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This Parents of teens need to read this. (And, I adore the swimming analogies:)

Justice Warrior. Oh, Lord, let me be one called justice warrior.

Responding to the War Against Black Bodies. A powerful, spiritually-minded essay surrounding the controversial black lives matter movement.

Aside from the emotionally charged, seemingly rude, way she approached the post, this is some great advice.

Memorial Day was this past Monday. But, this peace [piece] is no less important for today. 

This spoke to me today in that aching place that needs a reminder that even in the interruptions or "in the midst of all the anxiety flooding my system, I often fail to make sense of the world and the only assurance I have are the words I’ve written on my heart. The reminders of God’s goodness, the chapter and verse of His word, the stories of His faithfulness".

I've never been to New York City but it's on my pseudo-bucket list. Pseudo because I don't really have a bucket list but I do, in fact, hope to visit NYC some day. Always on the look out for those what to do/ what not to do/ how to pack/ travel helps and this is a good one.

Gratitude. It does a mind good.

As a meteorologist this is phenomenal!

Yes, this!

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Around the web, Friday, with a cup of coffee...

We mothers need to hear this one loud and clear.

A wonderful essay on a simple reminder...a small step.

Go ahead and cry. I did. Poured buckets of tears. Jarrod was standing behind me bawling, too.

Because this bohemian kitchen is dreamy and beautiful and I never get tired of perusing it. While the tile appears a deep teal it is actually green. I would love a turquoise backsplash in my kitchen. A girl can dream.

As my grandchildren living close draws closer I envision times of spiritual teachings being passed from grammy to grandsons regularly and maybe putting some of these ideas into practice under spiritual training.

What would happen if your kids went without computers, or television, or phones, without technology - for awhile? I wonder if you'd try it, and see.

When words hurt and how to respond.

Mom's please watch this.

Just don’t say you’re a follower of Christ if you’re actually just following your own heart

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My goal with this Friday's cup of coffee is to make you think, to take stock of your relationship with Christ, and to maybe adjust your focus from me-driven to others-driven. My year of giving, thus far, has, on a daily basis, changed my world-view dramatically. A myopic world-view is expanding into Biblical proportions; it's reaching, overtaking any world-view left. I'm seeing the world with clearer vision. In part, because of gifted persons who are changing the world. They are doing their small part - one person changed - at a time. I pray, through giving, in a small way I'm doing my part.

Your normal isn't the worlds normal and the greatest deception is that you believe it is.

This is what real inclusion means: We Dine Together

Why the church, or going to church, is important. "My faith won’t survive without the faithful saints singing next to me. It’s true that “you can have all this world, [just] give me Jesus..” as long as when we say “Jesus” we mean his body, too. I can’t live without his people."

Mom's - bring tissues because you're going to shed some tears. This is Love.

If you are a Christian and you're on the fence about going to see the new The Beauty and the Beast then read this article first. "I asked them to watch it with God in mind. I challenged them both to see if they could find any ‘God moments’ in the film..."

Budget cuts could impact programs like Meals on Wheels. As one community has seen, giving has surged since the proposal for cuts was announced. Maybe, other communities with Meals on Wheels programs and other food bank organizations, should step up their generosity and bridge the gap when government-funded programs are reduced. It could be the best solution for the situation. "Whoever gives to the least of unto Me."

Beautiful piece of words on living the simple life. Her words say a mediocre life but I say - good. I find gratitude and contentment in this kind of life.

Mercy Me - Even If


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It's Friday, with a cup of coffee, because coffee. Delight. Peace. All is well with the world. Coffee. And these links...mostly for me, so I can find that joy again I once found before around the world wide web, but also to share. Sending a smile.

Oh man, this piece from a missionary Jeff and I recently began supporting. Oh man! God is on the move!

Have you begun learning a language yet. Duolingo is the bomb! I'm having a blast. I am a slow, repetitive learner, so I'm doing a ton of reviewing before I'm calling it good and moving on to the next level.

It is Lenten season. 40 Days of Lent. Often a time of fasting and prayer, of giving up and sacrifice. I will be participating in an online gathering in an In-depth Study of the Book of John with His Mercy Is New. But, I'm sure I'll also follow along with She Reads Truth for their study of Isaiah. My intention is not to give up but give in. Decrease. Place myself before the throne of God, before the Word of God, study - listen.

Or, maybe I'll simply make room for Love.

As a scrapbooker I'm all for more, and more ways to document our lives. Katie the Scrapbook Lady has a list of 52 lists of 52 ways to tell stories, list things, document life. I'm taking my time going through these and jotting down ideas to record my own lists, my own stories.

