lovin' these days | may edition


While I don't like the price, I do however, love this Shibori Indigo abstract quilted wall hanging and I know just where I'd hang it in the bedroom.


Not usually a fan girl of gold I adore this Love Never Fails scripted art.


Ever since we visited the Caddy Shack rescue sanctuary in March my love for tigers was revived from its dormant state and when I saw this black and white tiger print - again, I know where it will go.

For over the bed I have my eye on a couple of prints but cannot for the life of me pin down which one I'd like to hang, or maybe even a large print of one of my own photographs of clouds would work too. But, first up, this one:



This print is Minted for West Elm.


Love this mug! Would go nicely with my growing collection of mugs


I've been attracted to Bohemian jewelry lately, probably because it is reminiscent of fair trade jewelry, free and rustic, and simple, yet - boho. This set is gorgeous!


This blue turquoise necklace...gorgeous!


Lightning and Rain. Two of my favorite things. Love these mugs. And, would go so nicely with my mug collection.


I really like this rug from World Market for on the new front porch, but, it isn't in stock right now and I don't know what there turnover rates are. I can't decide if I want a more neutral color palette that this rug aligns with: aruba, grays, black or go bold: aruba, black, lime green, orange, etc.

41x7y00zmUL__AC_US218_On my front porch we have aruba (turquoise) and black long-lasting, lifetime guaranteed, patio furniture and I have my eye on a 9-foot aruba Sunbrella plus stand for shade and even rain deflection.



lovin' these days | my Christmas list


There are a few things I'm lovin' these days.

A few things on my Christmas list under the moniker of something I want, something I need, something to read, and something to wear  This blue and white lamp for my bedroom side table is more a need than a want because we have no lighting in our bedroom except the overhead light and it is a horrible light for reading in my chair or, really, anything.


I would love this mug with an S - of course. It's beautiful! Definitely, a want!


Under the something to read category, I loved Amy's Food Network show when I watched television and love her unhurried, for-real style and would like her cookbook. I don't just look at the pictures. I read cookbooks.


Under the something to wear category, one ring for each grandchild would be lovely.

  A974e4394247b9651200a4ea7c000c93I need to buy a couple pairs of jeans. I have none. I thought these in a size 8.5 to wear with a pair of rolled up or cuff jeans would be swoopy.

what I'm lovin' these days


These Royal Doulton Pacific Mug Set of 6. I bought them specifically for our small group to use. They are so pretty and so me. I love indigo and cobalt blues with white. I use them everyday (even though I'm acquiring mugs from travels and mugs that I just love).

PBBW1-24343942v275    PBBW1-24343943v275  PBBW1-24343946v275

Bath and Body Works Room Sprays. When I was visiting Ashley she was using these room sprays and I fell hard for their smells. Just yummy and delightful. Perfect for the coming fall season. She gave me three of them (they made it through airport scanners - yeah!!) and I'm already using them here at the house. Inviting!


Living Proof 5 in 1 Styling Treatment. Again, while visiting Ashley I borrowed her shampoo and conditioner, blow dryer, and something to style my hair with. She handed me living proof I'd like my hair even though it is longer than I usually like. This is amazing! My hair is silky smooth and holds the style in place all day long. Love it! 


Out of Print Banned Books Tote Bag. This is my go-to library bag now and I love it. It's stylish and roomy enough for at least 5 good-sized books (and even cookbooks which are normally bigger). It makes going to the library so much more fun!


A newly painted Teal Endeavor front door. Oh, yes! Yes! I get a happy face every time I pull up the drive and endeavor towards this beautiful brilliant teal door. Love this so much.

what I'm lovin' these days | may


My Leuchtturm Medium in Emerald that I am using for my Bullet journal (blog post coming soon!). I happened to buy the plain, non-lined, non-dotted, non-squared Leuchtturm and thought I would not like it but found out quickly I just don't mind it. I will probably get the squared Leuchtturm next time around. Bullet journaling is simply - wonderful.



