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I did a blog post back in July titled, "I want to remember  |  Hanging out with Mom". I wanted to make sure I put the story into our Stories 2017 album. It is something I want to remember after all. I kept the page super simple using 2 - 6 x 8 pages and an Ali Edwards brush from her Prompts collection. Because Mom is holding her youngest great grandSON I kept the colors blue. 


I copied and pasted the journaling from the blog post directly onto my the right page and into a text box. I 'stamped' (because it is digital, it's a digital stamp) the I want to remember before each paragraph of story to remember. Easy peasy and quick!

i want to remember | hanging out with mom


I want to remember my mom is the best. She is fun-loving, easy-going, and quick-witted. While we don't see each other often I can always count on one thing when she visits: I will enjoy her company. Mom visited for 10 days the beginning of July, probably the longest she's ever visited at one time. But, it was a momentous occasion as I was going to have all my kids and all my grandkids under one roof for an entire week. This meant my Mom's grandkids and great grandkids would be under one roof, too. Not her entire crew of grand's or great's but a good portion, nonetheless.

I want to remember even in her mid-70's Mom is still game for just about anything (within reason, certainly). Although we didn't schedule any sky diving or zip-lining into our week we did enjoy an early morning at the beach. I love that Mom just wants to be with us. We set up a canvas open tent, not just for mom, but everyone who wanted or needed to stay out of the sun. She plowed through the sand like a real trouper. It was enough to watch her grand's and great's playing in the ocean and chatting with whomever stayed behind.

I want to remember playing Apples to Apples with Mom, Ash, Brooklyn, and the rest of the gang and laughing until your stomach hurts at Mom (and Ashley's) quick-wit and adult silliness. It is a scream playing this game. Actually, I love playing scrabble with Mom, too, but we didn't get to do that She's a smart lady about a lot of things so it makes conversation wealthy and intelligent - amidst the laughter and fun.

I want to remember binge-watching Downton Abbey. Ashley and I love the show and so does Mom. We were kindred spirits, chatting and talking about the period, the show, the clothes, the palace - the times. When I shared a blog post (one of my favorites) about the 'boyfriends of Downton Abbey' by The Lazy Genius Collective, Mom laughed along with my reading. She 'gets' what's funny. It's her quick-wit and humor.


I want to remember how Samuel, my youngest grandson and her youngest great grandson, went to her, let her hold him without pitching a fit, before me and we joked about it. And we laughed. She devoured her great grandson. It was a sight to behold.

I want to remember the rather long day when we willingly chose to go to the Tangier Outlet mall. We browsed, we tried on clothes, we shopped, we ate at Johnny Rockets, we battled the extreme heat, we bought pralines by the pounds, and we came home exhausted with quite less money in our pockets.

I want to remember how she loves being with her grandkids and great grandkids. She doesn't get tired of them. Sure, she gets tired, but not of them. She savors every. single. minute. with them. I asked Mom what was on her bucket list next because over the last few years she's been a traveling queen. But, besides another visit to Ireland (her second visit), she said visiting her grandkids and great grandkids are at the top of her traveling plans. 

i want to remember.



I want to remember these past couple months of Bible study with John and Jarrod as we delved into the book of Daniel and resolved to learn. We studied with Beth Moore and her Bible study Daniel. We each had our own workbook and I downloaded the 12 video sessions from Beth.

I want to remember listening to the boys recite their Bible verses...the first Chapter of Daniel. Last year in their Bible class with Jes Light, John and Jarrod memorized among other scriptures, the Sermon on the Mount. Once I knew they could memorize tons of scripture I was excited to have them memorize from the book of Daniel. While Chapter 2, Daniel's prayer is usually the typical memorization scripture for Daniel I liked how Chapter 1 was so applicable for my 17-year old boys.

I want to remember how much they enjoyed listening to Beth Moore's message, digging her style and humor. Beth has a great sense of humor and the boys, on more than one occasion, laughed out loud. It was a joy to hear and I want to remember these times.

I want to remember them repeating the introduction, "We are going to have the ride of our lives..." at the beginning of each video session.

I want to remember our commitment to our lessons and that we let nothing get in our way of our Bible time together each Monday morning for review and the next video session.

