kid's recipe book | roasted chicken, chili, and rice skillet with bacon


The Picky Palate makes delightful recipes and when I saw a chicken and rice skillet dish, with bacon no less, I just had to make it! And, of course I just had to make it our own. This dish is pure, unadulterated comfort food: cheese, lots of cheese, roasted chicken, such lovely flavors, steamy rice, smokey green chilis, a touch of chipotle heat - and bacon. Just a pound of bacon to sprinkle on top. Flavorful combination all around.

Obviously, I served it with a salad. Duh.

'Tis true I made this in the southern August heat. Ok, not the best time. But, it sure was good! And it was very easy to put together and perfect for one of my really bad days of pain. A day when I needed the comfort food. 

We have a huge, 14-inch cast iron skillet, that on those really bad days of pain I can barely lift, but I used for this dish and, man, does this make a ton of food. Serves 6-8 easily. We had plenty of leftovers to enjoy.

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I grew up with a version of this recipe. My favorite way to eat it was over toast with butter, while everyone else ate the noodles. For some reason growing up I didn't appreciate the taste of store-bought egg noodles. I've modified Mom's recipe some but this is still one of the best poor man's stroganoff.


Because I feel sorry for my sons I've only made Broil Parmesan Tilapia a couple of times but I'd have it on the menu every couple of months if they'd let me because I love it made this way, smothered with parmesan cheese, mayonnaise (I prefer Duke's brand) and butter plus some delightful seasonings, served with rice and a salad. So good!


There's a story with this dressing. It goes like this:

Every quarter the boy scouts have a Court of Honor whereby all the ranks and merit badges are presented to the scouts and prior to the presentations everyone brings pot luck dishes to share. We normally bring homemade Caesar Salad ( a big dish of it), Green Bean Casserole, and Garlic Bread. They are our go-to dishes.

At this last Court of Honor Jeff needed to gather the boys up to go and found John and Jarrod in a circle of the scout moms telling the ladies just how easy it was to make the Caesar Salad Dressing, that it was homemade and they passed on their 'secret' recipe. Jeff got such a kick out of finding the boys sharing the salad dressing recipe with the scout moms after they raved about the salad.


Yes, smothered in butter. Delish!


My friend Margie gave me this recipe after she brought it to our small group gathering and I adored it, especially at a time when I had trouble eating desserts with my skewed taste buds.

...and still more recipes.


Served with a salad this flavorful dish is top-notch comfort food.


We love Chicken Parmesan at our house and this Meatball Parmesan, after making it one time is right up their as a favorite dish in our house. The meatballs were divine. And smothered in doesn't get any better!


One Pot Andouille Sausage Skillet...One Pot Delish!!!


These easy weeknight dinners are wonderful. This Easy Oven Fajitas isn't only easy but it is just as good as stove top and maybe better because it doesn't need tending to.


Another small group dessert that was a big hit! Oh my goodness, this was good.

That is all I have put together thus far this past weekend. Hoping to make solid ground on more recipes. I am also putting the 4 x 6 photos onto a 12 x 12 photo page (6 recipes each page) to have printed with my next batch of scrapbook pages from Persnickety Prints.

more recipes for the recipe book.


While I absolutely adore my Biscuits and Gravy Casserole I love Pioneer Woman's Cowboy Quiche even more. Bacon, fried onions (I don't caramelize them, but just brown them up good), creamy egg mixture with sage laced through it.


One of those super simple delicious desserts that went over famously by our small group on Sunday evenings, when we meet for Bible study.


This easy chicken bake is downright fabulous. I mean, come on. Mix the ingredients, spread over chicken breasts and bake. Surprisingly, the flavors meld well together.


I found this recipe in a Pampered Chef pamphlet that I modified a bit to accommodate our tastes. What I did keep the same were the garlic and parmesan cheese combined with the butter that crusts up the bread on the outside as the cheese melts inside. Wonderful!


I made this breakfast braid for the Elevate (the K-5 kids) Volunteers at our church. It was a big hit with the volunteers, not so much for Jeff and I. I decided what I didn't like was the hot sausage with the sweet marmalade and apples so next time I make it I'm going to use a sage or plain sausage.

pumpkin cobbler.


Pumpkin Cobbler. Yum! This was another small group dessert. It, however, was not a hit because most of small group are not pumpkin fans. Yay! More for me, because I am a fan! I was very glad there were leftovers. This is my favorite pumpkin dessert, even over pumpkin pie with cool whip. And what is even better is Pumpkin Cobbler is super easy to bake.


aunt shirley's carrot cake.

A few weeks ago I made Aunt Shirley's Carrot Cake, a favorite recipe of my dad's, for our small group that we host on Sunday evenings. I think this recipe has become small groups favorite recipe of all time - just like that. It was, to put it mildly, AMAZING!

I must confess something though.

I added a cup of carrots to the original recipe. Please, don't hate me. I mean what do you do with an extra cup of shredded carrots when you misjudge how many carrots might make just 2 cups. I overcame. I adapted - the recipe, that is.


jalapeno chicken melts


Jarrod made these the other day and when I called him to ask how they turned out he was so excited by how good they were - like - 'we need to make these regularly good' and then when I had one for lunch - oh my - good is just a mediocre word for the flavor and taste of this slightly spicy, cajun chicken melt. The chicken melt would be just fine without the cajun mayo but main that mayo, topped with chopped pickled jalapeno's takes this chicken melt over the top!



cheesy smoked sausage and potato casserole


I put this casserole together  ahead of time, refrigerated it and the boys pulled it out to bake it. It turned out tasty. And something that will probably be a go to recipe for us, especially in these coming cooler temperatures. And who doesn't love casseroles. Served with a side of our favorite homemade Caesar Salad (with homemade dressing). Totally yum!


The Monetrey Jack Pepper cheese along with the Sharp tanginess of the cheddar absolutely made the dish. We are a family that loves our waist lines are evident...but, go try this anyway. It's good!

cinnamon cheesecake bars


Yes, I know. It has been for-like-ever that I've posted a recipe...

Oh my! Can you say, "Soooo good!" I did! One of my favorite parts was the cinnimon infused graham cracker crust - loved it. While the recipe calls for plain ole graham crackers I must confess that while I did add in the cinnamon I also used cinnimon graham crackers for the total impact of cinnamon flavor. And small group loved it. Because you know they are my guinnea pigs (is there another analogy I can use besides...) for anything dessert. For me, with my backwards taste buds cinnamon is still one of those flavors that my buds (and me) love.


And these really should be named cinnamon-infused cheesecake bars.

breakfast potatoes & chorizo with red chili hollandaise


Jeff and I worked together to cook up this new recipe for dinner last night, Breakfast Potatoes and Chorizo with Red Chile Hollandaise. We served this up with scrambled eggs and John and I had sliced tomatoes on our plate.

While chorizo smells pretty spicy it isn't an overly spicy Mexican sausage, but it is very tasty. We boiled the potatoes until almost done so they would brown nicely in the cast iron skillet. Red onions gave the dish an added bite, but again not too spicy.

Then there was the hollandaise we drizzled on the top. Oh my!!!! This is the best hollandaise sauce I've ever eaten - so, so yummy, creamy, and just a hint of spice from the chipolte and cayanne pepper, which was highlighted with the juice and zest of lime. Amazing flavor!


My plate looked wonderful, with the drizzled hollandaise and the chopped pickled jalapeno's for just another layer of flavor. Jeff did an awesome job on the scrabbled eggs, creamy and silky smooth. YUM!