course. The bathroom plan is neutral, but slightly manly. Woods, burnished nickel, browns, tans, creams, no theme otherwise.


i love | january edition


High on my list of things I am lovin' right now are kitchen tools. I would love a food processor and the Cuisinart would be my top pick. Jeff even mentioned we really needed one so it's on my short list to purchase. Unfortunately, we had to purchase a new desktop computer the other day that sucked us dry (just kiddin' - but still, I'm not sure how anyone can get a computer for cheap these days if you want it to be able to work fast and store big).

Anyways, I think a juicer would be pretty swoopy. And I really want a FIT BIT to record my steps walked, etc. Saw that gorgeous necklace just the other day and fell in love with it immediately, while the 4x6 picture mate printer would be a dream for all my small scrapbooking projects - especially my 52 gratitudes to just name one.

J.D. Robb's new book comes out in February and I'll be able to add it to my new books read list and I'm so excited for the new fare from Ms. Robb (Nora Roberts).

So, those are my latest 'loves' and favs.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

i love | october edition

As we slowly put the living room back in order there are things I still want to see happen in there - all colorful, all good. Just today we decided to keep the large 'side' table, cut the legs down at the bottom, paint it, give it some new hardware and Voila, a 'new' end table next to the couch - no purchase necessary.

We've also discussed a possible coffee table do it yourself made of crates. Still on the fence, and depending on the sizes of crates I can find. We certainly don't want huge, but something just nestled in front of the couch.

A few more throws, a couple more pillows, a couple more rugs, some lamps, some art work, new curtains (another diy project I'm considering asking someone I recently met at co-op - who sews).

1) Turquoise glass lamp for the living room, 2) Cuisinart Food Processor is high on my want list for kitchen preparations, 3) Chevron Burnt Orange pillow from Target, 4) Give Thanks pillow, 5) Gorgeous rug that will be in my living room sometime soon, 6) and another 'burnt orange' lamp for the living room.

i love | february 2013 edition

1. my friend margie wears scarves alot. i love them all. they are an accessory that dresses up anything - even crappy jeans. scarves just change the whole look of an outfit. since i made this necklace i've become braver somehow in what i wear. and i have a desire to try (brave) scarves. and this one is gorgeous. soft beauty.

2. these mini albums from becky higgins at project life are wonderful. how many stories i could tell, that would have a permanent home.

3. j.d.robb has never failed to put out one or two novels a year (usually february and september) and i want her latest calculated in death. i am at born in death in the series for the umpteenth time so i should be finished with the rest of them by the time i have the opportunity to purchase her newest in death novel, not in stores until the end of february.

4. midnight project life from liz at paislee press. make me swoon. sure, i'll take the digital collection when it comes out but talk about gorgeous. it is so clean, and simple. and the colors are to die for. pages of project life with midnight along with my seafoam from elise blaha cripe are going to be fantastic. i can't say enough about project life. i've documented 5 weeks of our life with project life with many to go and i'm still loving it.

5. with the advent of my 40 recipes in a bowl challenge i've certainly added an onion soup recipe to the proposed recipe list of possibilities. the problem is i don't have any onion soup bowls. but le crueset has come to the rescue in an assortment of different colors to adorn my kitchen. please, may i have them all - because you know they are just for onion soup.

6. w.e.b. griffin has long been a favorite of hoosier mans. years back now he picked up the first novel in the presidential agent series and i caught him laughing one to many times for me not to be intrigued by the books. after giving me a brief run down of the novel i thought i'd give it a try. i love military novels, special ops has a tender place in my heart...after all i am married to a former spec ops man...so i gave that first novel a try. bam! i was hooked. i even read many more of w.e.b. griffin's older series too. he and his son have the latest in the presidential agent series out and it's on my list to read. covert warriors is that book and i can't wait to read it - after hoosier man, of course!

i love | january 2013 edition

perusing the world wide web can be delightful; seeing all the yummy new scrapbooking supplies, the boots i really want and lovely turquoise that i can't get enough of is just fun, pure and simple.

1. in honor of my one little word this simplify print is darling and very fitting for the word. 2. oh washi tape! you make my heart sing. i would move toward traditional scrapbooking if i had loads of this washi tape in all colors imaginable. 3. after hard wood floors we'll need a new living room rug and i'm thinking simple. this striped turquoise, cream, and brown rug is pleasing to the eye. 4. talk about making my heart sing... this heart latch hook pillow is darling! 5. and the boots that would have me walking. oh, i have just the outfit for them - every outfit in my closet would be perfect. and finally 6. these wood chips are so original, and amazing and i want them!

today i love l july edition

i am still searching for bedroom decor. and have purchased some items. seems i'm leaning heavily towards red and want to change up making sure blues are included and i'm seriously considering a golden yellow accent since i'm no longer in the red accent stage. found 1 and 2 at overstock. love the mix of colors and would look awesome in the room adding in enough blue. 3 is a dream and is on sale right now. i don't have a phone with app to take those instant photos so this would be a wonderful change up from my either of my canon's. and it's on sale right now. would be a great christmas present to tuck away. and it's on sale right now!!!

4 i love!!!! they are already on my bed. they are amazingly soft. the perfect color. they fit my oversized mattress exactly. the flat sheet is huge, covering both of us and can be tucked in on all three sides. love these flannel sheets. i know you're think flannel in this hot summer. but we love them and while my other 'cheap' flannels from walmart were soft we sweat all the time. we haven't sweat once with these sheets. so comfortable. and the color is perfect.

5 i'll be teaching this study in the fall and i can't wait! i've been away from leading bible studies for over a year and it's time to return.


I love l june

new series. things i love. things i want. things i'd like to get. things i dream about and imagine for my home.

1. an indoor grill  2. i love adirondack chairs; always have  3. darling farmer's market boxes 4. butter dish - so cute! 5. 3-Tiered trays; perfect for my kitchen counter (fruit, vegetables) 6. Dinner Love - perfect for our family 7. mason jar frosted mugs 8. Red and Grey striped pillow for bedroom