I want to remember John and Jarrod's responses to my questions from our lessons, so thought-provoking and aware, and the realization that they 'get-it'. I was encouraged by their answers, some with the intelligence far beyond their years. I realized that this time was not only precious to me but to our Lord.

I want to remember when their Grandma joined us for our last video session of Daniel since moving in with us a week ago. And excited that Mom will be joining us for our next Bible study, by Beth Moore also, the book of James.

I really want to remember when John and Jarrod, shared the book of Daniel with Mom, chapter by chapter without opening their Bibles because they were well-versed with intricate details of each chapter. They took turns on the chapters and I just sat there in the most amazing, giddy, awe at the results of John and Jarrod's resolve to learn. Beth provided a little jiddy, jingle, rhyme made up of catchy Chapter titles to jar the memory about what takes place in each chapter. I used those to 'jar' their memories and they shared their plethora of knowledge about each chapter of the book of Daniel. It was amazing!

I want to remember how excited John and Jarrod got at the prospect of another Bible study - by Beth Moore, of course. James, Mercy Triumphs is our next Bible study that will take us to the middle of December. If we do anything over Christmas break it will be Bible study so I'm considering Jesus, the One and Only after our James study. To be honest, I can't wait!

i want to remember.

I want to remember...

I want to remember Ian coming into my scrap studio asking me ‘what’s my name’ and when I say Susan he says, “You’re not Susan your Grammy.”

I want to remember Ian and Wyatt coming into my scrap studio, scooting by my chair and curling themselves up into the curtains.

I want to remember Ian putting my face in both his hands and giving me a kiss.

I want to remember two pairs of legs dangling on the bench at the dining room table

I want to remember Ian repeating movie lines, really, really fast, and me not understanding a word he says; but, Ashley can and she repeats what he says and we all laugh.

I want to remember Ian taking my seat so I can’t sit down; but, giggling when I ‘pretend’ sit on him

I want to remember Ian and Wyatt repeating over and over the entire time we are picking blackberries, “Black not red.” Because we made sure to tell them to just pick the blackberries not the berries that were still red.

I want to remember that this visit the both went to bed very good with little trouble.

I want to remember Ian getting more and more comfortable with me, over time, and him choosing to give me hugs, or just hang on.

I want to remember Ian, at first closing his eyes in front of the camera but as we spent more time together, he now makes sure his eyes are open. And he’s adorable for the camera.

I want to remember Ian and Wyatt running by my chair trying not to be scooped up into my arms; but, giggling when I catch them.

I want to remember Ian repeating our ‘crazy’ game; at least part of it. Every time someone says the word crazy everyone chimes in, “Crazy. I was crazy once. They locked me in a padded room to die. Die. I don’t want to die. Worms eat you when you die. Worms. Worms are crazy...and so on.

I want to remember Ian and Wyatt watching the Land Before Time every single day (just like their mother and aunt Elizabeth did when they were little).

i want to remember...

i want to remember...

i want to remember that jarrod and john dressed alike their first day of homeschool co-op, purposefully, in order to stump the teachers.

i want to remember I was nervous my for my first class, with new laboratory exercises but all went well and I heard from a parent their student in my class said, ‘man, she loves meteorology.’

i want to remember that while the boys struggle with their school work they love all the assignments

i want to remember that jarrod and john’s first day of high school was without all the anxieties normally associated with high school because we homeschool

i want to remember that the boys carried my bags to the van and into co-op without me asking. thank you, boys.

i want to remember the awesome impression the boys make with their teachers. they are so well-liked by adults

i want to remember that john told a girl he liked her (he knew her from last year) and she spurned him. but, he is fine about it: “we’ll just be friends, then.” oh my, he is special!

i want to remember that all my hard work regarding the geography curriculum paid off – the boys love it! and they are learning so much.

I want to remember homeschooling john and jarrod is the best thing we could have done.

journaling prompts such as i want to remember (which ali posted recently) are a great way to get alot of memorable information down and an awesome way to scrapbook. other prompts are things like sometimes...i love...i wish...i see...i'm thankful for...for today...i choose...because...

so many ideas.