The other day women in America marched on International Women's Day. They marched against. Against those who made them feel less. Marginalized them.  Me, I showed up for work, I showed up for my husband, I showed up for my kids, I showed up for my friend - another woman. I didn't abandon all that God is doing in me to march against all that I am in Christ. This is a great piece about how God really feels about women. Our worth is in Him.

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Focusing on the one.  'Relationship is about the one."

Here's a great article on 5 important, maybe most important, steps or ways to raising healthy well-adjusted kids. 

For this plus size woman who desires to move more this is a great article. I need more motivations like these.

Amazing, feel good, go away being uplifted - quotes from inspiring children's books.

Doing a Beth Moore Bible Study right now Believing God...and talking about miracles...then I read this.

And this...this is what I believe!!!!

Mom's and Dad's read this!

I love Scouting magazine. It's on my Facebook feed. Here's a way to make the most of your walking workout.

Oh please! This is so true and needs to be shared.

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It's been awhile since I shared some internet space. These have been on my backlist brewing for several weeks. Please enjoy the time. Maybe, with a cup of coffee...

On making friends.

Guts, grace, grit, and gratitude. I love this post on a scrapbooking plan for 2017.

The closer Abraham drew to God, the more unsettled his life became. It reminds me of a piece I read once about Mother Theresa. I'm not sure what question was posed but her answer was something to the effect, 'the closer I get to God, the more I see my sinful self.' I'm sure her intentions weren't for us to draw away from God because the road would be harder as we were drawn closer to God, but, instead, to make it clear that an unsettled life was inevitable in Christ. On a faithful life. While this post didn't necessarily speak about sin...I just wanted to share.

What I've been thinking about too? Setting a grace table. Choosing empathy - and loving mercy.

Here comes the rain.

Words I think of each morning as I head out on the sixth floor at work and watch the sun rise.

Achingly compelling and beautiful.

Considering reviving my liking of indoor plants. Here's a great article to get me started.

Do you bullet journal? Here's some empowering bullet lessons.

Love listens. "Attention is the rarest and highest form of generosity."

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Seriously, how one woman read 313 books in one year! Truly inspiring. It will never happen to me - but inspiring nonetheless, especially the one where she read instead of binge watched Netflix - how innovating...

Peruse some of Dirk Dallas' Drone Photography - breathtaking!

Choose kindness  - over meanness.

I would so love these kind of friends. Speaking of friends...!

Bring tissues. Kindness is still alive.

12 Things Happy People Do Differently.


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I knew it all along: the 1 secret to destroying anxiety and fear (by Ann - of course)

My very own way of destroying anxiety and fear: One Thousand Gifts

A single word can be a powerful thing. Have you chosen your word for 2017? Mine is Nourish.

Am I a Christian?

My heart lies with meteorology - and beautiful photos. Enjoy a tour of December around the world.

Is reading through the Bible in a year one of your new years resolutions? Here is a plethora of ways to do just that.

I'm not a Jesus feminist but this article spoke to me in a way. There are so many women taking the spiritual lead in their households because their husbands won't. While this article doesn't speak of that issue in any way I would like to know why men would even think about holding a woman back to the label of 'for a girl' when men/husbands are not stepping up and filling in the gap for Christ. And then she talks about this.

The title may be Jesus always picks the wrong guy but truly He always picks the right guy.

Why doesn't God Heal the people we Love?


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What a wonderful Christmas Eve tradition this country has! Give a book...

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it this photographer may capture more gorgeous photos.

Snow shoes snow art. Beautiful. 

Do you ever want to just load that one more thing into your grocery store cart...a bundle of grocery store flowers...the kind from Publix, or Kroger's, or even some Walmart stores...I do and here is why.

Have you seen Rogue One? I have. It is awesome! Star Wars - Try Not to Cry Edition

Parents (even parents of 19 year old twin boys who are still learning, still growing up), this is for you: It's hard right now.

And for couples: You will stumble. But, if you're lucky you will learn to restore each other.

I will end this post with this last, amazing idea and one I will be talking over with Jeff as a new tradition for our ever-changing family dynamics. What better way!

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This kitchen. That backsplash. Oh my! I think my inner BOHO is working overtime.

America Ferrara, does a triathlon and changes her mind about herself. Very inspiring article.

Still in need of a gift for your little one or young child? Try something from this, The 5 Best Toys of All Time. As a parent of 4 children and a grandparent of 5, I can attest to each one being a perfect gift.

This is such a feel-good Christmas story you will not be disappointed. And, it may inspire you in some tangible way.

Depressing...and then encouraging all in one go - but worth the read.

So many of these are where I'm at, regarding my home, right now.

In timely state for the weary...something to rejoice.