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A thank you to veterans and a prayer for the military spouse. While Veteran's Day has passed for this year, as a retired Air Force veteran and as a former military spouse any day of the year is a good day to honor our veterans and prayer for the military spouse. And this is just good - especially that prayer! (Bring tissues).

In this season of Thanksgiving and in the broken and upside down we do not have to find the good to be thankful for because Immanuel, God with us. He is the good.


Re-discover Jesus this Christmas.

While I don't have such oppressing woes after this election, mostly because I understand the truancy of post traumatic stress disorder and the people claiming post election stress disorder and the accompanying depression are suffering from a strong case of narcissism and seriously give a slap in the face to the real disorder, I do have concerns for America's future. This would have been if either candidate had been elected, not just Trump. Therefore, with my concerns, so as not to consume my thoughts and send me into rumination, I prefer to seek out a positive approach. Of course, first and foremost is seek first His kingdom...I go to the Word of God. Works every time. But, here's an interesting approach...learn something.

From a family we've begun supporting for their mission work in Honduras: gut-wrenching. inspiring. the hand of God

Bring a different way. As someone who struggles with this very meaty issue I was comforted and strengthened in my resolve to bring a different way to the table.


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A pastry chef who plays with his food - delightful photos.

My sons need these for their bikes: tires that will never go flat.

A wonderful place to shop for Christmas gifts: buy a gift and show compassion at the same time - a two-fold blessing!

I cannot get enough of this. By Home Free.

Simply beautiful. For when you feel hemmed in...

The power of words...and truth.

For your viewing pleasure (because I derive pleasure from them) my Bedroom Pin Board, my Funny Pin Board (for a little laughter) (or a lot of laughter), and because I can't resist, my Want Pin Board.

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About the election and how to live right now: 5 words of Jesus that will change everything

A Prayer for our America; a prayer that unites: To do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God.

Iceland has officially been added to my bucket list.

This blog. We have nothing in common (she's a young hip mom and I'm an aging grandmother) - other than she is funny and I love to laugh. Although much of what she says is just plain spot on.

OOh, I want to make these agate sliced framed art.

In honor of the upcoming special 4-part episode of the return of our beloved The Gilmore Girls coming to Netflix later this month here is an extensive list compiled of all the books Rory Gilmore ever read - and mentioned within the 7 seasons of the show. Will you take the Rory Gilmore reading challenge and read all 339 books?

This, written a month ago by Beth Moore, is fitting now, even after the election and for everyday after. Remind ourselves, those of faith, “and the government shall be upon his shoulder.” Isaiah 9:6. "The church of Jesus Christ does not rise or fall on the fleshy back of an election..." - Beth Moore.

and one last one...

the ultimate bullet journal list of ideas for book lovers.

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A thank you note to America A great reminder by Max Lucado: Our good God rules the world.

My mind on Haiti after the hurricane and there at A Holy Experience Ann writes a piece that tears at my heart but within it is another post from 2012 that touches and - stirs.

Reminiscent of homeschool which I miss being a part of with the boys who aren't really boys any more but young men, but just love the pretty, and organized, and exceptionally - bad - notetaking skills; this is just really, really cool.

With the holidays fast approaching and in the spirit of giving, and gratitude, and kindness this post will infuse you with giving and kindness. This one on giving back is good too.

A thank you note to America . Thank you Ann for the words and the reminder.

I love the voices of Pentatonix and their rendition of Hallelujah is beautiful. And just in time for the holiday season - but, some Christmas music, like the hymns, or Christ-centered Christmas music is timeless.

Please bring tissues when you read this heartwrenching but inspiring family story.

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The Dark side of Chocolate. This is a well-versed piece on the dark side of chocolate and what we can do to not participate and enable worst labor and trade practices.

Great tips for getting use out of your cookbooks.

Some blogs I visit regularly - lately (in no particular order): Lazy Genius Collective (the name itself is a reason to follow but this lady gives me the giggles), Modern Mrs. Darcy (the best blog for readers), Ali Edwards (duh!), Deep Stream Life (the life of real time, right now, missionaries in the field, in the trenches, taking Jesus to the world), She Reads Truth, A Holy Experience (Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gift's author) and The Art of Simple

Seriously exquisite photographs . Just beautiful.



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Enjoy a cup of coffee with me and stay awhile.

Do you dry shampoo? You don't do you? I know, right. I don't either. I get enough lost hair winding itself around my (our) brush or swirling down the drain in the shower to ever contemplate dry shampooing. But, after reading this hilariously sarcastic piece on how dry shampooing can cause hair loss - contemplating over. I'll stick with my daily shampooing. With shampoo. In the shower. Used with water.

Certainly something I wouldn't normally read but as a grandmother with a grandson with autism this article was intriguing. Speaking of autism, I had know idea there was an autism tracker app. Genius.

12 ways to give your peanut butter and jelly a kick using one extra ingredient. Me, I would remove the jelly and add dill pickles to the peanut butter for a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Delish!

a huge fan of James Bond I had no idea, nor did it cross my mind since I'm not a Martini drinker, what vodka was used to make his 'shaken not stirred' martini's on each episode. It seems now, there is a new kid (I mean vodka) in town - and they're hoping everybody wants him. But, I'll be buying Smirnoff for a DIY I'll be creating this month.

The BEST program on helping the homeless.

What makes a great book club book? I love Modern Mrs. Darcy take on just that subject. I've never joined a book club. I've always wanted to, though. Maybe one day.