White Corelle Livingware. Don't you love the name - livingware. These are for living. I am slowly acquiring pieces of pure, delightfully white, Corelle livingware. We have salad plates and dinner plates and most recently I've purchased soup and cereal bowls. I have my eye on the pasta bowls too. We've dropped them on our ceramic floors, we've microwaved the snot out of them, and dishwasher-washed them, served spaghetti and other staining sauces, and yet - they are as white as they began. And they weigh next to nothing and take up scant room in my cabinets. They are my simple in a mess of a kitchen.


Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon series. I'm so excited I've found a new book series to sink deep into for hours at a time. This meaty series, starring Gabriel Allon, a master art restorer and reluctant Israeli intelligence spy, have complexity and depth, stout inscrutable characters, and astounding storylines. I'm currently reading A Death in Vienna and from the first page I was intrigued, once again, by the manipulations of the protaganist Gabriel Allon.


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An organized home. Prior to the BIG graduation celebration for John and Jarrod and the influx of family to our home when we shot up from a 5-member household to 13-members faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (after first sounding it out, of course), my house was in a shambles. My bedroom was a disaster zone, the scrap studio (read: computer room) looked like ground zero, and the last stages of homeschool were still engulfing the dining room's shelving system. Please don't get me started on all the stuff that needed purging, the trash that needed taking out, and the recyclable to Goodwill. 

But, now. Now, I'm pausing delightedly to bask in the glorious-ness that is an organized (almost organized) home. I walk into my bedroom and can breathe easy, again. I don't cringe when I slide into the scrap studio with plans to paint. I gaze upon the shelves in the dining room and smile at the pleasing-to-the-eye organization. Simply inspiring!


what I'm lovin' these days.


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20-ounce Yeti.  Each morning my Yeti is sitting on the bathroom counter with ice water that Jeff put there the night before. Still ice water at 4:15 in the morning when I take my life medicine. For several months now, beginning at 5 am I've nursed pipping hot coffee all morning long, until it is gone, usually finishing the mug of coffee around 8 am. Three hours of hot coffee. On the rare days I've snagged Jeff's 30-ounce man-size Yeti with the handle (shh, don't tell him!), in addition to my 20-ounce Yeti which I consume first, the 30- ounce is still hot, too, until it's gone. The Yeti can easily transition from ice water to hot coffee. Although the Yeti's are expensive at $45-50 for a 20-ounce they are so worth the price. The Yeti revolution is on! P.S. I would love this turquoise Yeti!


Sleep. I shared with Jeff the other day about loving going to bed at a decent hour because I just really love to sleep. It is one of my favorite things to do. Getting up at 4:15 am each week day morning to get ready for work dictates the necessity of getting to bed at an early hour the night before, usually no later than 9 pm, even that is late, but if I'm to have any time with Jeff, or family evening time - 9 pm it is. Come weekends I can usually sleep 9-10 hours and I'm in heaven.


Neutrogena skin care products. My skin has never looked so good. I've experienced everything from disgusting peeling skin from my nose, red, bumpy chin and cheek acne (even in my 40's - 50's), and oily, greasy shiny skin on my forehead and nose. It's been a frustrating ugly, skin, ride. Once I was able to correct some health issues and come off some skin damaging medicine I experienced some skin clear up, but it is these Neutrogena products that have truly turned my skin around. Specifically, the Clear Pore Daily Scrub, and Acne Stress-Control Triple Action Cleanser, weekly the Deep Clean Gentle Scrub, nightly the Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Serum, and Rapid Tone Repair Dark Spot Corrector, and during the driest periods the Hydro Boost Water Gel. 


Dr. Scholls Animal Print Flats. Not only for the many compliments, like, the table of four shades of brown ladies in Red Lobster the other day ogling these shoes, the sweet ladies I serve with in Elevate oohing, and many more...but also for the amazing fit, all-day comfort, and stylish look - I can wear them well with many outfits.


Lindt Lindor Caramel with Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Truffles. Oh my! An alliteration of decadent, dreamy, and deliciousness, mouthwatering sweet and savory explosion in my mouth. Simply, lovely.