Amazingly, beautiful storm sky photography. As a meteorologist these are under my radar of what I find way cool.

Here's an interesting take on the short email over the longer, more formal email. Brevity wins.

An exceptional piece on Faith.


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(The photo above is in honor of Jarrod, my son, who is 90% cream and 10% coffee.)

Students comfort their grieving classmates with locker notes. Unbelievably kind and compassionate!

If you listen to anything over and over again listen to a spoken word poem by David Bowden called I AM. This is amazing! You will be changed!

Oh, my! "...That trip from the sand to the water? That’s critical turtle training ground. It’s what gives baby turtles a better chance of survival."  This is a wonderful read. About baby turtles. About raising kids. So beautiful, insightful, and worth every moment of a parents time.

Having recently done my own study on godly submission, and even more so, a wives submission to her husband, I read this article with fist bumps [in agreement].

Here's another great post on parenting kids and making the most of your time with them. While we only have two 19-year old boys/men left in our house we have grandchildren and thus, our kids having kids make articles like this worth my time.

How to practice the presence of God: "The time of business does not differ with me from the time of prayer" - Brother Lawrence; "You don’t practice His presence. You practice being present to His presence in this present moment. Practicing the presence of God is the practice of self-discipline." - Ann Voskamp

Dream Hidden Room Bookshelves (and that desk!). Oh my! How wonderful are those 'hidden room' bookshelves!

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Here are 6 things we need to do if we love blogs and podcasts. I agree with this. It's hard at first, speaking from experience, but once I took the plunge subscribing to a bloggers product, I reap the benefits every month and she provides such quality product I don't even miss the subscription fee. Or should I say - it's worth it! I subscribe to Ali Edwards' Story Kit. Granted, I receive digital product each month, but the subscription allows me to enter a classroom filled with quality scrapbooking advice through videos and PDFs. The work Ali puts in to her subscription is beyond amazing! I'm not sure I would subscribe to something just to subscribe. I have to weigh heavily how much it is useful for me; if it's something I can do without; and if it is worth my time but more particular my money.

7 Spiritual Consequences to a hurried life.

Beyond beautiful. Esther Havens' photography. She has a series the Israel Collective; oh my! It definitely makes me want to add Israel to my travel list.

In the waiting. (This is life-impacting stuff).

A photo essay through Auschwitz. Heart-wrenching. But, beautiful.

Yes. Yes. And, yes. This is a fantastic read on marriage. 

Very interesting read at Modern Mrs. Darcy on the difference between a book that is not right for you and a book that is not right for you now. And read all the comments (there's a lot, but they're intriguing).

Ode to Coffee: 25 Lovely Photos to wake you up and kickstart your day (the photo above).

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Are you raising your kids to be kind? Here is a really good article on ways to teach your kids to be kind. One thing we have done over the past couple of years: If we receive a compliment from someone about our kids (they're so polite, interesting to talk to, love how they serve others, my kids love your son because he doesn't treat like a kid, etc...) we've rewarded our sons. We wanted them to know how great it is that others see them as kind, or polite, or someone with a servant heart.

"Happiness is a decision. Dare to be happy

For our next road trip, over a couple of days, I'd like to take the ultimate Georgia Waterfalls tour visiting 10 of the most stunning waterfalls in the country. We've been to Anna Ruby Falls and can wholeheartedly attest to its beauty and awe. As my body is not in near the painful constitution as the last adventure trip to a waterfall, I believe I could do this. Let's!

"It’s not what you do that matters. It’s how you do it. Do what you love and while you do it, make much of Jesus.” Are we making our purpose in life harder than it is? Is it as easy as do what you love and while you do it, make much of Jesus? Or do what you have to do to pay the bills, take care of family, do the hard stuff - and make much of Jesus? Glorify God in whatever you do.

A photographer takes absolutely stunning birds-eye shots of the world's most beautiful beaches - and how he does it!

Why one woman wrote a memoir called Ruined.

Really good. A beauty quiz you won't find in magazines.

What I learned this summer.

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You were not meant to do what you love, you were meant to do what you're good at.

Shauna Niequist for Storyline blog, You're Never Going to be Fully Ready for anything.

Here are 5 Truths about Caring for Yourself.

Beautiful post Before Helpless Turns to Hopeless

Making Things Happen versus Letting Things Happen

I love this tote bag - in Cognac; I love the word Cognac. It would be on a words that I love list.

My love of everything books is growing so it's not surprising I found the most beautiful libraries in the United States, all fifty states, each with its' most beautiful library an enjoyable pursuit. Unfortunately, the library my husband's company built didn't make the cut for the state of Georgia - oh well - the one selected is beautiful too.

A beautiful display of photographs during an Altiplano Expedition by Daniel Kordan. The Altiplano is an Andean Plateau, in west-central South America, where the Andes are at their widest and is the most extensive area of high plateau on Earth outside Tibet. Just amazing!

How a special needs sister teachers about the love of Christ.

Our church recently moved into a 2100-seat worship center; an add-on to our already-large church (which has an additional building for Student Ministries and another for Adult Ministries) plus 5 other campuses within a 60 minute drive. I had no qualms about why, as a church, we were doing this: lead more to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. We needed the space. This article speaks volumes about the why of a bigger building.

I would love a spiritual retreat for my spiritual health. Wouldn't you?

Having trouble controlling your emotions, not taking care of yourself, neglecting what's important, these are a few of the Seven signs you are too busy.